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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Guest Post Submission Got Rejected

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The importance of a number of conventional link building strategies and techniques has been reduced with the introduction of Google Penguin and Google Panda. The marketing plans followed by expert link builders, SEOs and website owners have evolved with the arrival of new rules. Guest blogging has been incorporated amongst all of their key activities. You must have noticed an increase in the number of requests a serious blogger receives for publishing guest posts. In case you’re accepting guest posts on your business or personal blog, you may have experienced such a situation.


Guest posts worth real good quality have stopped coming of late. This may have happened due to the frequency of articles, concepts and guest post requests being considered for review. In an attempt to fulfill guest post link quotations, numerous freelancers, SEO professionals and link builders are searching for quality blogs. Every month some 10 to 25 guest posts are being published by a quality blogger, while in reality he is receiving more than 100 guest posts for review. Certain reasons may compel you to reject guest posts at large.

A blogger may reject the following types of guest posts


1. An email concerning guest blogging request matters a lot

You’re bound to come across a few guest bloggers that send emails requesting you to publish their posts. They may provide you with a small article worth 500 words and expect you to send a couple of back-links from within the body and the section about the author. It’s quite natural for you to avoid such emails. You must understand that the only intension of these bloggers is to earn back-links for their personal websites or client websites.

2. You are sharing guest posts on irrelevant subjects

The section of your blog that depicts guest-blogging guidelines must have mentioned the type of posts you’re willing to accept from your guests. Yet you might come across a number of bloggers that show up with posts that violate your guest posting guidelines. Topics on travelling destinations or health conditions aren’t expected to be published on a blog that invites topics on web hosting services, SEO and blogging tips.

3. Your guest post is reflecting multiple mistakes

You’ll often receive guest posts that haven’t undergone any proof-reading. A blog owner may not mind doing minor corrections here and there, especially if he’s interested in your topic. Still, you can’t expect him to spend much time rectifying too many mistakes in your post. This is one of the primary reasons behind guest post rejection.

4. Not backing your guest post with quality information

You may have shared a guest post without doing a small research. You may only expect a guest post to be published when it possesses updated data. Misinterpreting the comments posted by viewers or lack of vital statistics in support of your views might lead through rejection of your guest post.

5. You are requesting links carrying keywords to be added

Many blog owners choose to reject guest posts bearing back-links based on keywords. They will mention this point in their guest blogging guidelines. All guest post writers that forget to remove anchors based on keywords may find their posts to be rejected very soon. Most of the serious bloggers aren’t accepting such posts; they may only allow you to share your social media profile link within the body of your post.

6. Not abiding by the guest posting guidelines

These days the blog owners are reluctant to accept short guest posts. Apart from ensuring content quality, you’re also expected to write posts worth a certain length. Your guest post is not likely to be accepted by serious bloggers if it’s only about 400 to 500 words long. Blog owners usually accept guest posts that reflect new ideas or seem more diverse from contemporary bloggers. Their primary objective is to try and provide their target audience with something fresh and informative. You must read through the guest blogging guidelines carefully prior to submitting your guest post.

7. You are not addressing comments

Blog owners may not possess in-depth knowledge on posts that they accept from your end. Blog owners keep on accepting posts on multiple topics; the guest blogger may possess more knowledge on a particular topic and may even highlight specific issues regarding it. That’s why he is in a better position to address queries shared by viewers from time to time. Your guest posts will not be acknowledged if you develop a habit of not answering comments. You may find some of your posts to be deleted eventually.

8. You’re either indulging in self-promotion or linking to inferior or irrelevant websites

You can’t expect blog owners to acknowledge or accept your guest articles if you’re linking to irrelevant websites through the author bio or post content. Your guest post shouldn’t reflect too many links to your personal website; it simply loses its value in case it does.

You must try it the other way round. Initially, you may try linking the blog pages or posts belonging to the owner of your chosen blog. In your attempt to link other websites, you may try showing resource links or references of some informative websites.

9. Don’t Have Your Gravatar Account

Guest posting criteria of some blog owners make it mandatory for you to have a Gravatar account. Unless you have it, they will not publish your posts. You’re likely to come across a few live examples when you search online. A Gravatar account adds a human touch to your guest post, since it provides you with an opportunity to add your personal image. You must open an account on Gravatar before you submit your posts with these blogs.

10. Trying to draw attention by causing defamation

A number of guest posts are being submitted to your blog every day. The reasons mentioned above may compel you to say ‘no’ to these posts. A blog owner must clarify the reasons for rejecting a guest post and his criteria for publishing a guest post. Visitors may share their concerns and views regarding guest posting guidelines in your comments section.

Author: Alan Denny

Alan Denny is a guest post writer with a strong online presence around forums and blogs. His posts on digital marketing and development have earned him immense popularity in the recent times. Of late, he has started sharing his views across various online magazines and e-books.

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