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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Guest Post Submission Got Rejected

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The importance of a number of conventional link building strategies and techniques has been reduced with the introduction of Google Penguin and Google Panda. The marketing plans followed by expert link builders, SEOs and website owners have evolved with the arrival of new rules. Guest blogging has been incorporated amongst all of their key activities. You must have noticed an increase in the number of requests a serious blogger receives for publishing guest posts. In case you’re accepting guest posts on your business or personal blog, you may have experienced such a situation.


Guest posts worth real good quality have stopped coming of late. This may have happened due to the frequency of articles, concepts and guest post requests being considered for review. Read more…

10 Types of Guest Posts Blogger Must Reject

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Guest blogging has become an utmost scheme for lifting up your blog’s readership and platform. If you have a website which contains blogs and articles, it is the best way to achieve publicity. Every blogger requires a good relationship with other bloggers as well. So, by posting an accurate content to others blog, one can add value to their content. In this way, one gets popular in building relations as it introduces you to new people.


Also, through Guest posting, one can attain a good ranking on search engines. At the beginning or in the end, guest post must require a link. With the passage of time, these back links will increase the repo of your blog. This leads you to rank on top of the search engines likes Google, yahoo, and so on. Read more…

Top 10 Tips & Tricks You Should Know for Effective Blogging

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Almost every individual or company wants to share ideas, thoughts, and joys in their own blogs. It is the exact medium to keep on connected with your family members and friends, and moreover the most appropriate platform to demonstrate your writing abilities. Someone who wants to remain in the blog space must have purpose for that. The blogger must recognize his/her readers and maintain the contents appealing.


Most networking marketers want to do a blog, but remain confused about how to start. The main aim in blogging is to engender a good website. You can get free blog forms from WordPress or Blogger, including modish plug-ins and excellent themes to get happening. Read more…

Best Times to Publish Blog Posts on Social Networks

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Blogging requires a large investment of time and effort to produce high quality content on a regular basis. Because each content creation comes with huge resources, therefore it is important to publish blog posts at the most opportune times to maximize their social reach on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


Timing is everything! Here are a few useful social tips and infographics to give you some ideas on the best time to publish your blog posts. You can study the graphs and statistics below to better understand the trends in posting schedule and corresponding engagement too. Read more…

The Efficient Way of Using a Inbound Marketing Calendar

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As the year starts a new inbound marketing strategy needs to be dusted off and renewed. A new set of resolution will be put in place and worked toward achieving. Creating a editorial calendar for achieving your new content marketing goals should be the first acquisition of the year. In today’s article we will discuss:


  • The Importance of an Editorial Calendar
  • How to Create a Virtual and Physical One
  • Including It in Your Day to Day Work

Read more…

Technical Tricks: How To Protect Your Content From Plagiarizing, And What To Do If It Gets Stolen

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Plagiarism is a real plague of the today’s content marketing. Simply put, to plagiarize means to take someone else’s content and publish it as your own. Plagiarism not only cheats the original author of the credits for their work they deserve, it also presents direct financial damage for them.


If someone plagiarizes your work you posted online, they face several disadvantages that work against them rather than for them. These include: Read more…

Personality Traits of a Successful Blogger

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Blogger’s personality is the key to successful blogging. Observing top blogs and bloggers lets us define the most important personality traits that most successful bloggers share. See if you possess these qualities, because they will lead you along the road of blogging to the top.


None of successful bloggers got on top by luck or by occasion. Millions of blogs are out there today, but only a small percent of them are successful. It’s blogger’s personality that drives them up and leads their blogs to success. And what is most important, personality of bloggers is directly projected to their blogs.

A blog is a clear reflection of the blogger itself, with his or her good and bad traits. That’s why there are no two blogs alike as well as there are no two same people. All of them are unique with their own personal qualities. Yet there are some basic personal traits that most top bloggers share. That‘s what makes them successful as bloggers. Read more…

10 Must-Know Social Media Tips to Promote Your Blog

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It goes without saying that social media is the world’s trending tool for communication. You can use this unique way of communication to promote your blog on multiple social media platforms. Unlike shopping for cheap gadget insurance, promoting your blog through social media takes an ample amount of time.


