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Archives – August, 2012

16 Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives You Must Try

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When it comes to word processing, data analysis, and other documentation tasks, Microsoft Office is not the only solution. There are many free and open-source office productivity suites available on the web, both web-based applications and desktop software you can use without paying a penny.


Instead of purchasing costly Microsoft Office suite, you may download open-source Apache’s OpenOffice to your computer fulfilling your daily documentation needs. Web-based office suite like Google Docs can be used directly on your web browser, no installation required. The beauty part of it is that you can easily store saved document files to Google Drive, which is good for online collaboration works. Read more…

15 Free, Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage Servers

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If you happen to be a web developer running multiple websites on a dedicated or VPS servers, then you should consider using a dedicated control panel for better web server management. This also applies to bloggers that run several blogs and online portfolios simultaneously. A customizable, flexible and dedicated control panel helps to fulfil bloggers’ various needs, allowing them to manage multiple servers from one control panel, easily and effectively.


Here we’ve gathered 15 powerful and reliable web hosting control panels that are specifically designed for Internet service providers and IT professionals. Do let us know in the comments box below if we’ve missed any worth-sharing hosting control panels. Read more…

67 Google PageRank 10 and 9 Websites You Must Know

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At the time of writing, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo! and are the top 5 most popular websites according to, but none of them have Google PageRank (PR) 10. Why these sites can’t score the highest PR even Google itself? This is absolutely a great topic for discussion.


Many webmasters and bloggers trying all they can to pursue a higher PageRank because it’s one of the key factors determining how good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a site gets. A website with a higher PageRank tends to have better SEO, making it ranks higher in the Google search results and receives more traffic. While PageRank’s link analysis algorithms are constantly changing, but the golden rule for building up PageRank is still getting quality backlinks from authoritative sites that are related to your niche. Read more…

26 Free Infographics Tools and Data Visualization Softwares

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Which is the best free online tool to create your own infographics? Instead of reading a 1500-word long article, many readers will prefer visually appealing infographic. Why? Well there’s a saying goes like “a picture is worth a thousand words”, an infographic with images, graphs and charts is able to convey complex data and information that is much easier to understand. That’s the reason why the graphic visual representations are getting popular on the web and are regularly showcased on websites and blogs that talk about design, technology and social media.


While we know that it’s not easy to create infographics from scratch, many people don’t even know how and where to get it started. If you are interested to create your first infographics, here are 26 really useful online tools you can try out! Read more…

10 Best Online Tools to Improve Your Typing Speed

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How fast can you type? Can you type at the “speed of thought”? Well most of us spend a large amount of time using computer for works, chat, games and other purposes. Besides having mouse as a pointing device, keyboard is the most common data entry device for both computers and laptops. So there’s a need to improve our typing speed for higher efficiency.

best_tools_to improve_typing_speed

Many of us have learned typing in computer classes at school, but how many of us really master the typing skill? Can you type properly without looking at the keyboard? Well if you are still not familiar with this touch-type keyboarding skill, here’s your chance. Below we’ve gathered 10 online apps and games that can help you boost up your typing speed. Read more…

How to Save and View Websites for Offline Reading (7 Apps)

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Nowadays, Internet is playing an important part in our daily life. Without Internet connection, it seems like there’s nothing much you can do. You can’t post updates on Facebook, search information on Google, play social games, or watch videos on YouTube. To avoid from having such a boring day, you can pre-install or download some stuff on your mobile phone or tablet. This helps you to consume your time easily when you are on the move and there’s no WiFi connection around.


Here we would like to introduce you 7 awesome apps that are useful to save web pages and articles to your laptop, smart phone and tablet device for later reading. Read more…

5 Bulletproof SEO Tips for your Website or Blog

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There are numerous search engine optimization tips tossed around all over the web and many sites have their top ten, top 20 and even top 50 lists of things that a proper SEO campaign must have. Unsurprisingly, SEO can easily become confusing to anyone just starting out in the business of optimizing their web pages. Aside from all the confusion, there is also the question of all those Google algorithm updates that everyone seems to keep talking about and describing ways to deal with them. Finally there is the whole confusing issue of what constitutes “bad” black hat SEO and “good” White hat SEO. Again, confusion isn’t hard to come by.


