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15 Amazing Smartphone Innovations You May See in The Future

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Smartphones are an essential component of our daily lives, being the most convenient device of today. With the growing technological advancements, it is becoming better and better. A smartphone is unlike the other cellular phones; it is more like a mini pocket computer. The importance of a smartphone is increasing day by day with the need of more advancements yet handy and easy to carry. The entire world is going towards technological changes and requires a unique combination of modern features in a single pocket device.


No matter where we are, either at home, in a market, or at the office, smartphones are expanding our capabilities and giving us a vast variety of options to solve our problems promptly. The smartphones today have been doing most of our routine works within a second that earlier use to take hours. The fast networking systems, useful applications, social networking and other productive features are making it rise higher and higher. Despite several features that already exists, yet it is the start of the story.

The upcoming years are going to bring more technological advancements making this smartphone from a device to more like a human. The next years have been predicted for latest tech innovations in the smartphone. Let’s discuss these.

1. Flexible and Bending Screens

It is soon expected to have flexible screens on a smartphone. There will be soon a time where smartphones can provide large screens, movable and flexible. Moreover, it can be folded, unfolded and bent too.


The OLED technology that is an organic light emitting diode technology re-light emitting panels made from organic (carbon-based) materials that emit light when electricity is applied. OLED are used today to make beautiful and efficient displays and large, effective and beautiful lighting panels.

So most likely, the smartphones in the upcoming years will have an OLED technology to keep the screen flexible. It would give a good user experience while watching movies or playing games. LG’s G Flex and Samsung’s Galaxy Round were the first phones to bring this innovation to the people and now more to come. Wait for it.

2. Wearable Smartphone


The next technology lined up in the bridge of technology innovation is wearable smartphones. So far, we are aware of smart watches. Soon we might be able to wear smartphones in the form of a smart belt, smart gloves, and smart glasses or may be smart shoes.

3. Voice Commands


We are quite aware of voice commands on smartphones. Get ready to replace your touch controls with voice commands. The smartphones are predicted to operate solely on sound because of their virtual presence. If you are thinking ‘where’s the screen?’ it could be where you want, either in front of your eyes or in any other form accessories you carry.

4. Contact Lens


The next advancement after smart glasses could be of the smart contact lens. No need to wear glasses, gloves or shoes. Just a pill-sized lens would work it all for you. A smart contact lens is going to offer a device-free experience to display messages, web pages, directions and video right in front of your eye. With the use of nanotechnology, robots small enough to fit on a contact lens will be built to wear smart lens instead of carrying smartphones.

5. IRIS Scanner


The latest technology of IRIS Scanner is now there on in Samsung Galaxy Note 7, soon to come in nearly all smartphones. The unique shape of your eye has to be recognized so you can be positively identified. There’ll be two stages of the iris scanning, one of enrolling your eyes; the second is recognition when you unlock your phones with your eyes.

So no more, pin, pattern or passwords locks. Accessing becomes easy by just looking at your smartphone. As the name itself suggest, the smartphone is now actually going to work more smartly.

6. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by augmenting what we see, hear, feel and smell. Shortly, this technology is going to make a significant move for a smartphone. So far, we were just able to track locations or finds nearby places, but it is predicted that the image we capture from our camera will locate the nearby places or things with the use of built-in sensors.


The computer generated enhancements will get linked to our real life giving it a meaningful look with the use of augmented reality. Use your camera on the phone to see the nearby locations right on your screen within the image. No more searching for nearby places, just open your camera, and you will be notified with the closest restaurants, malls, salons, cafes, etc.

7. Long Lasting Batteries

No more worries for charging your phones daily. The new smartphones in the upcoming years will have long lasting batteries needless to charge daily. Put out all the power banks from your pockets. A flexible smartphone with a high battery life is going to make your life easier and smarter.

The backscattering technology is likely to become a feature of all smartphones. Ambient Backscatter transforms the existing wireless signals into both a power source and a communication medium. It enables two battery-free devices to interconnect by backscattering existing wireless signals. So, you will never be getting ending battery life as your smartphone will continuously charge with the wireless signals you get from your nearby devices.

8. Wireless Charging

Many smartphones and tablets have a feature of wireless charging. Why not all smartphones? Why are still smartphones being charged with cables?


It will soon be implemented that all smartphones will have a feature of wireless charging. Moreover, you may no longer have to check that which wireless charger to choose; the wireless charger would not be particular. In fact, it would be standard for all and would be capable of fast charging at around 4A, unlike the existing ones that give a range of 2A.

9. Non-Hack able Smartphones

In addition to waterproof, and glass proof features of smartphones, non-hack able smartphones are on their way. A hope of having a quiet lifestyle and without any worries of getting traced unofficially is soon to come.

10. Keys to Everything

Within a short span of time, your smartphones will become your keys to everything. From paying your bills via a credit card to opening a hotel room, your smartphone will all do it for you. You will be relaxed even if you do not carry your essentials in your wallet. A screen right in front of you will do all your check-ins and check-outs.

11. Visual Transmission

The visuals we see would easily be transferred into our smartphones needless to type and search. The near future is going to be a smart world with smartphones.

12. Smart Gadgets

By 2018, you may get more gadgets than just a smartwatch, either it could be smart shoes, smart belt, a designed watch, a button or clips of your clothes. Get prepared, time to play hide and seek using your smartphones, and to keep the worries far aside from getting it snatched.


You would view data on a variety of screens that wirelessly connect to your smartphone, whether it is smart glasses, like Google Glass, or a heads-up display in your car or any virtual screen in front of your eyes.

13. Contextual Intelligence

Our minds have the capacity to understand, function and respond to changing contexts in our surroundings or situation. It is a mental process that triggers our minds to make decisions on behalf of the context that is our environment.

Smartphones in the upcoming years are going to have practical intelligence sensors. The sensors will work before our minds get triggered. The quick sensors of the smartphone will sense the environmental situations and saved information and will come with decisions before us.

Using contextual intelligence technology, the smartphone will do it all for us from selecting a dress for an event to dining to the restaurant you want and much more before your minds responds.

14. Fast Network Connections

For the quick sensors & augmented reality to work, fast and endless network speed is too on its way. Say bye to broken connections or buffering.

15. No more Wi-Fi

The upcoming smartphones will not be needing Wi-Fi to use internet or transfer data. It will be a time of Li-Fi which is Light Fidelity. The Li-Fi has a photo-detector to receive light signals and a signal processing element to transform the data into ‘stream-able’ content.

Get ready for the smartphones with Li-FI with higher speeds than Wi-Fi without any interference.

Wrap Up

Technological advancements are going to take place in near future, wait for it. Life is going to become smarter and flexible.

Author: Michael Kamm

Michael Kamm is a Marketing Manager at Invictus Studio, a professional logo design company in Dallas, Texas. He has been doing digital marketing for past three years. He has vast experience in blogging and marketing, and his work reflects a deep insight of the marketing tactics of the present world.

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