Experts say you should spend four times more time promoting your blog than you should actually spend on perfecting your blog and writing blog posts. After all, if you spend too much time perfecting and writing it and no time promoting it, all your hard work will go unnoticed. With these ten tips, you’ll be on your way to having a successful blog with a large audience. Read more…

Coordinating Social Media and SEO Strategies for Effective Blog Promotion

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Social media, the online media platform that has turned the world of communication and mass media head over heels. From communication to advertising, from personal communication to mass communication, social media has forayed into almost every business vertical and sector. This has been the trend in the past ten years, and certainly will be so in the foreseeable future.


At its current rate of gaining prominence, it could soon slay other traditional media forms such as print and broadcast media. The current social media revolution has been spurred on by increased access to and widespread usage of broadband Internet around the world. At this juncture, social media has become an irresistible force of the Internet world. Read more…

7 Best Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Content management systems have replaced the ancient ways of hand-coding CSS and HTML pages. Whether it is a corporate website, or a social blog, content management systems are crucial for easy management of a website or a blog. You might have different approaches in displaying your website like adding plenty of pictures, advertising services, rendering technical support or owning an e-magazine. To meet the requirements of the different approaches there are different content management systems available, each having its own strength. Though there are a collection of content management systems available in the online marketplace, I’ve hand-picked the seven best content management systems of 2012 taking into consideration aspects like usability, features, plugins, and more.


Read more…

Pros and Cons of Free Blogging Services

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Weblogs could be used for recreational purposes or for serious minded business publicity and advertisement. They are basically online journals where users post stuff that relates to things that interest them. They can be owned or created by anyone who wants to create or have one. The delicacy of the matter lies in coming up with something interesting and different every time for your blog on a regular basis.


If you are not into the complicated procedures of designing a website for your regular posts and blogs you need not look too far. There are easy to use free blogging websites available on the web which has made creating a blog an easy task. All the challenging tasks including the HTML and web publishing is performed by the website that is providing you with the blogging facility. Read more…

20 Most Recommended Blogging Tools and Applications

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Which is the best tool you must use to enhance your blogging experience? In today’s fast changing Internet world, no matter you are a beginner or professional blogger, you should always keep yourself updated with the latest blogging tips, tricks and tools so that you won’t left behind by your competitors. We at have been consistently searching for something that’s truly beneficial to serious bloggers. Below we’ve recommended 20 hottest blogging tools to help you bring your blog to the next level.


Read more…

7 Tips: How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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Looking for some tips and tricks to encourage your visitors to make more comments on your blog? Look no further, here’s the post you must read. Undeniably, the number of comments received on your posts is one of the best ways to check the health of your blog readership. Having received sufficient amount of comments means that you’ve successfully built a good engagement and relationship with your readers. It will not only encourage your existing visitors return for lively discussion but also attract more new visitors to your blog.


Here are 7 useful tips you can use to get more comments for your blog posts. Any thoughts and suggestions, share with us in the comment box below. Read more…

55 Popular Websites and Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

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When it comes to website or blog promotion, there are many practices can be used to create your site awareness and get more traffic. Some of the common ways include blog commenting, guest posting, social media activities, RSS submissions, link exchange and many more. Today we will be focusing on guest blogging which can be seen on many popular blogs. Whether you agree or not, guest blogging is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways of getting yourself noticed and driving traffic towards your blog site. Being a guest blogger, you’ll enjoy many benefits if your guest post is accepted and published on high traffic blog. Every visitor reading your post will find out about you as a personal and your knowledge of the subject.


In most of the cases, guest blogs will include a small bio paragraph about you, the guest blogger and a link to your own site at the bottom of the page. This will not only drive traffic to your website but also give you a tremendous boost in your SEO strategy. Read more…

18 Infographics about Blogging and Blogosphere Every Bloggers Must Know

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The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community or as a social network in which everyday authors can publish their opinions. To help you better understand the interconnecting world of blogs, here’s a showcase of Top 18 infographics about blogging and blogosphere that every blogger should know. Through these masterpieces, you’ll not only enhance your knowledge about blog distribution, but also gain an insight into reader’s trends and blogging economy in a visually pleasing way.


We hope you’ll find these infographics useful and wish you have a successful blogging journey! Read more…