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36 Awesome World Map Artworks for Your Inspiration

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When it comes to arts, everything can be reproduced to make it more interesting, meaningful and compelling, depending on one’s creativity. World map is no longer special to anyone, it can be found from the web as easy as tabbing Google Map app on your smartphone or tablet. However some creative artists, designers and photographers decided to give the world map a new look, making them amazingly beautiful, unique, and different from the standard maps we know. Some are digitally designed, painted, carved, and even spilled with coffee.


Here’s a showcase of 36 most amazing and interesting world map artworks that I’ve collected from the web. Don’t forget to save them as a source of inspiration or share with your friends for enjoyment. Personally, I like the carved apple as it caught my attention with its clean map image. How about you? Read more…

25 Drawings and Games Made With Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel has been a widely applied spreadsheet for calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, Visual Basic programming and other platforms. Sounds boring to you? May be you are much more familiar with this data organizing tool than I do. So let’s focus on the art and design side of it. In today’s post, we would like to showcase you 25 extremely cool artworks and games that are actually created using Microsoft Excel alone. We hope you’ll enjoy this awesome collection!


Read more…

30 Amazingly Oversized Objects You Haven’t Seen Before

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Have you seen fork taller than you? A basket that bigger than your house? A floppy disk that seems like it has hundred terabyte of storage? Or a mouse trap that can be used for trapping elephant? All these objects are hardly seen in our everyday life, but some talented artists are brave and creative enough, bringing these oversized objects to the reality.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Here we’ve collected 30 extraordinary objects that look too large to be true. So let’s take a break and enjoy our awesome photo collection. We hope these heavyweight objects will make you laugh all day long. Read more…

Amazing New iPhone Design and Features (Photos and Videos)

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Is iPhone the smartest phone in the world? While this question remains to be answered, but what we are so sure is that iPhone has become a benchmark for all other smartphones to compete with. Although there was no iPhone 5 launched in last year, instead Apple rolled out the iPhone 4S. The phone also known as iPhone for Steve as the Apple’s visionary co-founder has passed away the day after iPhone 4S was launched.


This year, Apple will be launching a total revision of the iPhone and the publication reports that Steve Jobs was closely involved with the development of the new iPhone. Most notably, he was overseeing the redesign of the phone right up until his death late last year. Read more…

40 Stunning Handmade Paper Artworks for Your Inspiration

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Paper art can be presented in a number of ways, from paper folding to book craving. The arts of folding, cutting, and shaping of paper were originated about a thousand year ago. They are usually showcased in the museums and exhibitions. Nowadays, paper art is considered to be one of the primary mediums for artistic expression. Instead of using blank A4 paper, many artists develop and improvise their ideas by using some unexpected materials and methods.


In today’s showcase, we would like to present 40 truly amazing and beautiful paper artworks that will make you Wow! These awesome art pieces are all hand-made by 13 talented artists. Enjoy! Read more…

35 Cool QR Code Artworks That Make You Say Wow

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QR Code (Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode that can be read quickly by a cell phone. In the recent years, the system has become very popular in many industries due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard barcodes. You can see the codes are being used in everywhere, in a magazine advert, a web page, on a billboard, or even on someone’s t-shirt. Once you scan the code by using your smart phone’s QR code reader, it gives you details about that business. It can even show you a link which you can click for a movie trailer or give you a coupon which you can use in a local outlet.


QR code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. However some talented designers have transformed this boring looking code into visually appealing designs. In today’s roundup, we bring you 35 very creative and beautiful QR codes for your enjoyment. You’ll be surprised that some of these colorful QR can be scanned for info too! Read more…

35 Global Warming Artworks to Create Public Awareness

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Global warming is a serious issue that all of us can’t afford to ignore. Our earth has been sending us warning messages as early as 19 century, and the signal is getting stronger. In the recent years, we can see increasing temperature in many countries, ice at the North Pole melted at an unprecedented rate, rising sea level, and the frequent occurrence of extreme weather conditions. If we continue to disrespect our earth, more dangers and complications will come to us for sure.


We, at, as an advocate of green and sustainability, would like to showcase 35 global warming related artworks. We hope these art pieces can help to increase public awareness about the plight of our mother earth. Read more…

40 Stunning and Beautiful Architecture Photography

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Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. It works in the material form of buildings and is often perceived as works of art. This form of art can be seen anywhere in our daily lives, so it’s a popular subject for photographers. In today’s article, we would like to present a showcase of beautiful and stunning architectural photography. These photos are taken from the best angle, with the right timing, settings and effects to achieve the most amazing shot of buildings. We hope these artworks can be your source of inspiration!


