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Top 20 Best Brain Training, Analyzing Tools & Apps

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The need to improve your skills is an essential requirement for everyone. However, the more you try to keep up with the pace, your brain gets exposed to lots of pressure and stress that often affects your well-being. Therefore, you will need to train your mind on the best ways to control anxiety and pressure for you to continue experiencing the best performance. Although most people will often ask therapists for help to relax, you still can do it through apps.


Here is a list of the best 20 apps that will keep your mind on toes all the time.

Best Brain Training Online Tools

1. Lumosity


Lumosity is the app you need for all your memory improvement games. It features training programs that will keep you motivated all day long. With this app installed in your phone, you will have a simple way to challenge your mental muscles on various segments including problem solving, memory, flexibility, speed and attention. Each session has three simple games that will give you a unique challenge. There is a free 10 minutes version to get you started for the app.

2. Headspace

Are you having trouble remembering what you have learned while writing your essay? Then all you need is to install this meditation app on your phone. The app is designed in different series that gives you something to meditate each day for ten days to complete a series. Once you complete the series, then and only then you get access to the next game.

3. CogniFit Brain Test & Training

Just as the name suggests, cognifit brain test and training is suitable for training and testing your cognitive capacity. The app has over 35 games which come in different session packaging for daily practice. It helps you test your language, concentration and memory skills among other rain segments. The best thing with this app is that it comes in different versions to play from androids, iPhone as well as a computer, which guarantees that you don’t miss a session regardless of where you are.

4. Quizlet


Be one of over 30 million learners around the globe and enhance your studies with this quizlet app. It helps you remember what you have learned over a month by creating flashcards. The app will guarantee that you can learn different subjects without having to struggle a lot to get the concept. It is a convenient brain training app that will leave you motivated all day long.

5. Curiosity

Education is power, that is the central concept of using this curiosity app. It focuses on educating you on various topics using videos, infographics, and articles. With this curiosity app, your life will be fun and exciting all year long. Additionally, the app is free, which guarantees that nothing will stop you from leaning.

6. BrainHQ

If you are looking for a simple way to enhance your cognitive ability at the comfort of your home, then all you need is this brainhq app. It is convenient for both young and old users as it has features that will train all brains rapidly.

7. NeuroNation


NeuroNation is specifically designed to ensure that your intelligence gets to the next level. The app works on your memory and gives you higher concentration on your work. This app has a unique way of training your mental flexibility and focus on different tasks. Additionally, it has various sections that deal with specific segments of your brain.

8. Happify: For Stress & Worry

This is an app that will make you happy even if nothing else in life is making you happy. This is what its developers say. It is loaded with tons of polls, quizzes and gratitude journals that allow you to work toward positive psychology. It helps its users control their stress and emotions that will help make you feel more relaxed and contented. The best part is that it is free to use.

Best Brain Training iOS Apps

9. Peak – Brain Training


It is called the slickest app available in the market today. It comes with its unique collection of mini-games that cover the subjects on mental agility language and memory retention. It also helps its users have more concentration in everything they do. There are more than 30 games so you can change them up, so you have more fun each day. It has a monthly subscription fee that allows you to change your personalities, gives you more statistics and provides you with more games.

10. Clockwork Brain Training

With this free-to-use app, you will enjoy the golden robot that comes with each time and helps to explain the rules to every game. The games are not different from the games in other apps like Luminosity.

11. I Love Hue


The primary goal of this project is to put all the blocks of color so that you make as few moves as possible. Putting things in color is an act that can be thoroughly satisfying. It leaves you feeling reloaded and organized. It works on both iOS and Android devices. You can find yourself playing for more than 36 hours straight.

12. Elevate – Brain Training

While the app is free, there are in-app purchases that you can make to keep everything clear. This one is great especially if you another app like peak to alternate its games with. It is simple to use and very clear. Numerous games help you test your wits, memory, maths comprehension, focus, and other mental skills.

13. Mind Games – Brain Training

This app helps you understand the seemingly difficult science theories and equations by turning them into delightful tasks. It helps you measure your cognitive abilities by using the 60+ games within the app. Its exciting features make it more accessible and challenging, so it is excellent for people of all ages.

14. Eidetic – Spaced Repetition

If you are looking to enhance your memory, this is a great app. It improves your memory and retention through spaced repletion. It is perfect if you want to memorize words, phone numbers, passwords, and your credit card details. It gives you tests that will help you see just how much you remember.

Best Brain Training Android Apps

15. Skillz – Logic Brain Games


This one is great if you want to give your brain a little exercise and have fun at the same time. The app tests your accuracy, speed, memory and your ability to distinguish between colors. It is not just a fun game. It is also logical and perfect for stimulating your brain.

16. Brain Training

The skills that you will learn with this app include auditory processing, memory retention, attention, and reasoning. It is a cognitive training process that helps you get intense mental exercises that target a person’s cognitive skills. These skills are excellent because they help you remember the things you learn, read and reason.

17. Memory Games: Brain Training

With over 1,000,000 users, this app allows you to challenge yourself with opponents from all over the world. It helps train your reasoning and logic with the experience of pure joy and winning against opponents from all over the globe.

18. Train Your Brain


It has small games that help boost your concentration and focus. It allows you to learn how to pay attention and improve your mental skills. It has seven brain training games that all improve different aspects of your mentality.

19. Memory Games

This is an excellent tool for seniors. It comes with memory puzzles that help keep their memories from fading away. It is also an excellent app for kids because it tests the capacity of retention from different games within it.

20. Fit Brains Trainer

Brought to you by Rosetta Stone, this is an award-winning, brain training, and fitness app. They help you to improve your memory and other aspects of your mental health.

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