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20 Web Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Experience

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Instagram is a very popular photo sharing app that was recently acquired by Facebook for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. The free photo sharing app supported on both iPhone and Android based smartphones. It allows users to apply digital filter to photos and share with others through Instagram itself and other social networks. One of the key features of Instagram is being able to confine image to square shape which is similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images.


Due to the rapid rise in popularity of Instagram, there are a variety of web applications and software being built to help you get the most out of this photography app. Here’s a list of top 20 Instagram web apps that are absolutely worth your attention. You are welcome to share your Instagram experience in the comment section below.

Webstagram is an Instagram web viewer that lets you view photos of the people you follow, like and comment on photos, follow and unfollow other users, browse popular photos, tags, users and more.

Statigram is a web viewer built for Instagram. It also provides account statistics and community management tools.

Followgram is a web app that extends the appeal of Instagram. It provides users with plenty of exclusive features such as RSS feeds, photo galleries, Facebook integration as well as custom vanity URLs.

Gramfeed is a web interface for Instagram. You can view popular Instagram photos, and photo feed. The online photo application also lets you visualize photos on Google maps, post comments, like photos, search photos by tags or location, search users, as well as follow new users.

INK361 is a site for browsing and managing photos from Instagram. You can like photos, comment on photos, follow people and more.

Instagrid publishes a nice gallery so you can view and share your Instagram photos on the web. You can even invite people who don’t use Instagram to subscribe to your feed via email.

With Instagrille you can receive instant notifications of new photos added to Instagram from your friends, family, and creative people from around the world.

Extragram provides a clean web viewer for your Instagram photos. You can browse your network feed as well as view popular images. Extragram also allows you to view images in grid, filmstrip or map view.

Copygram is another web service to download your Instagram photos. You can also use it to browse the photos of your friends and the photos you’ve uploaded.

Prinstagram provides you options to print your Instagram photos as posters, minibooks, Tinybooks, mini prints, etc.

Instagram Popular Photos
This online photo service lets you browse the most popular photos shared on Instagram, as well as providing a way to search for tagged photos.

Webbygram is yet another Instagram web application you can use to view Instagram users’ profiles and photos.

Instagram Downloader
As the name implies, this desktop application can be used to download your Instagram photos.

Screenstagram is a screensaver for Mac. It consumes photos from Instagram and displays them in a beautifully suited array on your idling screen. It can also consume your friend’s Instagram photos or those otherwise highly-rated from across the Instagram community.

Insta-great lets you view Instagram photos in a horizontal timeline. It also allows you to search based on #tag, follow other users and like photos.

Quickagram is a web interface for Instagram that you can use to browse, search and explore Instagram’s photo. The online tool also lets you manage your followers and likes with ease.

With Instarchive, you can download all your Instagram photos at once. Simply sign into your Instagram account and they’ll send your photos down to your computer in a convenient zip file.

Hashtagram is a real-time slideshow of Instagram photos, based on Twitter feed.

Gramgrab is Instagram viewing and downloading tool that let you see all your Instagram photos, with stats about each one.
gramgrab_best_web_apps_instagram is a fun site that lets users to find cats photos from Instagram. You’ll love the site if you are cat lover.

Instawar is an image browser built for Instagram. It operates as a tournament-style competition, a photo browser, and a unique image production tool. Photos are randomly paired and you choose the better ones as you browse.


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