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Personality Traits of a Successful Blogger

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Blogger’s personality is the key to successful blogging. Observing top blogs and bloggers lets us define the most important personality traits that most successful bloggers share. See if you possess these qualities, because they will lead you along the road of blogging to the top.


None of successful bloggers got on top by luck or by occasion. Millions of blogs are out there today, but only a small percent of them are successful. It’s blogger’s personality that drives them up and leads their blogs to success. And what is most important, personality of bloggers is directly projected to their blogs.

A blog is a clear reflection of the blogger itself, with his or her good and bad traits. That’s why there are no two blogs alike as well as there are no two same people. All of them are unique with their own personal qualities. Yet there are some basic personal traits that most top bloggers share. That‘s what makes them successful as bloggers.

If you plan to be a popular blogger, make sure you possess these qualities:


Sense of Humor

I started from this trait intentionally. It is vitally important for a successful blog. There’s nothing worse than dry information listed in a blog post. But if you take the content and wrap it with some humor, it will shine in a new light for your readers. You can weave some jokes and anecdotes on a related topic, be sarcastic at some points, make pranks. Dissolve some amount of smile in your content and people will love it and share it willingly.


It is always good to be honest with your readers. At least because if they catch you on a lie, their trust will be lost forever. And blog is nothing without the reader’s trust. “To tell you the truth…”, “Frankly …”, “I will be honest with you” – phrases like these work to gain trust and attention. Besides it is a good way to shape some unpleasant information. “The truth is that everybody lies.” By being honest you show respect to your followers.


A good blogger is always inventive. It is almost impossible to keep people interested with the same old things. That’s why there is a need to invent something new all the time. New topics, new moves, new design. By copying the existing solutions, you will always be one step behind. That’s why invention is so important for a good blogger.

Smooth Temper

You know, testimonials and comments are not always pleasant. Far not all people will sing praises to you, your blog, and your content. There will always be someone to write that your blog or blog post sucks. That’s where you will enable your control and will not run into skirmish with your offender. “Never argue with an idiot, cause he’ll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience”.

Important note: If you have some response saying that “your post sucks because…” with a clear reason stated, you should consider it carefully. What if the bastard’s right?!


The way of a blogger to the top is never easy. There is always something disappointing. The key to success is to proceed no matter what happens. Find ways for improvements, make changes, build everything anew, but never give up! You must have a strong determination to be a successful blogger.


Readers of your blog must trust you as an authority. People want to be told what to do. The truth is that they expect a blogger to solve their problems. Don’t make suggestions, give clear directions. You must feel confident about what you are writing. Readers will trust you as they feel your confidence. Your opinion can be different from others in the same niche, you may even be wrong (and face that later), but you cannot afford any demonstration of doubt. Blogger must be an authority and a leader.


The best way to present any information is to tell a story. People love stories from the very childhood! They are simple and memorable. Tell people a story, make surprising and funny analogies, be intriguing. “Those who tell the stories rule the world”. Next time you read popular blogs, take note of how authors use stories in their blog posts.

Being Natural

Being natural is another part of gaining trust. If you read the top blogs, you’ll see that there is nothing like pedantic style. An exciting post makes an impression of listening, not reading. This makes readers feel that the author is addressing them directly.

But never sacrifice spelling, grammar, and punctuation. No matter how free and natural your writing is, it must always be orthographic. Otherwise readers will not take your words seriously, just ridiculously.


Successful blog always includes communication with your readers. Bloggers reply their followers and thus are constantly involved in dialogues. By their nature people are lazy and will always ask instead of finding out themselves. This deadly sin only plays into blogger’s hand.

Holding conversations with readers only raises trust and blog popularity. Also keep in mind that connections with real persons are worth much more than a large list of registered profiles and mailout. You don’t have to be extroverted, but never refuse a constructive talk.


Bloggers are curious. About everything, even about the things they will never write about. Maybe it is a matter of habit, because bloggers are constantly learning something new and are getting to know how things work. They spend countless hours to satisfy their pry.

Hint: If you want to provoke blogger’s interest, appeal to his or her curiosity, blurt out something extravagant and unexpected. It will surely distinguish you from thousands of other followers.


All top figures in blogosphere are totally passionate about the topic of their blog. They never get bored or have a lack of motivation. They absolutely love what they’re doing. And at the moment when passion and craft meet, an amazing blog appears. Without a true interest and passion to what you’re doing, you will not succeed in blogging.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. You won’t be wrong saying that patience is more important for start-up bloggers. But everybody had their first moves one day. It is impossible to wake up one morning suddenly as a top blogger. “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll).” Define a strategy and be patient, a way to top blogs takes time.

Now you see how personality affects blogging. The traits listed above are the most common for topmost bloggers, who gained popularity and acknowledgement. If by some awkward accident, you do not fully possess these qualities, work on them! You won’t regret it if you’re going to become a top blogger one day.

If you have noticed more personality traits that successful bloggers have in common, please share your observations in comments.

Author: Nick Sailor

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