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Top 13 Online Advertising Tools to Promote Online Business

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Experiencing an advertising burn-out? Well, maybe you need to find new ways to promote you awesome business! Hey, it has to be awesome enough to promote it, right? Quit using the old methods and find out the current best and most popular ways to promote your online goodies.


Luckily, you won’t have to approach the print media or a T.V. channel to promote your stuff for tons of precious funds. You could spend a lot of money on an online advertising campaign as well, but who needs to when you can do the job with just little or no spending?

Use these top 13 online advertising solutions that are currently the most popular methods to promote — and not so pricey either.

A Blog

You certainly will have a website to promote as an online venture. Why not use a blog to do part of the job? Many businesses operate online blogs that are quite engaging and useful for the viewers. And, if you analyze them carefully, you’ll know that a blog doesn’t have to be all about your product!


Create non-promotional, engaging content and you will attract surplus readers to your page, generating more online traffic. These pages could include links and ads. Remember, the idea of a blog is to regularly update your content. An abandoned blog with a months-old posts won’t generate the much needed traffic on your page.

You can install a blog on your website using any CMS.

Submit Your Business/Link Everywhere

You need to be registered with several directories where people can look up a business. This includes Yahoo, Yellow Pages, local listings, Kelly Search, Free Index, Touch local and any other possible industry associations that are willing to list your business on their own pages.

Google AdWords


With a little investment, you can target potential online customers whenever they search for a specific city, state, or region. A pay-per-click ad will be displayed in the search results.

Email Lists

Come to side of e-marketing with the use of emails. When you have your list of emails ready, you can start sending newsletters or deals about the latest events, offers, discounts. Although a bit traditional, this is still one of the most popular and effective methods to promote your business.

Build a Facebook Page


If you don’t already have one, get one! This is by far one of the easiest methods to promote a business online and one that is sure to get returns. A Facebook page can be created for free. Regularly update a status, photos, videos, or anything that you can put up on your page. Get creative with your timeline, displays pics or cover photos to attract a fan following. Also, you can post targeted ads on Facebook for a little fee. But hey, it is by far the MOST popular social network. Your efforts and costs will be worth it!

Add Comments on Relevant Pages

One other way to promote an online business is by targeting the comments sections of other websites that many visitors come across. If you sincerely and authentically leave a comment following a relevant link to your page, the owner of the website should be willing to allow it.

Instagram/ Pinterest


If you want to promote your business through catchy images, you can “Insta” or “Pin” your images online. Considering that these two social networking platforms are also top on the list of most popular social networks, you should be able to attract numerous followers who can re-pin or share your images.


Quick and simple, Twiitter is a fabulous way to promote any business online. Create engaging content and build a fan following. Your fans will re-tweet your posts allowing your business to self-promote with each tweet or re-tweet.

Free Sample and Giveaways

Nothing attracts customers more than the word “free”. Offer free samples of your goodies online using websites that post freebies. You can also ask your customers to “win” their product by fulfilling a small task (fill out a form, send their email address, promote your post, etc.).

Survey Monkey


Get feedback on your business using surveys. Keep your survey short to maximize responses. Ask customers directly what you think you need to build a better business. The best way to serve your customers and promote your business is by catering to their needs. A positive feedback is the best way to create viral word-of-mouth marketing. Ask them for ideas on promotions and services and encourage honest responses.

SEO Your Website

No matter how hard we all try to run away from this three letter word (because we know nothing about it), it keeps coming back to us from direction or another. Let’s put it this one, for people to find people (or businesses), they need search boxes. Those search boxes (or search engines) all have “searchability” rules. This is where SEO comes and you need to make sure your “people” (or customers) find you first.

Learn how to optimize your website to make it easily searchable. Pick up a book or an article with a how-to guide on SEO. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds (promise).

Press Release

Have you done something worth the news? Go ahead and sign up for a press release. You can release it to a local newspaper, cable T.V., magazine, or website. Try to target an audience that will be interested in your product. Make sure you include the link of the page on your own website. Plenty of websites can be used for this purpose.

Offer to be a Speaker

If you possess great public speaking skills, don’t miss the first opportunity you get to speak up about you and your expertise in the field at a public event. Not only will you pass off as an authentic person in your area of expertise, but also be able to promote your business. Don’t forget to pass out business cards as well.

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