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Top 20 Mobile App Development Tools for Pros and Beginners

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20 Popular Tools for Top-Scale Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is a quintessential requirement for proper and strategic digital marketing of any brand. You can opt for a selection of tools for mobile application development for your brand. Before you go ahead with the process of application development for mobile devices, here is a selection of tools that can ease the process of application generation.


1. Xamarin

Listed as one of the most preferred tools for mobile application development, Xamarin is used for the native applications. This particular tool reuses the logic layers of business along with cross-platform data access. It is a popular choice for apps designed for Windows, iOS, and Android.

It houses features such as:

  • Mono framework with API based mobile communication.
  • Component Store that carries UI controls, 3rd Party Libraries, Cross-Platform Libraries.
  • A lesser number of bugs along with accelerated time for the market.
  • Feasibility for Deep Linking and Indexing.
  • Platform-specific that allows consumption of functionality that can only be seen over certain platforms.

2. Appcelerator


Appcelerator initiates the creation of applications with very few code lines. This tool for application development essentially supports Android, iOS, Windows as well as HTML5 applications that are based on browsers.

Features for Appcelerator include:

  • Improvement speed for application development.
  • The higher capacity limit for cloud storage.
  • Generation of mobile applications for a variety of operating system.
  • On-premises or virtual private deployment.
  • Open-standards built with complete access to underlying mobile Operating System.
  • Multi-regional and global deployment support.

3. PhoneGap


It is one of the most used development frameworks for a mobile application that comes with the following features:

  • Effective functioning over HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.
  • Integration with an array of libraries to enhance the app development process.
  • Development of an array of a mobile application that requires least effort or time.
  • Extension of functionality for developers.
  • Robust toolset for application generation.

4. Ionic


Ionic is a development framework based on HTML5 for mobile application development. It can help in the development of mobile apps with the use of web technologies such as CSS, SASS, and HTML5.

Features of Ionic include:

  • Completely free as well as open source framework project.
  • Creation of native and progressive mobile applications for any renowned application store.
  • Tools and better services for generation of interactive applications.
  • Build applications with a one code base.
  • Numerous built-in JavaScript and CSS components for application development.
  • Emulation of native UI guidelines for app creation with use of native SDKs.

5. Mobincube


Mobincube makes up an excellent tool for app development for various niches that include educational, business, health, entertainment, etc.

Mobincube features can be explained as follows:

  • Boost sales with the creation of mobile stores.
  • Integration of third party based solutions within the application.
  • Development of advanced functionalities.
  • Customization of every minute detail inside the app.
  • Communication features for users within the application.

6. Long range

Long-range, a native development tool for mobile applications comprises various components such as tabs, navigation, form views as well as commands. It also requires the installation of LongRange serve.

Features of Longrange include:

  • Long-range comes with reliability and super fast execution.
  • Use of DDS and RPG/CL for the creation of native applications for mobile.
  • Incorporation of application infrastructure from the initial phase of creation.
  • Application development with current level programming expertise.
  • No need for HTML, JavaScript and CSS knowledge.
  • No need for a rewrite before deployment.
  • Utilization of features in mobile including camera, audio, GPS, SMS, etc.
  • Push application updates integrated into mobile devices.
  • Reduction in maintenance cost or app extension expenses.

7. QT


QT is a cross-platform SDK mobile application development tool that offers development, cost-effective design and deployment of application generation process. QT features integration of best and user-friendly experience across mobile applications for various devices.

Features of QT include:

  • Latest enabler classes meant for rendering and windowing.
  • Implementation of compiler optimisations and parser.
  • Support for Private Keys that are opaque.
  • Dual Mode based networks, IPv6 Support.
  • Essential workarounds for the Buggy SSL based servers.

8. Sencha

It is one of the commonly used MVC-based frameworks for JavaScript. Its popular features include high-intensity responsiveness designed for smooth application functioning. This increases customer satisfaction with the higher number of downloads.

Features of Sencha include:

  • HTML5 based coding with the use of Sencha Touch development kit for software.
  • PhoneGap can be used to translate its code.
  • Useful for development of native applications with no wastage of time for setup.
  • Supports WebKit browsers which include platforms such as Apple iOS or Google-Android.
  • Rationalized system for configuration.
  • Scaling of numerous resolutions for ample compatibility for different devices.
  • Complete support for an array of animations or enhanced events based on touch configuration.

9. Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere has been tagged as a swift application development as well as a deployment tool. It is also used for the construction of cross-platform mobile and web applications for business.


  • Supports Cross Platform Mobile Application generation.
  • Best in class Data Security for mobile.
  • Resource Management with a fine delegation.
  • Direct publish via Development Environment of Alpha Anywhere.
  • Easy solutions for Offline Sync issues.
  • Sample applications for reference that allows modifications and customisations as per requirement.
  • Comprehensive data access for Back-End services.
  • Sophisticated Data Transformation and Data Integration.
  • Encryption of data with SSL and HMAC support.

