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15 Awesome Solar Powered Gadgets You Must Try Out

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You’re probably underestimating the power of the sun. Even if it’s the most environmentally friendly source of energy, solar energy is still not used as effectively as it could be. However, a growing number of companies is experimenting with solar energy and developing some incredibly impressive innovations.


Here are 15 amazing solar powered gadgets you simply have to try out.

1. Solarmonkey Charger


This solar phone charger is an amazing addition to your gear because you will be able to charge all your phones while you’re out camping or when in a place where you don’t have access to power. You can strap this waterproof charger to your backpack and head out to your adventure. The charger takes around eight hours to charge fully and thanks to an internal battery, it can help charge two or even three smartphones. The charger comes with five different adapter tips to help you charge any device.

2. Lightcap 200


That clever gadget can transform any water bottle into a solar lantern, provided it has a 51 mm internal diameter opening. Carry around that water bottle in your backpack and set it out in the sun while you’re busy taking pictures of the amazing views. The bottle is equipped with an auto daylight sensor so it won’t turn on while you’re gone. Once the sun sets, the bottle will light up with four bright LED lights to give you some light at your campsite.

3. Earl Tablet


That tablet is simply perfect for outdoors. If you’d like to get some directions or find out the weather forecast, you might need a device at your side. But what happens if you can’t get a signal? That’s when Earl tablet comes in. Thanks to its GPS chipset, the tablet will provide you with location, elevation data, as well as directions. VHF and UHF transceivers allow to connect to both analog and digital radio frequencies. Thanks to a solar panel, the tablet works up to 20 hours after just five hours of exposure to the sunlight.

4. Ion5 Toothbrush


Take that toothbrush if you don’t want to drag along your electric toothbrush on your next adventure. All you need is some water and sun, and the tooth brush battery will equip you with negatively charged ions that will break down the plaque and tartar, killing all the bacteria on your teeth and gums.

5. Logitech Keyboard


This solar powered keyboard allows to carry on your work wherever you are. You can hook it up to your device through Bluetooth and easily type all your critical emails. The keyboard doesn’t need direct sunlight to power up and normal ambient light will keep it running.

6. Solar Car Battery Charger


Nothing ruins a trip like an electric car battery dying. To make sure that your battery is always charged and ready to start whenever you need to take off, you can clip this charger directly to your battery or plug it to your cigarette lighter plug and locate the solar panel on your dashboard.

7. WakaWaka Power


An alternative solar powered phone charger, WakaWaka charger needs 12 hours in the sun to build a full charge. And once it is fully charged, it can power 1.3 smart phones, a reader, and three MP3 players. Your iPhone 5s can be charged in just two hours.

8. Solar Backpacks


BirkSun and Eclipse are two of the few companies that produce solar backpacks. Solar backpacks might not be very stylish, but they are equipped with a lot of technology. The thin-film solar modules that are attached to the outside of the backpacks provide power in the range of around 4 Watts, allowing you to charge tablets, cameras, and phones without breaking a sweat.

9. Moser Lamps


These lamps were created by Alfred Moser and they are basically plastic bottles filled with water and bleach. When you install them in the roof of the house, the lamps produce light that might be stronger than some light bulbs. Sunlight refracts through the bottles, making them glow like lamps and provide a renewable source of light – perfect if you’re into DIY.

10. Solar-Powered Tents


The engineering company Kaleidoscope joined the telecommunications giant Orange to create a brand-new idea for a tent that powers mobile devices and itself. The solar power tent features three banks of photovoltaic cells and fits 4 people. It soaks up the sunlight during the day and illuminates itself at night. You can even gather surplus energy for sound equipment or vendor carts.

11. Solio Charger


Another smart charger, this special gadget shaped like a flower will help you charge tablets, phones, and other devices at the same time. You can connect a regular USB charging cable to it and easily charge several devices with solar power.

12. Organic Transit ELF


The vehicle is like a cross between an electric car and a bicycle with a solar panel on its roof and lightweight aluminum frame. It can speed to about 20 mph and go over 50 miles on a single charge. You can charge it by plugging it in or putting its solar panels to work. And even if the energy is completely drained, you can always pedal it like a bike.

13. Solar Shingles


Many people don’t want to install bulky solar panels on their houses. If you’d like your home to be more environmentally friendly, but still look great, you’ll appreciate the sleek look of the Dow Powerhouse solar shingles. They’re basically miniature panels that contain photovoltaic cells. They lie flat like regular shingles and provide the same weather protection while generating energy. According to the Scientific American, homeowners could save from 40 to 70% of their electric bills thanks to such solar shingles.

14. Rock Out 2 Speaker


This fantastic solar rechargeable speaker is just perfect when you’d like to play music in a location that doesn’t have electricity access. The speaker offers 10 hours of music on a single charge, and needs around 8 hours in the sun The lithium battery will provide you with power even after the sunset. You can play music through a simple Bluetooth connection or turn the device into a speakerphone with a microphone. Both the outer shell of the speaker and the solar panels are waterproof so it’s a perfect beach accessory.

15. Solar Bike Lock


Skylock is easily one of the most futuristic bike accessories available. The solar panel provides enough power for an entire week after only one hour of charging. The lock uses Bluetooth technology so owners can unlock their bikes with their smartphones. It also features plenty of security functionalities that alert people if their bike is being tampered with.

Try one of these 15 amazing solar powered gadgets to promote environmentally friendly innovations and show others that the power of the sun should not be underestimated.

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