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15 Popular Selfie Apps to Take Perfect self-Portrait Photographs

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Do you know that ‘Selfie’ is named as Oxford Dictionaries word of the year in 2013? Selfie means a photo that one has taken of oneself with smartphone and share to social media.


With the rise of smartphone and social media in the recent years, the ‘selfie’ trend has quickly spread to every corner of the world. When you check out your friends’ status updates on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it’s not difficult to find many of them like taking their self-portrait pictures with a new outfit, a cool hairstyle or while enjoying a delightful dinner. Moreover many celebrities regularly post their selfies on social profiles and successfully attracted a huge community of fans and followers.

So if you are selfie addict, then you should not miss out this post. Below we’ve compiled a list of cool selfie and camera apps for taking a perfect self-portrait picture!

GoCam | iOS app


GoCam is believed to be the first camera app on the market with touchless photo snapping and video recording features. The free camera app, available for iOS devices, was developed by Swedish tech start-up. It’s especially handy for capturing ‘selfie’ with an easy hand gesture. Photos can be captured from a distance of up to 3m, which make it ideal for taking ‘groupies’ as well.

In addition to that, GoCam also equipped with various filters and photo editors for you to touch up the photos before sharing them on your social networks.

YouCam Perfect | iOS app | Android app


YouCam Perfect offers a variety of photo editing and makeover tools to beautify your face at the moment you take a ‘selfie’. The app’s real-time beautifying effects make your look perfect in every frame. You may apply stylish effects in camera preview mode before photos are snapped.

With YouCam Perfect you can edit your eyes, brighten your skin, remove wrinkles, reshape your face and even perfect your body shape within few steps. Additionally the app also supports short video selfie for iPhone 5 and above.

Aviary | iOS app | Android app


Aviary gives you a quick and easy way to edit your photos. In addition to its intuitive interface, it provides wide range of image touch-up tools for you to apply photo effects and frames, add fun stickers, adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation, and even create your own memes.

Aviary is also great for touching up selfie photo with redeye, blemish removal, teeth whitening, etc. The app makes it very easy to share your ‘selfie’ to Intagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Frontback | iOS app | Android app


This cool camera app enables you to capture photos with the front and rear cameras at the same time and share it in a single image. With Frontback’s real-time photo feeds, you can explore all the recent and popular photos posted around the world. Another feature called Frontback React lets you interact with friends by posting a photo or 5 seconds video reaction.

Shots | iOS app | Android app


Shots is one of the fastest growing selfie photo sharing app. With Shots, you can take ‘selfie’ photo and post it on this social platform instantly. You can also reply to any photos, and send private messages to friends. However the app restricts users from posting previously taken photos.

Facetune | iOS app | Android app


Facetune is another fun yet powerful selfie editing app. It allows you to re-touch and apply artistic flair to your selfies easily such as refine your smile, brighten your teeth, smoothen your skin, remove imperfections like pimples and blemishes as well as change your eyes color.

Also you can apply customizable filters to the entire photo or to specific areas. Once you’ve done the photo editing, Facetune lets you instantly share it with friends across multiple social media.

Pocketbooth | iOS app | Android app


Pocketbooth turns your smartphone into a vintage photobooth. The app lets you take a series of photos within seconds to create a cool photo strips. The app is perfect for spontaneous selfie and groupie. Pocketbooth also make sharing an ease, with a few taps you can share your photo strips to your favourite social media or send by email.
Additionally, the app comes with a number of photo effects, paper types and border styles for you to apply on the photo strips.

SnapDash | iOS app
If you want to make your ‘selfie’ more interesting, why not try SnapDash to turn your casual self-portrait photo into a game? The app randomly tells you how to pose and you only have few seconds to do it before the shutter snaps. You can then share the photos to your friends and challenge them to be more creative.

Selfie Cam | iOS app


As the name implies, Selfie Cam is an easy-to-use selfie app that let you snap, decorate, edit and share your self-portrait photo. Some of the useful camera features include smile activated timer, Flash mode selection, 1:1 / 3:4 image ratio options, 3×3 grid and more.

Picr | iOS app
If you like to watch those timelapse videos on Youtube, then Picr is the camera app you must check out. What this ‘selfie diary’ app does is that it reminds you to snap photo at a specific interval (eg. every day, every week, every month, etc.), then stiches the photos together to make a timelapse video. In addition to that you can customize the video by adding text and music.

MomentCam Caricatures | iOS app | Android app


MomentCam is a cool app you should not miss out. It magically transforms your selfie photo into a cartoon character. You can also edit your face by adding some funny beards, glasses and hilarious expressions. Don’t forget to share it with friends on social media sites to surprise them.

Selfie Photo Editor | iOS app
Another photo editing app specifically designed for selfie lovers. It helps you to analyze your face and suggest necessary makeup and alternations. With the app you can whiten your skin, add blush, enlarge your eyes, plumps your lips, enhance your hair and many more. Other than that, you can apply fun filters, borders and texts.

Snapchat | iOS app | Android app
SnapChat is a fun photo sharing app that allows you to snap a photo or video, add a caption then share it with your friends. What makes the app so special is that it makes the photo disappear after recipients viewing it, unless they snap a screenshot.

Everyday | iOS app


Everyday is similar to Picr. With the app it reminds you to snap a photo of yourself every day. After a period of time, you can gather all the photos and make a time lapse movie to see how your face changes over time. To create a better video, when taking photo you should line up your face with an adjustable grid or use an overlay of your previously taken photo.

Selfiegram | iOS app
The way Selfiegram works is easy, it lets you take multiple selffies and put them together in a single picture. The app is ideal for showing off your comic talents or just being cute.


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