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20 Most Futuristic Voice-Controlled Gadgets

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Gadgets are getting smarter day by day with the advent of digital revolution clubbed with innovative research on Internet of things. Gadgets in our life means more than an electronic device as we are highly dependent on them to get connected to the world and smoothly manage our lifestyle with it. From household automation to being connected to the world via smart phones we are making our device more intelligent and smart, leveraging on the surplus benefits of Internet connectivity.


Every new launch of a new gadget surprises us with whole bunch of innovative features that enables us to control objects digitally via remote and wireless. Even we can control them with our voice and make them work according to our requirements sounds good, how cool the life would become being occupied with such Amazing Voice-Controlled Gadgets. The best part of these gadgets makes them fully controlled and functional by human touch, specific gestures and voice.

Today I will check out some of the best innovative tech gadgets that are easily accessed by the sound of the voice. Our tour into the specialties of these voice controlled gadgets range from rarest innovative device to unthought-of gadgets.



Homey is a speech controlled home automation that allows you to voice control your things at home so that you can effectively control everything from lights, music, home temperature to commanding TV. This seems to be a part of science fiction movie when you have your favorite music stream, lights glows, home temperature set as per convenience at the command of your voice.


Ivee is a smart voice activated assistant to manage home connected devices by giving verbal command. It connects to Wi Fi network and controls home connected devices through voice control. You can set reminders and voice command fetches live Internet content.

Amazon Echo

This smart device gets connected to Wi-Fi becomes ready to voice command with the wake word Alexa that can be customized. Its Bluetooth enabled feature functions include playing music, controlling smart devices and question answering.



Cubic robotics is a single and cross platform digital assistant controlling devices, apps and services from anywhere with voice command. You can control home temperature, turn off lights and lock doors just by speaking to it.

Cybertecture Mirror

Connected wirelessly to internet, magic mirror is way far from traditional mirror as its smart enough to watch TV, play music, read news and check face book using voice command and gesture.

Smart Knife


Electrolux’s smart kitchen knife is touch screen, rechargeable knife giving nutritional value details of your food. It comes in two variants touch screen and voice enabled.

Skully Smart Helmet


Meant for a safer motorcycle ride the helmet features voice controlled heads-up display system with GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, a full 180-degree rear view camera.

Vocca Smart Light


Vocca light smart gadget attached to the bulb socket can turn any light bulb into a voice activated to switch lights off and on, can be sync with mobile app to control light with your voice.

Listnr Listening Assistant

It is functional to react to sounds like music, knocks, claps and even your voice. It will analyze and recognize 4 types of expressions, and send notifications to your phone.

Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat

You can voice control your home temperature as per your convenience with Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat that can equally sync with smart phone, tablet or computer system.

Sony Smart Watch3

This smart watch is functional through voice control as it assists you with weather details, connecting online, giving directions information at the command of your voice.

Samsung Smart TV
The remote controlled TV is a thing of the past as the voice controlled TV is craze of the time. Smart TV offers web browsing, turning On and Off and freedom to change channels at the command of the voice.


The Ubi is a voice-controlled computer that connects to Internet through Wi-Fi and allows setting alarms and appointment reminders, play music, emailing, calling friends, and easily monitoring all the activities around your home.

Moto Hint

A smart phone that is powered by net enabled mobile apps, can control virtual activities but there is more with Moto Hint, a voice enabled ear bud from Motorola that can control a smart phone through voice command.


Earity is an earbud that is wireless voice controlled reducing distraction in driving as it informs you of the name of the person in the incoming call on the phone so that you can voice command to make your choice to accept or reject phone by saying “yes” or “no”.

speeCup Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The speeCup is a portable Bluetooth speaker that functions through voice controlled as it recognizes human gesture control to play music as desired and also functions as a handsfree speakerphone in your car.

LG Vacuum Cleaner
Have you ever thought of a vacuum cleaner that works on your voice command this is materialized with LG vacuum cleaner that can be ordered to clean.

GPS Tracker Phone
GPS voice enabled cell phone for dogs is based on GPS Technology to trace your pet with automatic notifications about their movement.



Navdy features accelerometer, e-compass connects with Bluetooth and sync with your iPhone or Android phone as it provides easy-to-read direction and phone navigation information on transparent head up display. You can effectively connect to social media as you ask Navdy to compose tweet with voice commands.

Talking Coffee Maker
This one is voice-interactive coffee maker that makes coffee at your command. So morning seem to become more comfortable to enjoy a cup of coffee at the command of the voice.

Life is becoming easy with new gadgets ready to serve us at the command of our voice. Tech gadgets are getting sophisticated each day with new research in the field of Internet of things and artificial intelligence. More kudos must go to the technical innovator for making device smarter to follow our commands as our day–to-day activities are enlivened by such sophisticated masterpiece.

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