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Top 30 Free JavaScript Frameworks for Web Applications

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Web development is evolving rapidly with new and innovative assistance from the languages and frameworks. Now the developer has a number of options to choose from in order to have a compatible framework. Last year Javascript has newbies in the list as a number of frameworks were released. Web community is increasing with more diverse ideas to acquire or explore new ways in web application development.


Choosing a right javascript framework for the web development is the very first and significant step. But selecting from numerous of options need to have an idea about the best ones. Here are top 30 javascript frameworks you need to be aware of for web development.

1. Omniscient

This javascript framework is a reactive framework which makes it more responsive resilient and reliable for development. It enables the developer to build functional UI’s on clear components.


  • Provides a more static model of development.
  • Similar to the HTML web development but also provides programming.
  • Omniscient has small, composable components and shared functionality through mixins.

2. Angular.js

Angular.js is open source framework supported by the Google and it defines itself an extension of HTML to design complex web apps. Angular is used widely used by the developers to develop and maintain the complex websites.


  • Angular is an MVC type framework.
  • It allows two data -binding between views and models with an automatic update on both sides in case of any data change.
  • Can build reusable view components.
  • Use to develop a complex website and handle everything with the single framework.

3. Reactive.js

Reactive.js is used by the most of the developers for leading websites around the globe. It is known for native functionality for building templates user-oriented features to ensure javascript flexibility.


  • Helps in building in interactive and responsive applications.
  • Enables user to put their ideas into a website with the simple procedure.
  • Less complicated and easy to handle.

4. Backbone

Backbone is basically a simple framework and suitable for the companies or team looking to develop a simple application under small framework instead of Angular. Backbones fit into a single javascript file.


  • It gives full MVC framework along with routing.
  • Modes can connect to RESTful API.
  • The views have declarative handling ability.
  • Router works amazingly to handle your URL.

5. Mercury

It is a lightweight framework with the simple user interface along with pre-defined components to directly implement into the apps.


  • You can customize some functionalities in real time.
  • Easy and simple to operate.
  • Less-complicated apps can be built easily and faster.
  • Demo Page allows the features to change functions.


6. Ember

Ember is basically very opinionated framework i.e it uses its smart functionality to take many decisions for you. It doesn’t waste your time and helps to build precise and great web application.


  • It is also a full MVC framework.
  • It includes templating and view engine which updates automatically with data change.
  • It has offers the routing and model engine that works efficiently with RESTful API.

7. WebRx

It is very lightweight framework only with the size of 30 kb when minimized. It is basically built to speed up the web development process with all functionality.


  • It is a Model-view-view-model framework
  • It built on top of RX.js to combine functional and Reactive programming pattern.
  • It supports declarative client-side routing, data binding, and templating features.

8. jQuery

Behind development evolution that makes it much more useable and diverse jQuery holds prominent credits. It is responsible for today’s crosse -browser’s sites that you see everywhere


  • It is the most used javascript by the developers.
  • It makes animation , event handling, DOM traversal, AJAX much easier across all browsers for developers.

9. Deku

Deku can be considered as a lightweight alternative for React javascript framework. With Deku, you don’t need to rely on classes as you can transfer the task to the third party using functions.


  • It helps the UI’s with prev javascript functions and Virtual Document Object Model(DOM).
  • Mostly compatible with the new web browsers.
  • It works more efficient with the React existing network.

10. Underscore and Loadash

To built the application isn’t that easy with the framework, there is something needed by the developer to simplify the codes. Underscore & load as provides the utility functions to simplify the process.


  • Both have over 100 functions to help the team such as map, filter, reduce, invoke etc.
  • Provides easily accessible community plugins.
  • Direct helps to augment programmers productivity.


11. Riot.js

This Reactive javascript basically focuses on micro functions. Riot.js is super responsive and interactive so the apps will also be interactive with unique functionalities.


  • Riot.js is react-based UI.
  • It is lightweight javascript with great user interface.
  • One of the best among all reactive javascript.

12. D3.js

Hundreds of libraries use D3.js due to ts graphic and visualization functionalities. D3.js is well known for data manipulation and visualization along with plenty of graphing and charting.


  • D3.js allows manipulating the data from any source.
  • You can also transform the data into DOM or/and SVG or/and CSS.
  • Very useful when you need any kind of visualization.

13. Vue.js

It is one of the simplest forms of the framework which can be integrated with other tools and turned into a fully functional framework.


  • It helps to develop modern and innovative web applications.
  • Includes more logical and understandable codes.
  • Still, in beta version, expect more functions and updates.

