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8 iPhone / iPad Apps for Teaching Health

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Healthy habits can be hard to teach and begin as you get older. Sometimes, learning about these topics is challenging and can turn people off from the beginning. However, keeping up with your health is necessary and it’s good to get a jump on understanding it, no matter how old you are.


With students and technology starting to work together, it’s time to integrate health education with electronic devices. Here are eight of the best health and healthcare apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Awesome Eats
No matter the age, students love to play games. It’s a nice reprieve from the everyday grind of school and homework. Awesome Eats is an app designed and produced by Whole Foods. This app allows students to see which fruits and vegetables are better for them. It also allows students to interact with an AI individual and take in a few key notes about their food choices. Bright, vibrant colors and algorithms test the mind while educating.

The app lets children sort, stack, pack, and plate fresh garden foods and then teaches them how to recycle after they sort their food. The player has to guard their food from birds for extra points. The app is packed with healthy eating tips that kids will enjoy.

Utilizing technology is a fantastic way to get in shape and stay healthy, especially when you get friends involved and turn it into a game. Nexercise gives players the opportunity to track their exercise progress, set goals for themselves, and challenge their friends to take things to the next level.

There are incentives like rewards and bragging rights that come with this app. Everyone has a slight competitive streak and this app gives you the know-how to get a jump on all of your friends, take the lead in the fitness competition, and have loads of fun. After all, everything is better with company.

You can track your health and fitness progress while you have fun and compete against friends. The long list of activities help you be creative with your exercise and reminds you that just moving your body, however you’re doing it, is good for you.

Nursing Central
Have you ever been in the middle of something and wished you had the answers, or at least some frame of reference so you could get through that task? Nursing Central is a must for med students and nurses everywhere. It is filled to the brim with useful information including drugs, tests, medical databases, medical procedures, laboratory and diagnostic test interpretations, and so much more. It’s a great app to have for anyone looking to complete their nurse practitioner degree without carrying a cadre of books with them. This app is the perfect tool for getting down to business with updated information and clarity.

Sex Education St
The name may be a little generic, but the information hits the nail on the head as far as educating students about sexual education. This app acts as an encyclopedia filled with every ounce of information that a younger student could want on the topic. It covers STDs, sexual activity, and other questions such as promiscuity that may be brought up due to mainstream media. This app can help parents and teachers alike educate their students on the topic of sex ed and help give them an edge when entering into the college sphere.

Most people get x-rays done and have no idea what they’re looking for. However, iRadiology breaks down clinical trials with various x-rays to show the aspiring med student or bored undergrad, who may want to take that direction in the future, what’s going on in some of the most interesting MRI, CT, and Plain Film scans they have ever seen. That’s not to say that it’s going to give you scans from an old episode of House where there’s a crowbar growing in the patient’s lung, but it will show you all of the strange abnormalities that come with the territory and how to properly read the films.

Fitness Pro
Many people don’t work out simply because they don’t know what to do with weights or machines. If you have this problem then you need the Fitness Pro app. Much cheaper than a personal trainer, this app contains more than 1,500 exercises that you can save to create a workout. The exercises have images, detailed instructions, and videos to make sure you have the correct form to prevent injuries and optimize efficiency.

This app is great for teaching kids about their food choices and healthy activities. It suggests healthy alternatives or substitutes for their favorite meals. In addition, the app suggests fun kid-friendly activities like “exergaming,” which suggests how to get the best workout from it like “medium impact […] means you are starting to break a sweat.”

Kids will learn what they’re eating, how to make healthy decisions, and how to have fun while exercising.

Like the name of the app suggests, Fooducate educates users about their diet and food choices. The app goes beyond calorie counting and helps users eat healthy and tasty food. The app tells you about the food you’re eating, including the ingredients, and suggests healthy alternatives. You can scan barcodes of prepackaged food and learn about the product’s pros and cons. The app teaches you about good and bad fats and good, natural-occurring sugar versus excessive unnatural sugar. Learn all about nutrition with this handy app.


Technology has taken a major leap forward regarding education and helping students get from point A to point B. Most of the time, students don’t have the room or the ability to transport entire libraries from their classes to their intended destinations and having an iPad is a great way to move around with a large bout of information and entertainment at their fingertips. Utilizing the various apps and functions the iPad has to offer, it’s no wonder students and teachers alike have taken a shine to it.

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