Despite all the different tips and tricks scattered across the internet, despite the constant Google updates and despite the varying definitions of both white hat and black hat SEO, there are in face several absolutely bulletproof and rock solid SEO procedures that always apply and almost certainly always will apply to any website despite any algorithm changes or new trends. Let’s go over these now. Read more…

How to Get More Google+ Plus Page Followers (10 Tips)

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Looking for some effective tips to get more followers on your Google+ Plus page? Having Facebook and Twitter to promote your business is not enough, Google Plus is another social network you must have and make use of. The Google social networking site is equipped with a set of capabilities, providing you completely different kind of interest sharing and social engagement.


As of June 2012, Google+ has 150 million active users while Facebook and Twitter’s active users already exceeded 955 million and 500 million respectively. However, in the world of Internet and technology, everything can change at the snap of a finger. Who knows that Google+ may replace Facebook becoming the largest social network in the near future? Read more…

17 Twitter Marketing Online Tools to Boost Your Businesses

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No matter you are running a blog or business, Twitter and Facebook are both must-use social networking sites to promote your works. These social media sites are excellent platforms for you to build good relationship with your visitors, turning them into your royalty fans. Today we’ll be focusing on Twitter. As you know that there are tons of third party online tools out there specifically built for Twitter making it even more complete. Here we’ve gathered 17 excellent Twitter tools to promote your businesses. Each of these tools has great capabilities to help you get more customers and fans, taking your business to a new level.


Read more…

How to Setup and Configure WP Super Cache Plugin for WordPress Blog

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WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are commonly used caching plugins to improve the performance of WordPress blogs. However these two plugins are not recommended to be installed together as they might conflict with each other. That’s the reason why many bloggers are trying to find out which one is better for improving server performance, reducing download times, caching site, and most importantly speeding up the page load time.


We at have been using both WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache for a pretty long period of time. After comparing the two plugins, we’ve decided to stick with the latter. This is because WP Super Cache is easier to setup and configure, and more importantly the plugin managed to reduce the page load time of our site up to 50 percent, which is very impressive. Read more…

How to Set Google DNS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Just like changing DNS settings on your computer, you can do the same on your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. By enabling Google DNS or OpenDNS, your Apple devices able to run faster and safer on the web compared to most of the default Internet service provider’s DNS servers. Currently we can’t change the DNS settings on cellular Internet connection, but the iOS does allow us to modify the WIFI DNS settings. In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to switch your WIFI’s default DNS settings to Google DNS with just a few simple steps!


Read more…

20 Extremely Easy to Use Online File Sharing Tools and Websites

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While many still using email to send files to others, online file sharing tools could be a better option with less hassle like attachment limits. Today, instead of introducing you big names like Dropbox and Google Drive, we focus on extremely easy to use file sharing tools that certainly worth your attention. Below we’ve listed 20 simple file sharing services providing you the easiest way to upload file to the cloud so that you can easily share it with your friends and colleagues by providing them a download link. Did I tell you they are all free and allow large files to be sent securely?


Read more…

Easy Way to Back up Your WordPress Blog to Dropbox

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How have you been backing up your WordPress files and database? Are you using the right method to back up your WordPress sites? Well, Backing up files is one of the most important routine tasks every WordPress blogger should perform at least on weekly basis. Without a proper backup, all your hard work might be wiped away in minutes due to web hosting or server breakdown, wrong plugin installed, or conflicts within WordPress system itself.


Additionally hackers, malware, viruses are everywhere on the web trying to access website like yours. If you don’t want to be the next cyber victim, make sure all your website files and database are saved in somewhere safe. In case your site is down for whatever reasons, you can use your backup to restore your site immediately making it up and running again. Otherwise I bet you wouldn’t have motivation to start your site all over again from zero. Read more…

8 Easy Tips to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

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If Facebook plays an important part in your daily life, you should do whatever necessary to protect your account from being accessed by others without your knowledge. There are many hackers out there actively trying to gain access to our online account for sensitive information and Facebook has always been the hot target for them. In today’s post we would like to share some of the most effective tips to enhance your Facebook security and to protect your privacy so that you won’t be the next victim.


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20 Most Recommended Blogging Tools and Applications

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Which is the best tool you must use to enhance your blogging experience? In today’s fast changing Internet world, no matter you are a beginner or professional blogger, you should always keep yourself updated with the latest blogging tips, tricks and tools so that you won’t left behind by your competitors. We at have been consistently searching for something that’s truly beneficial to serious bloggers. Below we’ve recommended 20 hottest blogging tools to help you bring your blog to the next level.


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