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Top 15 Apps to Track and Monitor Mobile Data Usage

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Nowadays, there are varieties of applications available on smartphone devices. There are applications for example on, cooking, some educational courses, infotainment applications and etc. A smartphone has got everything that a person needs. However, there are some applications that consume too much of data and almost expires the bill of the user, providing an expensive data bill.


Hence, there arises a need to keep a check on the data usage so that there is no leakage of data. But how is it possible? Well, fortunately, there are a number of applications available on both Android and iOS platforms that will allow the user to keep a check on the data usage. So let’s take a look at 15 of the best application that will help to user the monitor their data usage.

1. My Data Manager


Available on: Android, iOS

My Data Manager is a reliable app to track your mobile data. It is available on both, Android and iOS. Apart from tracking data, it also notifies the user when the hidden applications try to connect to the server of the user. With the help of Wi-Fi helps you measure your data precisely and also keep a track of it.


  • Keeps a record of your data habits
  • Notifies the user with an alarm about the data limit
  • Analysis the applications and web browsing data

2. 3G Watchdog


Available on: Android

3G Watchdog too helps the user monitor their data and keeps historical records of it. The constantly keeps you updated about the data usage so that you do not exceed the limit. The app comes in a pro version too, which is ultimately a paid version. One distinct feature of the pro version is that it automatically shutdowns the websites and apps once exceeding the limit.  The app runs only on Android.

Features (Free):

  • Monitors the mobile data
  • Notifies the user about the data limit
  • Performs detail analysis of the data usage

Features (Pro):

  • Analysis Wi-Fi usage too
  • Day to day detailed usage history
  • Advanced billing rules facility

3. Traffic Monitor


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry

The application runs not only on Android but iOS, Windows, and Blackberry too. It can be said that it is the best app to monitor the data usage. One of the features is that it also shows the speed of the internet or Wi-Fi. It also displays a coverage map showing the availability of internet depending on your location.


  • Monitors data
  • Data Coverage of the user’s location
  • Tests the speed of the data

4. Data Usage


Available on: Android, iOS

The app supports both Android and iOS software. It uses colors to depict the usage status of the device. It gives a precise and detailed report of data usage. It is yet another application that does its job obediently and gives a satisfying result to the users.


  • Sets up a billing period for the user
  • Separate cellular and Wi-Fi data monitoring
  • Graphical data analysis
  • Predicts the data usage according to the record of the user

5. Onavo


Available on: Android, iOS

This app is available on both the platforms. It efficiently tracks your data usage and also blocks the websites according to the data plan. It is a smart app that has a very sharp eye on the data plans set by the users. The application is simple to use and install and is very user-friendly.  Once installed the application does its job precisely without any bushing around the business.


  • Helps you secure information
  • Monitors and tracks data usage
  • Blocks unnecessary activity of apps
  • Notifies the user on reaching data limit

6. Opera Max


Available on: Android

The app is available only on play store. It is yet another obedient app that is best for tracking and monitoring data usage. It offers tailored specifications for the users to choose from. Apart from this, the app also protects the device from the threats of unknown public Wi-Fi’s.  The app is yet another satisfactory experience for the user.


  • Compresses and saves your data
  • Protects phone from hacking
  • Provides data analysis to the user

7. DataMan Pro


Available on: iOS

The app is only available on iOS platforms. It tracks your cellular as well as Wi-Fi usage. It also maps down the location of your used data and also maintains an hourly and daily record of usage. The app also predicts the usage of the data within the limits, so that the users can utilize the data accordingly. With all such features no wonder it is called as “superwomen for data outrage”


  • It suggests the user with appropriate data plans based on the usage history of the data.
  • Predicts the use of data, how long will the data last is answered by the app.
  • Tracks cellular as well as Wi-Fi data.
  • Hourly records of the data.

8. Check Data Usage


Available on: Android

The app is available only on play store.  The app tracks you mobile data efficiently and also protects the user from the sites and apps that consume a lot of memory of the user. It also provides an option to clear the memory from the cache of the applications and websites and boost the performance of your device. The application allows the user to set a customized data according to their use.


  • Sets data plan for the user
  • Represents graphical data of the usage
  • Optimizes internet
  • Wi-Fi and cellular monitoring of data
  • Also functions as a task manager

9. My AT&T


Available on: Android, iOS

The app is available both for Android and iOS.  Along with keeping a track of your phone, it pays your bill as well. It also manages the wireless account and tracks the data usage of it. The app is free and is easy to use. You can also have an AT&T account and can enjoy different services of AT&T.


  • Monitors cellular as well as Wi-Fi data
  • Keeps a historical record of the data used
  • Provides billing facility too

10. My Verizon


Available on: Android, iOS

This app runs on both the platforms, Android as well as iOS. It manages and tracks your data very well. Like the previous app, you can pay your bill from this application. You can review your data usage with the help of its record-keeping feature. Several devices can be connected to the application. It performs efficiently and does not gives chance to complain.


  • Provides feeds and services for efficient data management
  • Provides billing facility
  • Offers various different services which the user can shop
  • Monitors and tracks data

11. Data Usage Monitor


Available on: Android

It is a user-friendly app that is available only on play store. The app manages your data usage and also does an analysis so that you can get to know how to manage your data. It warns the user on reaching the limit.  It provides easy to understand stats to the users.


  • Measures the data traffic of the launched application
  • Precisely measures the data being used
  • Provides easy statistics for the user

12. Network Connection


Available on: Android

Available only on Android devices, this app provides a good graphical representation of the data usage of the users. It also monitors all the connected devices to the app. It also provides IP addresses of the connected devices. However, the app is free for only 10 days, after that it is a chargeable service.


  • Manages all the internet connections of your devices
  • Provides detailed reports on the data being used by each application
  • Displays IP address of the applications and the website

13. Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter


Available on: Android

Another application in the line that does the job of monitoring and tracking data for users is Data monitor. It does an analysis of the data used by the applications and the website. It is, like previous devices, available only on play store. It has a premium feature too, information of which you can get on play store.


  • Tracks and monitors data
  • Functions data analysis
  • Network connection analysis

14. Internet Speed Meter Lite


Available on: Android

The app is available only on play store and is completely ad-free. It has a pro version too, which has some added benefits of getting notified updates and a real-time analysis of the data being used. However, the lite version is equally effective too; it monitors the data usage and also separates the data from Wi-Fi and cellular. It also has a pro version, the information of which you can find on play store.


  • Real-time speed check of the internet
  • Daily report on the traffic usage of the device
  • Functions a separate analysis for cellular and Wi-Fi data

15. Data Monitor


Available on: Android

It is a simple and informative application, with easy to use feature. The app monitors and tracks the data usage of both cellular and Wi-Fi data. The app provides efficient analysis of data being used.


  • Separately monitors the cellular and Wi-Fi data,
  • Provides a report on data usage
  • Forces the applications to shut down, once the data limit is exceeded.
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