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How Structured Data Can Increase Your SERP Ranking

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Structured data of a website are used by the search engines for a long time to show a rich snippet on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Most of the webmasters find implementing structured data complex and time consuming at first sight, but applying it can definitely improve the website performance and rankings.


But prior to start exploring how structured data can help improving your site’s ranking, you need to know the meaning of structured data. I have divided its definition in two parts: Read more…

8 Check Points Why Your Website Needs to be Redesigned

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Designing a website is the most important need of your business these days. But how long you can survive on the internet with the similar website? It is not like once you have designed your website and you are done. A website and internet marketing requires proper attention and should be updated on regular basis to make your visitors visit you often.


After reading this now recall how long it has been when you last updated your website? The average time you need to upgrade your website is 5 or 6 months but mainly it depends upon the type of services you are dealing into. With the advent of technology and changing trends you need to upgrade your website almost every month. Every time you check out for some latest trends you find a list of things and then you start finding the loopholes within your website. Read more…

3 Latest & Effective SEO Tips You Must Know

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In the past few years, Google has made a number of meaningful changes to its search algorithms in order to supply people with better content. Though older search engines focused on keyword optimization and the volume of content a site was producing, Google’s new algorithms prioritize user-friendly websites that create their own original content and publish lengthy, well-researched articles.


Google’s changes to its search algorithms have inspired a new wave of search engine optimization strategies. In addition to being concerned with quality more than quantity, modern search algorithms also take social media presence into account as well as the overall design and usability of a site. As a result, content marketing, web design, and social media marketing have become crucial components of current SEO practices. Read more…

6 Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Service Providers

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I believe most of the website owners or bloggers have ever considered hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm to perform various online marketing services for their website. This is especially true when the websites or blogs experienced a drastic drop in web traffic due to impacts like Google Panda and Google Penguin. Some new websites that struggled to take their web traffic to the next level after certain period of time will also desperately ask for help from SEO service providers.


Now here’s a question. How can every SEO Internet marketer promise each of their clients to show up on the first page of Google natural search results? Well my answer is that some can deliver while the others can’t. And that’s the reason why I write this article sharing 6 valuable tips to help you make the right decision when hiring a SEO company. Read more…

How to Increase E-Commerce Website Operability

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The number of people who buy online is on an incredible rising streak. While this is the high-peak shopping season, right between the Black Friday and Christmas, online shopping has been one of the fastest growing parts of the Internet market for years. The Internet is moving forwards in a divergent way and the quantity of options available on the global network is becoming more and more unbelievable.

increase-ecommerce- website-operability

Purchasing things online is not just another craze, but a serious field of economy where billions of dollars are spent on a yearly basis. It is not only the Americans and the Western world that indulge in buying things via online shopping services, but Asia is also in the middle of an unparalleled growth in when it comes to purchasing through online stores. And the most important thing to take care of when something sales like hot cakes is make sure it flows seamlessly. This is where the operability of an e-commerce website comes to light. Read more…

5 Tips for Taking Your Company Website Mobile and Creating Apps

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These days, simply having a website isn’t enough. With the growing popularity of mobile web browsing, your site has to work on a wide range of devices. But doing mobile the wrong way can actually frustrate visitors even more than a regular site and drive traffic (and sales) away.


Many companies enjoy the success of mobile apps and sites when they allow customers to make purchases directly from their phone or mobile device. If you also want to enjoy this success, you must ensure that you avoid the common mistakes that companies often make when first going mobile. Read on for a few tips that will help make your site mobile-friendly, and bring your business to a broader audience. Read more…

Content Management Systems Vs. Website Builders

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For anyone new to building and running websites, one of the most challenging aspects will be getting used to all of the new terminology and deciphering what each word or phrase means with regards to what you are trying to do. Two such phrases that you’ll likely hear thrown around a lot are “content management systems” and “site builders”. While there aren’t too many “definition” tutorials out there about the differences between content management systems and site builders, advice articles about building your own website will still use the words and expect you to know what they mean.