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20 Stunning Animated Images and Cinemagraphs Created by Dunken K Bliths (Part 2)

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You’ve probably heard that a picture says more than a thousand words, but what about animated image or cinemagraph? Last month, we’ve showcased 40 amazing animated photos created by Dunken K Bliths, a famous Google Plus user for his animated profile. These GIF masterpieces are more than a picture, but not quite a video. They are visually pleasing, eye catching, and very suitable for advertising purposes.


If our previous showcase of animated GIFs unable to satisfy your hunger for inspiration and creativity, here are another 20 awesome animated pictures that worth your attention too! Any comments or thoughts, please let us know in the comments section below. Read more…

35 Most Funny and Creative Facebook Timeline Covers (Part 2)

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In our previous post, we’ve showcased 40 creative Facebook Timeline designs and received tremendous response from our readers. Many of them shared their Timeline covers in the comments asking us to add them to the collection. To not disappoint our readers, we’ve decided to showcase another roundup of awesome Facebook Timeline covers, including some designs contributed by our readers. We hope you’ll enjoy this creative and inspirational post like the previous one.


Again, please feel free to share your Facebook Timeline design in the comment section below. We’ll definitely add your Timeline to the above collection if it successfully grabs our attention! Read more…

40 Amazing Animated Images and Cinemagraphs Created by Dunken K Bliths

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Similar to Facebook Timeline covers, Google Plus also allows users to tell their life story through the scrapbook images at the top of profile page. Instead of displaying ordinary images, many users play around with their profiles using animated images. Dunken K Bliths is a famous Google Plus user for his animated profile. He often posts updates with some cool animated images. The creator of animated GIF’s has also been known to produce animated profiles for people on Google+ and this venture can be found at and +Justbusiness.


In today’s roundup, we would like to showcase some of the most impressive animated images and cinemagraphs created by Dunken K Bliths for your enjoyment. We hope you’ll love this collection, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones and friends! Read more…

40 Amazingly Beautiful Nature and Landscapes Photography

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Are you a nature lover, nature photographer, or nature wallpaper collector? If you are, you will definitely love today’s collection. In our Earth, there are plethora scenes and places you must see at least once in your lifetime. Although many of us cannot physically visit all the beautiful places in the world, the good news is we can enjoy nature photography on the web that brings the beauty of nature.


Here’s a showcase of 40 breathtaking nature photographs taken around the world. In this amazing collection, you can find many photographs of mountains, waterfalls, forest, fields, etc. All of them are carefully collected from the web after having viewed more than thousand of nature images. We promise today’s showcase is one of the most stunning shots of nature photography collections you can find online. So, are you ready to be amazed? Check them out now! Read more…

50 Creative and Beautiful Logo Designs Created by Talented Designers

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Logos are commonly used for websites, commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals with the intention of promoting public recognition. Generally, logos can be divided into 3 categories which are symbolic, wordmark and combined mark. Regardless which one you choose, there’s no easy answer to the question of what type of logo design is the most effective and impressionable.


To design a memorable logo, you need creativity to make it stands out of the crowd. However that doesn’t mean the logo has to be complex and colorful. Sometimes a simple logo is good enough to impress people and speak a thousand words. Nike’s logo is the best example for this statement. Read more…

45 Extremely Funny and Creative Photo Manipulation Artworks

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Photo manipulation is one of the most popular applications of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception. Among all the photo editing tools in the market, Adobe Photoshop is probably the most commonly used software for this kind of work. Photoshop is not too easy to use, but its comprehensive and sophisticated features allow users to blend real photos with vibrant colors and digital painting to emphasize some beautiful details, which makes the software the best choice when it comes to photo manipulating jobs.


Here’s the showcase of 45 extremely funny and creative photo manipulated images from professional Photoshop artists around the world. We believe these masterpieces absolutely worth your attention and they can be used as the source of inspiration for your next design projects. Enjoy! Read more…

40 Astounding End of the World and Doomsday Inspired Artworks

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Hollywood has given us our share of apocalyptic movies in the past such as 2012, Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact and so on. Many of us may find these movies depressing especially 2012 which talks about Mayan prophecy that the world is going to reach the end of its run on December 21, 2012. In today’s roundup, we want to show you 40 astounding end of the world inspired artworks. These dark and gloomy masterpieces show you massive asteroid impacts, destroyed cities and deadly disasters which will make you worry about tomorrow.


With these doomsday-themed artworks, we hope you’ll live your life with an attitude of gratitude. Now, let us throw you a question: If the world will be ended tomorrow, what would you do today? Read more…