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11 Best Free Tools to Enhance Your Social Base

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Social media is rapidly becoming a key focus of marketing for businesses. Social media is an excellent platform to build a community around your service or product, expand your marketplace & to listen to what your audience wants.


The key to making most of the social media is listening to what your visitor has to say about you, examining the data & finally, reaching social base business intelligence; utilizing all these insights to know your consumers better & boost your marketing strategy. If you’re a social media marketing rookie, this list of the 11 best free social media tools could come in handy. When searching for a tool, it is a good idea to try a few of them & select the one that suits to your needs.

It’s one of the very best free social media management tools accessible & covers a number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. You will be able to collaborate with fellow workers, schedule messages & assign projects to your team. It is particularly good for managing several accounts on the same platform.

The excellent team management and weekly analytics reports facility (delegating jobs, delivering private messages) could be very useful when there is more than one individual managing the social media accounts.



Who is looking at your tweets? How is that being shared? What’s the measured effect of what you are placing out there? TweetReach is a social media analytics tool, which helps you get this useful information as TweetReach calculates the actual impact & implications of social media conversations.

It’s a good way of determining who your most important followers are; implicitly directing you towards the right individuals you should be aiming for when aiming to share & promote online content.

Klout is most likely one of the most controversial social analytics gear. There are those who dislike it & report that its scoring system is absolutely inaccurate & that trying to connect to them is an extremely hard mission.

On the flip side, some individuals find it helpful, as it measures influence by means of engagement on Twitter & it’s a good means of observing on what individuals think about your brand & to check out what influences them probably the most.

This way, you will be able to adjust your posts based on your target visitors’ interests & boost your engagement rate.

Social Mention


Social Mention is quite popular among social media lovers. This tool can monitor over one hundred social networking sites. It is possibly one of the best free listening gear on the market, as it examines data in more depth & measures influence with four categories: Sentiment, Strength, Passion & Reach.

Twazzup is excellent for social media newbies searching for a Twitter monitoring tool. You simply enter the name you wish to track & you quickly get real-time updates, that means the most active leading influencers, top RTd images and links & most importantly, the top ten keywords associated with your search.

Just like Klout, Kred mines social details to provide you a Kred score. The Kred score is a blend of your influence & your outreach activity. This tool measures how frequently you post or tweet, how people connect to you &the growth of your viewers. Kred offers you a comprehensive breakdown of your score to ensure that you know precisely where you should improve & the areas in social which are performing well for your business.



If targeting to get an overall view of a brand, Addictomatic could be very effective & as straightforward as Twazzup. The lone difference is that Addictomatic focuses on a number of platforms such as: YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Bing News, WordPress, Delicious,, Google, etc. It is really valuable for keeping an eye on current industry developments & brand reputation.

It’s a useful tool for measuring yours & your competitors’ social media presence. A free account allows you to track twelve social sites, including WordPress and Tumblr. However, if you are interested in twenty-four more, a premium account is required.

The HowSociable’s approach is a little bit different as it breaks down scores for various social media platforms, enabling you to see which social networking platforms work fine for you & which ones require further development.

IceRocket offers blog, Facebook and Twitter monitoring in twenty languages, along with results graphs that you could play with. It enables you to select the periods of time you’re enthusiastic about monitoring.

It can be utilized for observing your blogger activity, as they’ve around two-hundred million blogs in their data source & they also provide the possibility of discovering the latest trend terms associated with your search.

This tool covers the basic demands of any Twitter user, so is a great option for rookies. TweetDeck is a useful and effective tool that enables you to organize feeds from all of your social sites in one place utilizing the TweetDeck dashboard. Also, you can schedule tweets & set up custom-made feeds for your social search demands. Lists can also be designed of the individuals you follow. These lists can enable you to manage various target groups you would like to interact with & monitor what is being tweeted about.

It’s another free great social analytics tool for businesses. You’ll be provided with insights and intelligence required to measure results & eventually make decisions on what is working & what isn’t working.

Sysomos gathers data from Twitter, blogs, social networks, boards, messages, wikis & major news resources. This tool gives you the power to notice the tone of conversations & identify opinions by age, gender & location.

It’s essential for each and every business to monitor & track what’s being said about them. It’s particularly important to interact with consumer through social networking sites & analyze any areas of their social networking sites that need to be improved & basically keep up to this on this extremely fast paced environment.

Online businesses can increase return on investment through social media monitoring tools. It is crucial that you discover the tool, which aligns with your company needs & personal preferences.

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