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15 Amazing Facebook City Guides Features You Must Use

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Facebook has always remained ahead in terms of innovating. This is why it keeps on coming up with new features every now and then to facilitate its users. In a similar vein, Facebook recently introduced ‘City Guides’, a feature that enables its users to plan their vacations in a more organized manner.


Lets go through some of the characteristics of ‘City Guides’, so that you can effectively use it to your advantage, and plan the perfect vacation for yourself and your loved ones. Read on to find out more.


1. Helping you in choosing a destination for your next vacation

Facebook ‘City Guides’ lets you view the places many of your friends have visited. It does so by compiling data from check-ins and other sources. You can use this information to your advantage, and pick a destination that has been visited by a friend having similar interests as you.

2. Enabling you go get more information on a destination of your choice

As soon as you have narrowed down a tourist spot for yourself, you can get more information on it through Facebook. This is possible because ‘City Guides’ lists each place along with bubbles carrying photos of all your friends who have been there. You can get in touch with one of them directly, and gather all the details that you need. This will also help you in connecting with old friends, or those you have lost touch with.

3. Displaying relevant information regarding the local conditions of your destination

Once you have selected a place from the list, you can know all about its local conditions, such as weather and time. This is quite useful, as you can pack and make plans accordingly.

4. Displaying a list of local tourist spots to visit


Using this feature, you can also compile a list of local tourist spots that you do not want to miss out on. This way, you can have an organized schedule, and look forward to something new each day of your vacation.

5. Presenting a list of places to eat

Another important use of ‘City Guides’ is that it gives you a list of restaurants, cafes, and other dine-out places that your friends have been to in the city of your choosing. Using this information, you can narrow down the eateries you want to visit, and make a list of them so that you don’t leave out a single spot while you’re there.

6. Providing a timeline of upcoming events


Whenever you visit some place new, you always want to do something exciting. However, not many people are well-acquainted with the city that they visit, which is why they do not know much about what’s happening around. But with ‘City Guides’, you can know of all the upcoming events in the city, and choose to attend the ones that interest you. It is always good to stay on top of things, so that you can make the most out of your vacation.

7. Letting you in on what the locals like

This new feature does not leave out anything, as it also lets you know of all the places that are popular within the local community. These may include eateries, entertainment centres, places of historical significance, scenic spots, etc. Using this listing, you can include some of these popular places within your schedule as well.

8. Displaying reviews of local places


This is another advantage of ‘City Guides’: it gives you a general picture of what other people like about a particular place. For instance, it might say about a café that the locals like its pizzas and gelato. This will help you in making informed decisions.

9. Allowing you to bookmark all the local places that you are interested in

This is very important, as you can always come back to this saved data. Normally, planning a vacation takes time, and you can bookmark all the places that interest you, so that you can include them in your schedule later on.

10. Letting you make a bucket list of all the cities/countries that you want to visit

Using ‘City Guides’, you can also compile a list of all the cities/countries that you want to visit. This is possible because in addition to bookmarking local places, you can do the same with cities. This way, you can check off places from your list as you visit them, and feel good about yourself.

11. Making your vacation even better

You can also use this feature while on a vacation. The listings keep getting updated with newer reviews and upcoming events, and you can use them to make your time more productive in the city/country of your choice.

12. Helping you in connecting with friends


While you are in a particular city, you can also meet up with friends who are there already. By getting to know of all the upcoming events, you can coordinate with your friends who live in the vicinity and are also interested in what you are.

13. Letting you make reservations at your favourite place

Facebook lets you make bookings, which is quite an advantage. Once you have decided on the places that you want to visit using the listings from ‘City Guides’, you can book a spot for yourself using Facebook. How cool is that?

14. Including all the major cities/countries in the world

Since the feature is still in its testing phase, it is a big deal that it includes all the major cities/countries of the world. Consequently, you can easily plan a trip to a city like London, or maybe Berlin. Get these well-known places off your list before heading towards lesser-known locations.

15. Being quite user-friendly

Given that Facebook has such a large user base, its features are quite easy to use. This is why ‘City Guides’ is very simple in its functions, and all of its tabs are self-explanatory. So what are you waiting for? Just click on ‘City Guides’ under the explore tab, and start planning your dream vacation.

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