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Top 20 Facebook Messenger Tips You Must Know

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A large number of people use Facebook Messenger only to chat with their friends who are already on FB but many of them don’t know about some great features recently added to messenger app by Facebook. There are many other users who are quite annoyed because they don’t want to open another tab for chatting. However, if they know about the added features, it will not be difficult for them to understand how it can improve their messaging experience.


Here in this article, you can read top 20 useful tips to make FB messaging much easier and more interesting.

1: Make Free Phone Calls


You can make a phone call to your full-fledged Facebook friends and save money that you have to pay on calls. Calling was possible in the past too but it has become much better and more reliable experience.

2: Send Videos to Friends


You can also send videos via messenger where you will see image icon and taping it will allow you to explore videos which you can share directly from your android gallery.

3: See who is Login

If you find blue badge in messenger, you can see who is online right now and in active tab, you will see green badge which will let you either your friends are connected through computer or mobile phone.

4: Add Contacts to Chat

To chat friends, they don’t have to be on Facebook but you can simply add their phone numbers in your contact list and begin chatting with them instantly.

5: Chat with More Friends

Chatting has become much easier and faster than ever before and you can easily find tools which can help you add photos and videos instantly so you can bring more fun in your conversation. Now you are able to chat with more than 50 friends at the same time.

6: Add Your Best Friends to Wall

If you chat in a group of your best friends on Facebook whom you often talk. There is a way to bypass launching of app by simply pinning the group on home screen. Go to the group tab, create a new group or select an existing one and on group tile top right, tap menu button and here at this point, you can create a “shortcut” which will add the group to home screen.

7: Make Plans with Friends

If you are planning a night out with some of your best FB friends, you don’t have to send each one of them individual invitation but you can add all of them in one group and send one message to all to inform about your plan.

8: Give Big Thumbs up


If you want to send a big thumb up to your friends, you just need to do one thing and that is pressing the “Like” Button and when you hold it, this will increase the size of the thumb. If you feel that the simple likes are not working in the way you want, you can try sticker.

9: Choose Stickers from Collection


You can find a lot of stickers which are easily available and can be inserted into chats. These are available in large quantity and much easier to add to the chatting. Choose the best emptions from the sticker collection or be a little more expressive with the help of emoji supportive keys.

10: Capture Picture from Keyboard

Do you know how to capture a photo in messenger from keyboard? Do you see camera icon there? Tapping this will turn change keyboard to mini viewfinder that can be expanded. You have back and front cameras and you can easily switch between both of them when you want to take a quick pic with the help of vertical send button. Tap that small image icon right next to the camera which will allow you to choose a pic form already taken pics.

11: Search Desired Images with Bing

When you are in Facebook chatbox, you can also search for desired images through Bing. You can easily see paperclip icon on left side where you will use “Image Search”. Type whatever you want to search, when find, pick and send it to others.

12: Show Your Current Location


If you want your friend know where you are right know, you can also use location icon near texting field. When it is blue, your location can be seen by your friends. In the screen at the top right, you can see a “view map” option which will allow you to see where currently your friends are. If you want to see from where they sent you a message, simply tapping the message will let you know this. In case you are not interested in showing your current location, just go to the settings to uncheck location box.

13: Discover Details of Received/Sent Messages

Sometimes you want to check out the details of a message that you sent to the people. Clicking on the message will enable you to see the exact time as well as date of the message.

14: Disable Receiving Notifications

Most people complain about the annoying notifications in messenger but if you don’t want to see them anymore, you can easily turn them off. Go to menu and change notifications settings as you want. You can also mute all types of notifications.

15: Changing Notification Sound

If the notification sound does not feel good to your ears, you can change it and set your favorite sound. Check out Settings for “Notifications & Sounds” and change it to your favorite one. You can also change caller ringtone which will help you differentiate between the regular and Facebook calls.

16: Stop Receiving Chats as Texts

If you started conversation when you were on desktop and now you have left out somewhere but still receiving messages as texts on your phone which you don’t want to receive, you can simply stop it by replying with MUTE and this will stop the conversation or when you want to resume, you can write UNMUTE and the conversion will be resumed.

17: Delete Messages One-by-One

If you don’t want to delete entire conversation thread, you don’t have to, instead, you can go to the single message to delete one by one. Go to the message and hold it until “Delete” option appears but keep in mind you won’t be able to undo this action.

18: Enjoy More Privacy

If case you don’t want others to read your chat subject matter when it is seen in push notification, the first sentence is shown up on iPad lock screen, you can go to the setting tab and turn this feature off but this is not possible in previous version of Facebook app.

19: Use Messenger App Safely

Most people believe that they are safer when they are not using apps and in many cases they are right but if you take a little care you can use it safely. You might have to allow app to your contacts and other details but as long as you are within the privacy environment.

20: Log off FB Messenger

With the current version of FB messenger app, you have one problem that you can’t logout form it when you want. The only common solution is to uninstall the app but there is one more solution which is not quite common. Go to settings, choose FB messenger app and clear the data. When you reopen messenger, this will require you to switch to another account and once you are login with another account, your main account will be safely logged out.

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