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7 Facebook Privacy Tips – How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

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While we are posting status updates or sharing personal photos and videos on Facebook, we sometimes forget that our privacy is vulnerable on the web. All our personal information on Facebook might be exploited by someone or organizations without us knowing. No matter how much you love Facebook, privacy can never be compromised. We should do all we can to protect our personal information from being misused by others. Here we have 7 must-know Facebook privacy tips to help you better manage your privacy making your content sharing experience worry-free.


Organizing People via Friend Lists
Similar to Google+ Circles, Facebook lets you share with exactly the right people using their improved Friend Lists. You can easily see updates from and share with different lists of people such as friends, family, co-workers, etc. Most importantly Friend Lists allow you to define the privacy level which you wish to apply to each of them.

Hiding Posts on Facebook Wall
Some of your friends may like to write something on your wall which you would rather not let other see, such as your financial problem or relationship problem. No worries, Facebook does allow you to decide who can see what others post on your wall. Here’s the tutorial:-
1. Go to Facebook Privacy Settings page.
2. Click on “Edit Settings” right beside “Profile and Tagging”.
3. Now you can decide who can post on your wall (Friends / No one) and who can see what others post on your profile (Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends, Custom, etc.)

Editing Social Ads Settings
Have you ever noticed what your friends have liked on other pages? This is social ad which provides you an easy way to find products and services you’re interested in. However not everyone wants others know the products and services he/she has liked. To disable social ads feature, here are some easy steps to get it done:-
1. Go to Facebook Social Ads page
2. Click on “Edit third party ad settings” and/or “Edit social ads setting”.
3. Select “No one” from the drop-down menu and then save the changes.

Hiding Yourself from Facebook Search Results
If you don’t like people to add you to their friend list, what you can do is “hide” your profile in the Facebook Search directory. With this method, people unable to search for you on Facebook either using email address or phone numbers. Here’s the tutorial you can follow to do that.

Hiding Yourself from Google and Other Search Engines
If you decide to remove your profile from Facebook Search directory, it makes sense to hide your Facebook information from being displayed in the search engine results as well. Facebook does provide such privacy setting for you to do that, here’s the tutorial.

Controlling How People Bring Your Info to Apps They Use
Do you know that your friends who can see your personal information can bring it with them when they use apps, making their experience more social. If you have privacy concern on this matter, follow the steps below to control the categories of information that people can bring with them when they use apps, games and websites.
1. Go to Facebook Privacy Settings page.
2. Click on “Edit Settings” right beside “Ads, Apps and Websites”.
3. Click on “Edit Settings” beside “How people bring your info to apps they use”.
4. You’ll see a list of personal info categories, uncheck those you want to keep them private.
5. Saves changes.

Disabling Instant Personalization
Facebook offers users instant personalization feature which allows their partner websites access to your public information when you visit them. These sites will adjust their web contents to create a personalized experience. If you don’t want your personal information to be used by these sites, here’s how to disable the feature:-
1. Go to Facebook Privacy Settings page.
2. Click on “Edit Settings” right beside “Ads, Apps and Websites”.
3. Click on “Edit Settings” beside “Instant personalization”.
4. Uncheck “Enable instant personalization on partner websites”.

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