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20 Best Free Online Tools to Create Instant Invoices

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Invoicing is one of the important tasks for any business. Often, the billing thing is supervised by the finance department of a company. But if you are a startup, we assume that you are doing it by yourself. For any startup a penny saved is a penny earned. This is why most of the small businesses look for free invoicing services for the billing purpose.


So if you are a small enterprise looking for free invoicing tools, then luckily web offers you a number of free services. Let’s find out them in the list below:

1. Free Invoice Generator

Free Invoice Generator is a popular service used by businesses to create invoices for payments. Users can choose from variety of templates to generate an invoice according to their preferences. From simple invoice template to intricate tax invoice design, you can select from a range of patterns to fit with your requirements. The service supports a number of payment gateway options including Authorize.Net, PayPal, eWay and Stripe.

2. Hiveage


Hiveage is a comprehensive tool for businesses to notify clients about payments. The good thing about this tool is that you can send payment invoices to as many clients as you want. It has number of features that you can use to set rates of your services, for example discounts, tax and shipping costs. You can directly send the invoices to your client, download them in PDF form or get the hard copy.

3. Bill Grid

Bill Grid offers a professional way to send invoice to your clients and receive payments. With its feature-rich template, you can add details of your business, such as sender name and business address along with logo of your company. Bill Grid allows you to send invoices with just a click or you can save it in the form of PDF.

4. Slimvoice

Find an easy and simple way to create and manage your invoices. With Slimvoice, you can send invoices to all your clients without paying any fee. You can also save the file in PDF format or in print form. Slimvoice is integrated with Stripe which enables you to get your payments directly from a credit card.

5. Nutcache


Nutcache is a project management web application that is more than just an invoicing tool. With this tool, you can manage your projects within a specific deadline. It enables you to track time spend on a project, organize your work schedule, set budget and collaborate with team members. Apart from sending invoices, you can even print them in PDF, MS PowerPoint, MS Word and CSV.


What makes Invoice.To a mention in this list is its simple interface and availability of multitudes of features. Apart from using your name and company details, this tool offers the users the option to set the color and design of the template. What you finally get is a personalized invoice that gives a professional touch to your business. Invoice.To is integrated with Stripe so you can easily get online payments from your clients.

7. Simple Invoices

As its name suggests, Simple Invoices provide a simple way to notify your clients about payments. It is an open-source platform which means anyone can use it for free. It is a web-based application which does not require you to download the application on your server. Simple Invoices allows exporting files in MS Excel or PDF format.

8. Shopify

Shopify takes a professional approach when it comes to generating invoice. Rather than using a built-in template, it uses a number of fields that you must fill to produce the invoice. It does not require you to be a Shopify customer and anyone can use this tool to generate the invoice. You can also save the invoice or get a print copy before sending it to the clients.

9. Zoho Invoicing


Zoho Invoicing is another free web-based invoice generator that helps you create detailed invoices. What sets it apart is its intuitive design that will put no hassles in creating an invoice. Using its interface, you can easily create rates of your services, auto-generate bills of your regular customers and receive periodical sales reports of your business along with summary of tax. It supports multiple payment gateways.

10. Invoice Generator

This is yet another free invoice generator for startups. It provides small businesses a hassle-free way to produce bills of their services. The good thing about this invoice generator is you do not have to register to use it. You can just save the invoice in PDF format or directly send it to your clients to start receiving payments. Using this tool, you can get payments through PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Cards and Bit Coin.

11. Invoice Home


Invoice Home’s minimalist interface makes it easy to create, send, and keep track of invoices. Choose from hundreds of invoice templates to find the perfect look to fit your business. Saved invoices can be seamlessly accessed on desktop or mobile devices. Get paid instantly by using a supported payment gateway.

12. Timetrack

A versatile tool which can do more than the invoicing task, “Make Some Time” makes your billing job easy. From generating time sheets and managing contacts of your clients to importing projects and setting priority to your tasks, you can use this resourceful tool to streamline all your chores related to invoicing and billing of your services. The availability of cloud integration makes it easier for you to access your data from anywhere.

13. Invoice Machine


Staying true to its name, Invoice Machine provides entire set of invoicing feature, which is not restricted merely to generating bills. It provides you with the option to adjust tax, set currency, change language and perform shipping etc. You can even manage your invoices and sort them in terms of their status and client name.

14. Ronin

Created to generate invoices, Ronin is ideal for small businesses and freelancers. With this tool, you can easily track time of your projects, create estimates and payments and manage your clients. It also helps collaboration between team members and sets permission access to individual member.

15. Better Invoices

Better Invoices is known for its simple and hassle-free process of billing. All you need to do is give details about sender and recipient along with description of services and rates. You do not need to fill up any registration form or download file. It supports payments with PayPal.

16. Billable

Created by App Factory, Billable makes the invoicing even simpler with its set of features. It does not require you to fill up any registration form or go through hassles of tedious download process. You can send your invoice just by filling out the required fields. You can even save this bill, convert into PDF or get a print copy.

17. Harvest

One of the most widely-used time tracking tools, Harvest is a special mention when it comes to generating invoices. It offers range of features to simplify all your billing and expense tracking tasks. Using this feature-rich tool, you can easily list all your services and corresponding rates in terms of hours. It has a real-time reporting system to give you details about your time, budget and productivity of your project.

18. Invoicely

Previously known as Invoiceable, Invoicely is a one-stop solution for all the billing and finances of your businesses. From tracking expenses and setting budget to converting hourlies and accepting payments, you can manage everything related to finances of your projects. It is a mobile friendly tool which means you can access it from any mobile device.

19. Invoice Ocean

A perfect invoicing tool for small and medium businesses, Invoice Ocean is considered an excellent invoice generator for its intuitive interface and simplicity. It offers a faster way to do all the finances of your projects. Its other notable features include online payment gateways, currency conversions and language feature etc.

20. Trade Shift

Trade Shift is a real-time billing tool that significantly cuts down on the time that goes in creating invoices. With this tool, you can easily transform the nitty-gritty details of your finances into an organized form showing every detail related to expenses, payments and budgets of your project.

21. Invoice Journal

Invoice Journal carves a distinction for its clean and sophisticated invoice patterns. With its available invoice templates, you can create that perfect invoice meeting your specifications. It offers the invoices in different languages and currencies. So you can easily create invoices that match with your target audience.

Mentioned above are 20 of the best free web tools to create any type of invoices. If you know any more online invoicing services, let us know in the comments.

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