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Top 10 Coolest Movie and TV Spy Gadgets in History of Technology

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Spy movies and TV shows have been crowd favorites for a long time now. People love watching handsome men in suits fighting off the bad guys, flying helicopters, firing guns and most of all, using their cool gadgets. Since the 60s, there are many gadgets which have become popular after being used in a spy movie or show. Not only are they incredibly cool to look at, but they make you think why no one has ever bothered to design them for real.


You can get cable to watch the movies and TV shows. You can also head to the cinema to watch your favorite spies in action. While there are hundreds of such gadgets to choose from, here are the top ten coolest movie and TV spy gadgets in the history of technology.

The Copter Hat (Inspector Gadget)
Imagine having a hat which has its own rotors! Inspector Gadget isn’t among the smartest spies to hit the screen but his mode of commutation beats even 007. All he has to do is extend the copter from his hat and fly over the traffic. He doesn’t need to follow a speed limit or wait for the signal to go green!

Shoe Phone (Get Smart)
Get Smart remains one of the most popular TV shows of all time and nothing beats the technical wizardry of the shoe phone. Back when the series aired, perhaps no one would have imagined the bombardment of cellphones and smartphones. The Shoe Phone was as cutting-edge as things could get four or five decades ago.

Cigarette Dart Gun (You Only Live Twice)
Any list about spy gadgets is incomplete without Mr. James Bond. The super famous British spy has been gracing the silver screen for 50 years now and each new return to the screen features a host of cool gadgets. In You Only Live Twice, Bond introduces you to the cigarette dart gun. Designed like the usual cigarette, it fires a rocket when lighted! Perhaps not useful in places where smoking is banned but super cool nonetheless.

Explosive Chewing Bomb (Mission: Impossible)
Moving on from cigarettes to chewing gum (you need to get rid of the cigarette smell on your breath), the 1996 release Mission: Impossible showed how deadly a stick of Wrigley’s could be. Just chew, throw and bam! Run for your life like Tom Cruise did.

X-Ray Glasses (The World Is Not Enough)
One of the more recent Bond outings, The World Is Not Enough introduces the X-Ray glasses. Wearing these, one can spot what a person is carrying under their clothes. Bond uses these to spot the weapons his enemies are carrying. You can use them for other less noble purposes! Since the 60s, there are some of the gadgets which have become popular after being used in a spy movie or show.

The Multi-Purpose Lighter (Our Man Flint)
Our Man Flint is not a spy movie per se, considered more to be a spoof. Yet, it does have one extremely cool gadget: the lighter with 83 options. The movie’s running time didn’t allow viewers to see every one of those options but they did see Flint cutting through steel and setting explosions with his lighter.

The Neuralizer (Men in Black)
The Men in Black have the enviable job of hunting down aliens and then making sure no one saw them. If anyone did see the aliens, the MIB use their neuralizer to erase their memory of that particular sighting. Imagine all the things you could make people forget about you! Not only are they incredibly cool to look at, but they make you think why no one has ever bothered to design them for real.

Contact Lens Video Camera (I Spy)
Wearing a contact lens which has a built-in video camera makes you the most innocuous spy ever. Disregarding the impracticality of it, I Spy did show how useful it would be to transmit the lives images of everything you see.

The Golden Gun (The Man with the Golden Gun)
The third Bond entry on this list, but the Golden Gun didn’t belong to Mr. 007. It was the villain who had created the Golden Gun, which carried bullets made from gold. In addition to being a gun, it also served as a cigarette lighter, cufflink and pen. The only drawback is its capacity to hold only one bullet!
man with the golden gun

Cell Phone Sonar (The Dark Knight)
The Dark Knight is not a spy movie but it does show you the ultimate spy gadget: cell phone sonar. You can use the signals emanating from the phones of every person in the city and see and hear what they are up to. You don’t even need to put cameras or microphones to use cell phone sonar to track people’s movements.

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