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10 Foolproof Ways to Monetize your Blog

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So you have a blog, but you are without a clue as to how you can make money out of it. If you had scanned the Internet before looking for the clue, chances are you may have seen hundreds of advices and guide books promising the sky, and that, within a short period. Do not get carried away by these tall claims. The advices may be good, but not the promises and over-night fortunes they claim you will get. Monetizing your blog is both time consuming and hard (read smart) work.


When you set out to monetize your blog, first check, if you meet some basic requirements, and if you don’t, then set your home right and begin your sojourn. Of all basic requirements, good readership for your blogs is a must. To bring in readership, you need to promote your blog and to promote, you need great content, and only great contents can bring in readers. The circle is now apparent.

When you do something as laborious as monetizing a blog, you will want to make them foolproof. That is understandable. Here are some simple ways to do it. When they work for veteran blog owners, there is no reason why it should not work for you as well.

1: Sell Your Ad Space Yourself

Once your blog has matured and you have enough readerships, it is time to solicit advertisement on your pages. You can do it directly by sending email, or simply put a banner stating your intention. Price your ads realistically and solicit ads only from relevant business owners. You should however not cram your pages with too many ads, because, in the long run, your blog may lose its credibility. Many well known bloggers are known to use PPC strategy, which you can run along with your advertisement.

2: Tie Up with Ad Networks

There are numerous advertising agencies that look out for quality websites to place advertisement. Make an Internet search, and write to them. Though they are only next best to selling space yourself, they help you by taking the tediousness out of selling. However, ensure you have software, where advertisers can place their ads directly. Still another thing you must have is a plugin to expire advertisements on the appointed day, lest you end up reminding them often. Negotiate ad rates with the Network before you begin displaying their ads.

3:Put Your Blog to Captive Use

Not always you have to depend upon others for bringing in revenue to your blog. If you are already running an online business or a store you can use your blog to place your advertisements. There is more flexibility available here. When you create the content however, see that you don’t make it excessively promotional. Readers will see into the game, and the worst thing that can happen is loss of credibility.

When, a page in your blog loses it credibility, your entire blog loses it as well. You need to be extra cautious. Detach yourself from your business, and start thinking like an independent blog owner. Ask yourself if you will do something like this before you put something blatantly promotional.

4: Running Tutorial and Selling eBook from Your Blog
Running a tutorial from your blog is an excellent way of monetizing your blog. You can include videos and lessons, or simply promote an eBook you have written. If you are no good at writing eBooks, you can outsource the writing to someone or simply promote other authors’ works. The best model you may want try is profit sharing. A flat payment system is generally not foolproof way of monetizing.

5: Become an Affiliate for a Merchant

Becoming an affiliate carries minimum risk for your website. As an affiliate your principle job will driving visitors to your principal’s website. At the core to becoming an affiliate is writing convincing content and creating quality videos. There are hundreds and thousands of online stores who depend exclusive on their affiliates for driving traffic toward their web store. Pay outs can be really big, but make sure you are paid on time.

6: Publish Sponsored Posts on Your Blog

If your blog really has great readership, then letting other bloggers use your space for publishing their blogs can bring in money for you. The little thing that you will have to return by way of favor is a link to the author’s site from within your blog page. This is double advantage for you. You can use it for placing your own ads and you also get paid for letting someone use your blog’s reputation.

7: Join Amazon Programs

The biggest advantage of joining something like Amazon is the wide project ranges that they have. Besides Amazon allows other advertisement, besides their own and thereby opening up an additional revenue stream for you. Amazon pay outs may be a little less than others, but it is foolproof, and that is what most of us yearn for.

8: Negotiate With Big Time Resellers & Distributors

The good thing about Internet is it provides a level playing ground for everyone when it comes to making money. A big online store stands only as much chance of being found as a small one. That is the reason why they want hundreds and thousands of blogs from where big businesses can be found. You can become an exclusive blog for such stores. Negotiate; it is the safest way to monetize for you.

9: Add an Instant Market Place to Your Blog

Though there are variants to instant market place, the one from Ubokia is something you will find interesting. All that you need to do is place their market place link at a strategic place within your blog page, and when someone clicks on the icon and makes a purchase you will get paid 2% commission. Other than creating the content, there is very little that you have to do.

10: Keep Yourself Updated

The final word to monetizing is keeping abreast of the latest developments, and understanding what is selling best in the Internet, the easy way. There are plugins that can make it happen for you. They will show you what is selling hot this season, and you can write contents focused on those products. For buying plugins go to

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