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Latest Facebook Privacy and Security Features to Protect Users

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Facebook, from the past many years; has gained the reputation of being a largest online social network podium across the globe. The influence of Facebook is too wide and its usability is so convenient that people of all ages such as a teenager, youth and senior citizens can even access it without any hassle. More than this, it has gained popularity in remote areas of every country in such a manner that you easily get connected and can interact with parents, neighbours, relatives and the known ones.


But sometimes, you may get confronted with uncertain problems that have breached your FB account security and privacy. With the consistent arising of problems in Facebook, the merits between public and private space are getting diminished or blurred consistently as the time passes by. Without being aware of FB security and privacy features, you might end up becoming prey to identity theft, malicious activities as well as phishing attack plotted by the scammers and cyberpunks.


Here are certain measures unveiled for the security of FB users; who know quite less about the growing array of security options, available on the social networking and media platform.

  • Social Authentication
  • SSL enabled with full-time HTTPS
  • Protective shield against malicious software
  • Guardian Angels
  • Remote Logout
  • One time password (OTP)
  • Clickjacking spam removals

How Facebook Privacy and Security Features to Protect Your Account?

People, often are quite ignorant about Facebook privacy and security features that can play a vital part in protecting your account from malicious activity. If you are one amongst them, then navigate through your FB privacy and security features, knowing which you can easily protect your social media account.


Here are the attributes in Facebook account settings that need to be applied step by step to keep social media account securely from malicious activities to be executed by the scammers

General Account Settings: As you navigate on the settings options after clicking the mouse, your page will get redirected to the general account settings from where you are able to edit a username, add or edit email account, change the password as well as download a copy of Facebook data in quick time.

Security Settings: In security settings, there are several attributes that needed to be considered one by one in a chronological order to maintain the privacy and security of the Facebook account.

  • Login Alerts: You can get instant alert when an unknown person attempt login into your FB account from unrecognised device.
  • Login Approvals: Get your account security enhanced by enabling requirement of login approval code or security key other than password to prevent hacking of FB account.
  • App Passwords: Make sure your FB app password to access social networking account should be different from login password to maintain privacy and security of social media account.
  • Public Key: OpenPGP key need to be generated on your Facebook profile and enable the encrypted notification options.
  • Your Trusted Contacts: Your trusted friends can help you out when your FB account gets temporarily locked or suspended due to certain reasons. Manage the list of friends whom you trust the most that they will not show their back when their help is required to the utmost.
  • Recognised devices: Recognise the device and browser you use to access Facebook account. You can also go through the list of untrusted browsers or devices and block the access from there permanently to avoid any kind of malicious activity.
  • Where you logged in: Check the location from where you have just logged into a Facebook account. If you find any other suspicious person accessing your account from an unknown location, Report Facebook at that time itself to get an immediate resolution.
  • Profile picture login: Turn off your profile picture login in case it is disabled. Remember the password that needs to be provided while performing profile picture login. This option can be disabled anytime from your end as per the desire.
  • Legacy contact: The family member or trusted friend need to be chosen to take care of Facebook account in your absence or something wrong happens to you.
  • Deactivate your account: Deactivate account anytime you want and get invisible from the contact list of friends at the very moment. You can anytime, re-activate your account by entering the correct login credentials and to be surprising, you will find all your friends back in your contact list.

Privacy Settings

The next area that is supposed to get accessed by you is Privacy Settings and Tools. From here on, basic privacy settings can be tweaked upon by you easily as per your requirement to keep the information private. Doing this, you will be able to hide the past and future posts from intruders or known people peeping continuously peeping in your account conduct malicious activity.

Here are the attributes that need to be considered the most to maintain the privacy of your FB account.

Who can see my stuff?

  • Who can see your future posts: You can select the option from the drop down menu that appear upon clicking the edit button.
  • Review all your posts and things you tagged in: check the posts, images and videos in which you’re tagged. You can remove tag anytime if you do not want the same on the post or image shared on FB wall. It can be done by clicking the link use activity log In which you can allow or disallow anyone to tag you.
  • Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public: You can set audience limit to view the post or image shared by you. This can be done by clicking the link Limit Past posts.

Who can contact me?

You can limit the people who can send request after viewing your profile. You can click the option Everyone or friends of Friends as per your choice. The recommended option to maintain security and privacy of Facebook account is friends of Friends as choosing the option everyone may land you in trouble

Who can look me up?

  • Who can look you up using the email address you provided? : If you want to make people search through the email address you provided in the General account settings, then click on any of the options such as everyone, friends and friends of friends. The recommended option is friends.
  • Who can look you up using the phone number you provided: You can hide the contact information from unknown people and get it visible among friends or know ones. The choice can be made between friends of friends and friends. The recommended option should be friends.
  • Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? Just click on the check box with the message “Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile” if you want the FB profile to be visible in the search engine or get linked with the search engine.


If any website on the internet gets popular, scammers definitely have an eye on that website to steal the important details. Facebook cannot be an exception to that but the support team works harder and keep it safe& secure. It’s always recommended to report all kind of suspicious behaviour to Facebook rather than ignoring it. If you find any kind of phishing or scam activities that can make any of your friends prey to it, then immediately report before letting things go worst.

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