14. Babylon.js

Babylon.js is an incredible 3D game engine based on WebGL and Javascript. If you need to build high-quality game works across all web- browser then Babylon.js is the best choice.


  • Have great options for 3D games building.
  • Help you to create gaming app with sound, particle systems, and much more other qualities.


It is appreciated by the developer community due to its real-time functionality. It allows the communication between client and server in real time which is the key of Socket.


  • Socket is also event-driven like Node.js.
  • You can implement real-time streaming, instant messaging platforms, and real-time documents.
  • You can also acquire real-time stats of your app.

16. Mocha and Chai

The most hatred and annoying step for every developer are testing the code. But with Mocha and chai frameworks developer do not need to worry to test the code.


  • Easily test your code in model or browser app.
  • Mocha can run a test in series with the attribute of correcting the test if needed.
  • Chai is behavior driven/test driven javascript that can be added with Mocha for best results.

17. Polymer

This javascript framework from Google is giving tough competition to the market as it is all about fast and modern web designing. It has features allows to create and reuse the web components.


  • Drive the web community towards modern web designing culture.
  • It has some code syntax and designing features similar to Node.js.

18. Karma

Karma is another test runner, javascript framework enabled to automatic test the app or project. It is designed to test your app against different browsers.


  • You can test your app for different browser without any issue.
  • Continuous testing of the web application against multiple browsers is applicable.

19. Node.js

Node.js is one of the best javascript frameworks nowadays and in recent years it became much popular among the web developing community. Many developers prefer it over technical programming language such as.NET and JAVA.


  • It is an open source Framework and can pick by any beginner to learn.
  • Based on Google’s V8 javascript engine mostly use to develop a highly interactive website, content community.

20. Phantomjs

If you are looking for a javascript framework to test your entire app doing without any hassle and complications Phantoms is the answer.


  • It allows you to run a test and capture the screenshots.
  • It also enables you to monitor the network entirely.
  • You can also do automate page browsing from a javascript API.

21. Babel

Not everyone is using the latest web browser compatible with the latest javascript features. Developers need to compile the latest JavaScript standard to ES5-compliant which is exactly what Babel is for. It allows you to run an app on browsers as old as IE9.


  • It allows the compilation of web apps for the old web browser.
  • Enables your web app to run even on browsers not compatible with latest Javascript features.

22. Meteor

This framework has revolutionized the web development with its real -time feature and singular development interface.


  • Web apps made under Meteor are automatically compatible with mobile devices.
  • Meteor is a full-stack framework that supports native javascript language.

23. Grunt and Gulp

Developing a website for production involve a long list of the task need to improve the performance of the website. This requires a set of tools if you don’t have that set then don’t worry Grunt and Gulp framework will help you.


  • Both the framework have numerous plugins to optimize the website.
  • Act like a task runner to ensure the uninterrupted developing process of the project.

24. Ember

Ember is for the developer want to develop a complex -largescale-client application. It helps the developer in creating a lengthy web application embedded with complex patterns.


  • It simplifies the web app development process and gives smooth flow of functionality.
  • It collaborates the traditional functionalities of development with modern culture.

25. Knockout

With the knockout framework, you can relate your existing DOM elements with data Models using simple syntax.As it supports native javascript, it can be integrated with the other framework.


  • When you make changes in the data model, the changes within the UI directly reflects in real-time.
  • You can create connections between your data models to combine or transform them.

26. Keystone

The features and abilities of Keystone are totally stupendous for front-end development. It has attributes like dynamic routes and database field management as it is built with the support of Express.js and MongoDB.


  • A simple framework to work with.
  • Supports the features like form processing, email sending, data management.

27. Stapes.js

The stapes.js framework can be considered as the successor of Backbone with a list of only 20 active modules.


  • Its primary concern is class creation, custom events, and data methods.
  • It is the enhanced version of Backbone javascript framework.

28. Aurelia

Aurelia is totally a next generation framework for the web app development. It is purely built on the base of ES6 and also acquires some feature of ES7.


  • It has the ability to work on almost all browsers.
  • It transforms the development into more creative process.

29. Mithril

This javascript framework is very lightweight with its flexible library size 7kb. Mithril has many attributes and functionality needed by a developer in order to complete the developing the app.


  • It acts as a benchmark for many javascript frameworks to improvise their functionalities.
  • Due to lightweight and less complicated user interface it is preferred by the developers.

30. Flexdatalist

If you are developing a web application with form then Flex Datalist is all you need. For example, if you want a user to put their details, you can give them some pre-defined options in drop down list.


  • Helpful in creating a web application needs user details to function.
  • Makes product more interactive and responsive.
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