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Top 21 Websites to Find Great Blog Content Ideas

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Blogging requires efficient and high-quality custom writing skills. Some bloggers master this skill while some hire an editor to learn blog writing. You have to do research and write in a personalized and lucid tone while composing a blog post.


The information must be relevant and catchy. It must appeal to the audience and should be fresh.

You must connect the title and the content with a burning and hot topic to gain maximum traction. However, there will be times you will face a bottleneck in choosing the topic and the title.

Don’t worry! You are not the world’s first and last blogger facing this issue. To find blogging ideas, you can trust few great sites to satiate your writing ‘hunger’. Trust me, with these 21 sites and resources; you will never face any dearth of churning quality blog posts daily.

1. wikiHow

wikiHow accepts only natural and pure how-to articles. You can find a plethora of information on this site in over 15+ categories including travel, sports, pets, relationships, holidays, health, and much more. After reading the posts, you can think of good and crisp topics for your blog posts.


To make your job easier, the site features a section to find unwritten and popular topics added by many readers. You can search and find relevant topics from these topics to write what your audience wants.

2. Facebook

Yes, the social media site can help you find relevant and burning topics easily. If you carefully observe your Facebook feed, you will find many sponsored content around hot topics. It can help you to churn relevant blog posts.

You can also find topics by filtering the section on the right-hand side (Facebook Trends). If you click on it, you will find posts with hashtags. People and digital media agency publish hot and trendy news posts on Facebook because it gains maximum traction at no cost. So, many times; this social media giant publishes breaking and viral news posts.

3. Twitter

Though many companies are persuading to buy this popular micro-blogging platform, it is still a good platform to find relevant and trendy information quickly as compared to other sites.

4. Linkedin

If you write on business and technology, you can check Linkedin as many corporate professionals submit posts with inside views of an industry. You can churn out blog posts after getting ideas from the published posts.

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is still the largest content discovery and information platform. You will always find updated and in-depth information on a particular topic that can help you write a quick blog post based on updates.

6. EzineArticles Submission


Thousands of writers including professionals from each field share their natural experience on this site. Though, promotion is the main idea; still, there are some quality posts available in various categories. It can make your job easier to read a post and get instant idea for a catchy blog post.

7. YouTube

Viewing videos content and making video posts is a cool and new trend to attract maximum traction. YouTube features videos from around the globe and you can look for top and trendy videos to think about a topic easily.

For example – If you are looking to post a mobile review, you can check the manufacturer video channel to collect information and also write the review with a catchy title.

8. Google Trends


Google Trends is one of the best ways to view trending searches and find relevant posts quickly. It can help you to find blog topics instantly on burning topics.

9. Keyword Planner

Google comes to your help, again! The Keyword Planner tool helps you to input keywords and find relevant search results and ideas. As we always write the posts for the targeted audience, you can find best and latest topics. It suggests up to 800 phrases with a number of monthly searches to pick topics easily.

10. Google Images

You can also type in the keyword and find images. You may never know a particular image may help you to find a relevant site to get maximum information and choose a topic instantly. Similarly, Yahoo and another search engine can also help to find posts idea from images quickly.

11. SEMrush

SEMrush is a great tool to find what your competitors are writing on. You can enter the competitor website address and find phrases relevant to make a counter blog post or a related blog post on the same topic.

12. Google analytics

The Analytic tool will provide adequate information and you can easily find this data by clicking Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries.

You must connect the analytics to Google search console. You can use the filter to exclude queries that include the brand name or buyer related keywords. It will help you find suitable blog ideas and topics popular right now.

13. Hummingbird

This is not a site but the Google search suggestion algorithm. Remember, when you type a keyword; the search engine shows you some relevant results on the search bar.

It’s the fastest way to find information quickly because the algorithm will show you results that are trendy and most popular right now.

14. Quora


The Q & A site is the best platform to find answers and lots of information to write a blog post quickly. You can also submit your question and get a response from knowledgeable professionals and common users to support your blog post with good references.

15. Relevant niche sites

It’s also a great idea to browse the relevant niche site that is similar to your blog domain to explore topics.

For example – If you want to find information for a product, you can look to Amazon to find pertinent information on it.

If you want to write an article about a specific place, you can search these places on Tripadvisor.

You can check the blog section of these sites to find information quickly and compose a blog post.

16. Buzzsumo

This tool will help you find topics that are hot and most ‘talked’ about. You can enter a topic and see a list of related articles with the number of shares.

17. Hubspot Famous Blog Topic Generator tool


Hubspot’s famous tool can help you get seven ideas for a topic. Though, it is not that user-friendly; it is still a good tool.

18. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers can help you find information quickly similar to Quora.

19. Fellow Bloggers Site

Visiting other famous blogging platform and startup story based sites can also help you gather more news and write a blog post easily.

20. Open Explorer tool

The Moz tool can help you find results similar to Keyword planner to find best blog topics and ideas.

21. Slideshare

You can look for thousands of presentations to choose a topic and compose a post quickly.


If you are subscribed to these sites, you will always find topics and more topics to write. You can check them on your mobile.

Remember, you should not re-write the post. Instead, do research and apply custom writing techniques to use the topic and add natural experience.

If you are a techie and want to start the blog, you can hire a neutral English editor to learn custom writing. You can send surveys to your friends to collect more and more information.

Writing natural content is an art and you must write on topics of your interests only. Definitely, you can find blog topics from these sites easily. You must use social media sites to share posts to garner traction.

You must write in a crisp and engaging tone. The article should have a mass appeal and attract audience across the globe.

You can include videos and original images apart from Infographics to garner attention of the user also.

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