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Archives – August, 2014

Using OCR Software to Convert JPEG File to MS Word Document Format

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It’s true that OCR technology is not a brand new technology. Many businesses as well as enterprises have been using this technology for years. But we are being known about this software just because of some useful and important accomplishments of the OCR technology.


Not many years ago, in order to use this technology to do conversions, a user had to manually write the text. And to complete this process, the user had to spend a lot of time. But the new OCR software represents some great features enabling users to do conversions within a minute. And the new software is far more accurate than the old ones. Read more…

Say Cheese! The Five Smartphones with the Best Camera Features and Apps

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Every smartphone comes equipped with a built-in camera these days, and imaging technology for phones is becoming more and more advanced. Due to the widespread use of social media, and the ease of uploading, sharing, and editing photos right on your phone, developers are striving to have the best camera in the smartphone industry—for some users, it is the most important feature. As you know, not all smartphones are created equal, and this is especially true when it comes to camera features and apps.


If you are concerned about the camera capabilities on your phone, there is a lot to compare between smartphones. While many popular smartphone brands have the latest in camera technology, you also need to consider the apps and programs that will be specific to your phone or operating system. Read on to learn about the smartphones with the best camera, and see which one best fits your style. Read more…

How to Deal with the Depleting Life of Smartphone Battery the Right Way

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Of all the argh-worthy things in the world, the ‘Low battery power” notification on our phone’s screen certainly ranks among the very top. As more and more sophisticated smartphones are making their way into the market, their advanced features are sucking the life out the phone batteries faster than you can imagine. And this draining out of the battery life has led to the batteries not lasting beyond a few months.


However, if you are led to believe that your smartphone’s battery life is something you have no leverage over, you are misguided. While we, as users’ may not double or triple the battery lives up, but we can certainly make sure that we don’t let it drain out on tasks that don’t command many resources. Read more…

10 Commandments of Using Social Media for Company Blog

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Blogging is in great demand. Today, most businesses worth their salt are investing their marketing dollars in blogging to bring more traffic to their websites. These businesses are also using social media to promote their blog content to get the desired results from their blogging efforts.


However, social media operates under a set of rules. Every time you share a social post, you will be tried in the court of public opinion. This court is of significant importance as it is getting bigger by the day and also because it’s the people’s court both in letter and spirit; it’s the people who are sitting in judgment. For businesses that don’t follow the guidelines set by this court, the verdicts can be harsher than a court of law. Read more…

32 Instagram Tips to Promote Your Blog, Brand and Business

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Social marketing is not limited to the Famous Facebook and Twitter only. When it comes to posting photo updates online Instagram could be the better choice to market your brands and businesses. The mobile photo and video sharing app has more than 200 million active users including celebrities, top brands and multinational corporations worldwide.


We all know that a picture speaks thousands of words. If you happen to post some really awesome and exclusive photos and videos on this rising social platform, chances are you could get instant overnight viral success. To help you achieve that below we’ve gathered 32 proven tips for you to better engage with and attract more Instagram followers. Read more…

10 Websites to Help You Feel Relaxed, Refreshed and Calm

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Nowadays people are facing more stresses in the daily lives, be it at work, at school or even at home. The stress could be coming from the difficulty of dealing with problem customers, or you’re running out of time to finish a project or may be you’re having financial hardship. Well whatever difficulty you have there’s always a plenty of solutions to it. What you need to do is stay calm and keep your mind relaxed so that you can figure out the best solution.


In today’s post, we would like to recommend you a number of websites that are truly useful in helping you to calm down your nerves and achieve your inner piece. These relaxation and meditation web services are especially handy when you’re busy with your computer and only have couple of minutes to spare. So you may give the websites below a try and tell us whether they work well for you. Read more…

How to Get Google Maps Offline on iOS Device? A Roadmap

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Did you just got lost somewhere with rare possibility of accessing a network connection? There’s nothing to worry about until you have your iOS device. Wondering how? Since the iOS devices contains Google Maps app you can easily find your way back to home even when offline. Google just recently introduced a new feature to Google Maps, making it possible for users to save the maps to their phone.


So, the moment you got stuck in a place without any Internet connection and your phone starts displaying “No service”, Google Maps will pop up but only in the case if you’ve stored your maps to be accessed in the offline mode. With the new Google Maps 3 version you can store huge portion of map areas for your guidance, for offline access. Read more…

There are Only 2 Types of People in this World. Which are You?

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How many kinds of people live in this world? Generally people can be classified based on races, countries, religions, ages, languages and many more. However some experts, on the other hand, claim that there are only two types of people in this world. Well, to a certain extent I agree with this theory. And I’ve done some in-depth searches on the net digging out some images of fact to prove it.


Below you’ll find 20 really interesting and thought-provoking images that well present our world is very simple and only occupied by two kinds of people. Enjoy the post and let us know what do you think? Read more…

9 Web Apps to Display All Your Social Network Feeds in One Place

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How many social networks do you use to keep yourself updated on what’s happening amongst your circle of friends and news from across the world? Everyday, with so many posts, tweets, photos and videos being uploaded to social networks, it’s certainly not an easy task to log on every of your social account for updates.


However, the good news is that the hassle can be avoided through some awesome web applications. Below we’ve compiled a list of extremely useful social media feed aggregators where you can view all your social feeds in one place. It means that you can check out all your status updates from Facebook, tweets on Twitter, posts from Google+ and even photos from Instagram simultaneously, within one browser window. Read more…

7 Tips to Smoothly Move WordPress Blog to a New Web Host

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It’s never an easy task when it comes to moving a WordPress blog to a new web host. There are plenty of reasons for changing a new web host. May be you’re unsatisfied with your current host provider’s features and supports. May be you found cheaper offers elsewhere or perhaps you simply need faster and more reliable web host to cope with your increasing web traffic. Regardless of any reason, many considerations need to be taken when you want to migrate your site from one web host to another otherwise the process could be frustrating.


To help insure a smooth moving process and to avoid unnecessary mistakes, below we’ve shared some valuable tips and advice. By reading through the blog post, we believe you can smoothly switch the web host without your visitors’ notice. Read more…

Creating Smartphone-Optimized Emails for Marketing

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In the late 90s, email marketing emerged on the scene as a unique, highly advanced and extremely effective alternative to the older more traditional marketing methods. Email marketing involved using emails to acquire clients, increase brand awareness and nurture new leads. Personalized e-mails were sent to acquire new customers and retain existing customers, convincing them to purchase a particular product or service.


It’s been more than 2 decades since email marketing took the world of marketing by storm, but it has lost none of its sheen and remains as effective today as it was in the past. It continues offering excellent ROI compared to other digital channels such as social media or online display advertising. Read more…

Make Your eCommerce Store Reach Its Peak Performance with Magento

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For those who haven’t received the memo yet, Magento is the platform to go with when you are planning to build an online store. Launching an Ecommerce site unarguably is a decision accompanied with a lot of contemplation and a huge investment of time and money, as and when you decide to take the plunge. Thus, it is only imperative that the platform you choose to build the site upon gives you a free rein to be creative, and at the same time, aim for superior user experience. And Magento fits the bill right till the last thread.


On this date, Magento is unarguably the most sought-after content management system, used by a majority of Ecommerce website owners to lend their website an exceptional visual appeal and a dynamic set of functions. The question, however, for novices is: what makes Magento so good and so recommended? Read more…