10. KendoUI


KendoUI provides complete development solution for applications with regards to client’s requirements. It supports modern standards of web application development while providing extensively modular solutions for app development.


  • The seamless performance with the AngularJS.
  • Cross-platform development of web applications. It has been customised for proper integration of screen-size with regards to devices such as a tablet, phone and desktop.
  • Easiest development tool for beginners in JavaScript application development.
  • Easy and quick data-binding for remote and local data with jQuery DataSource.

11. NativeScript

NativeScript application development tool is used for native & Open Source based framework that works upon JavaScript, Angular and TypeScript. Single code based deployment of mobile applications for Android or iOS.


  • Acceleration of learning curve with the use of skills for native application development.
  • Generate truly native applications based on JavaScript with use of web skills such as CSS and Angular.
  • 100s of plugins for the empowerment of native applications designed for mobile applications.
  • Three perfectly real-world application based implementations.

12. Mobile Angular UI


Mobile Angular UI relies on the rich libraries for application development which includes fastclick.js and overthrow.js for the dispatch of better user experience.


  • Enables designing a responsive and swift user-interface based on mobile platform.
  • Allows conversion of a web application into a mobile.
  • Create best in class Mobile Components.
  • Tailored Bootstrap as per requirement.
  • Easy squeezing and stretching of the browser window for visibility in desktop as well as mobile versions.
  • Allows test of speed and responsiveness.

13. Onsen UI


Onsen UI is a tool that offers UI based framework for the creation of HTML5 type hybrid applications with PhoneGap support. It is very easy to master and works as a powerful tool for application creation.


  • Fastest tool for hybrid mobile-web application development.
  • Native styling with ample components that are ready for use.
  • Mobile optimised performance.
  • A grid system for element placement over the screen.

14. FireBase

Another crucial tool for application development is FireBase which essentially supports an array of platforms including OS X, iOS as well as Android. It significantly brings down the time required for application development while avoiding the requirement to handle complicated data storage and servers.


  • No requirement for setup with the presence of cloud service.
  • Data is essentially stored in the form of native JSON; this enables users to observe the things they have stored.
  • Assured safety for data with 2048-bit SSL data transfer encryption.
  • Storage of files backed with Google Cloud Storage services.
  • Creation of scalable applications with the treatment of data in the form of streams.
  • No data loss with a backup solution.
  • Perfectly integrated frameworks including Angular JS which allows the creation of applications within a short time-frame.

15. Swiftic

The easy navigation software for the user-interface allows flexibility with application creation. Ample features for creation of a useful application that is pleasing to eyes.


  • Creation of custom app development with a business loyalty program.
  • Publishing of applications over leading application stores.
  • Real business guaranteed via genuine applications.
  • Eye-catching notifications to reach the customers.
  • Better customer loyalty.
  • Encourage call to action with connection via application through email or call.

16. Easy AR


Easy AR is essentially a tool based on augmented reality that offers support across various platforms.


  • Objective-C based API for a platform such as iOS.
  • Available for use over iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android.
  • Transparency with video playback.
  • Scanning for QR Code.
  • Readily available plugin based on 3D engine.
  • Unlimited recognition.
  • 3D tracking of objects.

17. TenserFlow

The TenserFlow is a tool that serves embedded platforms as well as mobile devices. It is based on AI or Artificial Intelligence with Open Source library for software. It also allows easy incorporation of special features regarding artificial intelligence.


  • Open Source library for software that can be used for the numerical computation with the implementation of graphs for data flow.
  • Computation of deployment over server, desktop and mobile device while using single API.
  • Used for research and deep learning based practice.

18. IBM Watson

Watson based on the IBM Cloud essentially allows the creation of AI for integration of powerful applications. It allows storage and management of data over secure cloud storage.


  • Interpretation and analysis of data which includes unstructured images, text, video or audio.
  • Personalized recommendations while understanding the tone, emotion and user’s personality.
  • Utilization of machine learning for gaining expertise over the subject matter in systems and applications.
  • Quick construction of cognitive search with analytics engine for content.

19. App Watch


It is one of the most preferred tools for mobile application creation based on analytics and product security. Security from hacking is one of the most popular features when using App Watch for application development.


  • Total scan for mobile applications.
  • SDK/3rd party scanning.
  • Generation of custom reports.
  • Identification of any possible vulnerabilities regarding security.

20. Unity Ads

Unity Ads is a tool that essentially allows the integration of video ads into application based mobile games which increases the player engagement. It tends to offer very high ARPU or Average Revenue per User.


  • User-friendly and simple application setup.
  • Creation of positive experience for users.
  • Uninterrupted gameplay with the introduction of reward based video advertisements.
  • Incentive for gamers.
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