To help you with this, we’ve put together everything that you need to know about site builders vs. content management systems, all here in one place. Let’s get started! Read more…

How to Create Wholesale Solution with Magento E-Commerce

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Creating a wholesale solution with Magento E-Commerce is not as complex as it seems. While very powerful, some people have been holding back thinking that it is very complicated but really the process is not that difficult.


Read more…

10 Tips: How to Create an User Friendly and Attractive Website

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In today’s global, tech-savvy world, a website is mandatory for almost any type of organization. Having a website is the easiest way to promote your business and increase attention of your online visitors. However what if your website is not that much attractive which can motivate a visitor to become your customer? If you don’t know exactly what should be there on a website, you will easily end up with a useless tool that will likely to cost you a lot of time and waste of resources.


The Web is growing every day and your competitors are getting smarter. A key law of marketing is to differentiate yourself from your savvy competitors. If you’re in an industry which has lots of vendor choices, then you have to ask to yourself how you can make your company get noticed, stand out, and attract attention of your target market. Read more…

Best Tips and Tricks to Configure Magento for Development

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Anyone who is new to Magento needs to figure out how to set it up properly but fortunately configuring Magento for development is not that difficult. Keep in mind that these tips only apply if the application has been installed.


Read more…

Top Tips to Use Google Analytics for SEO Purposes

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You may not realize but Google Analytics is an extremely valuable resource that can help you immensely in your SEO efforts. Understanding Google Analytics and using it for SEO purposes can ensure that you optimize your website and get great rankings for the same. However, most of the business owners may not realize the power of the customization features that Google Analytics offers. If you are one of the business owners who is not fully aware of the features of Google Analytics and its ability to transform and guide your website to get ranked better on search engines, you must contemplate signing up with a company offering SEO services.


However, there are some basic tips and guidelines that can be used to keep track of the organic traffic and take corrective steps if needed. The Google Analytics tool is an extremely versatile tool catering to the various SEO needs of the people. You get insights into the number of visitors that are engaging in your content and your website. Besides, using this free analytics tool also enables you to build reports that are customized as per your needs. It is a time saving procedure and a detailed report can be created within minutes. Given below are some resourceful tips that can be incorporated when using Google Analytics for maximum benefit. Read more…

How Not to Let the High Bounce Rate Murder Your Blog

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If you are one of those bloggers already well-versed with the understanding of bounce rate, there is a good chance you are making every attempt to keep it as low as possible for your blog. However, if you are blissfully unaware of this term, you aren’t doing your blog a good service. And if you have been constantly bothered by the high bounce rate on your blog, and have no inking how to reduce it, the following sermon is just for you.


Read more…

Healthy SEO Techniques That Every Web Developers Should Know

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You could have known well about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in order to perform it in an ethical way, most of the SEO agency needs the help of external web developers who works as an in-house developers or from other web developing companies.


The knowledge of SEO analysts may range from basic to advanced, but it is necessary for every web developers to know at least the basic healthy SEO techniques. Go through this as it would definitely help you to know the basic elements. SEO can be classified into Technical SEO and On site SEO. Read more…

Top 5 PHP Web Development Trends that Created Waves in 2013

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The need for developing customized web applications and mobile applications has encouraged entrepreneurs to switch to different web development and mobile app development platforms. There’s been a sudden outburst of web development tools that weren’t in use in the previous years.


Scripting is considered to be the root of every web development service and hence it becomes vital to choose a scripting language that aids in the development of web applications that’re capable of fulfilling the varied requirements of the client. PHP has become one of the most widely used scripting language that’s been utilized for developing web applications, that rank high on quality and usability scale. Read more…

Latest SEO Trends that Every Marketer Must Know

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It looks like as soon as we try to wrap our head on the Google’s latest update on its algorithm, another release will come into the world changing the game. And it is necessary for the people who are involved in the field of SEO must be well known about the updates as soon as it is launched. They should be up-to-date about the happenings all around the world of search engine optimization.


The SEO analysts must have in finger tips about the latest trends and updates in order to understand how the search engine ranks the content and the search engine marketers must recognize the high level trends which drive success marketing campaign. Read more…