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20 Spam Call Blocker and Spam SMS Blocking Apps

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In this time and age, we are lucky to avail many technological conveniences and mobile technology is one of them. Today, we can call anyone at the tap of a finger or download apps to help us find routes or locate a place. However, there are also certain glitches that come with advancement in mobile technology.


Spam calls and text messages are two of the common forms of this type of technology. They can be a headache some and let others intrude into our privacy. However, there are several apps that can be downloaded to alert you of a scam call so that you can prevent any privacy invasion. Some of them deserve a mention here:

1. Should I Answer?


Sometimes you are unsure whether to answer an unknown number. It could be important, or it could be an invasion of privacy. It gives you a growing compilation of nuisance and spam caller that are prone to harass you.

Users can also contribute to this database, making it comprehensive, useful, and updated. It also has a ‘call blocking’ feature that you can use to block a number to make any call to you in future.

2. Call Blocker Free

This app is super simple and easy to use as it features an intuitive interface. As compared to other apps, it lets you block numbers quicker without any hassles. The availability of custom modes is another upside of this app.

3. Truecaller

This app is available in the Google Play Store for Android-based smartphones. It boasts over a hundred million downloads and it has everything that a person requires to block unwanted calls and prevent spam messages.

It also has a large embedded database of numbers that are notorious for being spam. With this app, users can easily see if one of those numbers is attempting a call and then block it. They can also block the numbers already saved on their phones. This app is frequently updated and works efficiently.

4. Calls Blacklist


This app boasts over ten million installs and is extremely easy to use on any Android phone.It’s a powerful program that is aesthetically pleasing. The positive reviews of this app are a proof of its excellent performance. This app gives you easy methods to block your nuisance callers without paying any fee.

5. Mr. Number

Along with known unsolicited numbers, Mr. Number will be vetting out numbers associated with known scams. However, Android updates mean that blocking SMS messages aren’t done as efficiently as blocking calls. However, it is still a powerful app that you can keep updating.

6. Extreme Call Blocker

Suited to professionals, this blocking app makes use of the FCC Spam List while also allowing users to make their own private blacklists to keep out anyone from their personal life. There is a high price attached to this app but it worth each of your penny.

It also features a free trial that you can take for your satisfaction. Besides,it has excellent customer reviews and is updated weekly.

7. Call Blocker

To put it simply, this app does what it claims, i.e. block calls. It allows the users to easily block calls orview them on the Blacklist or Whitelist. It also has a scheduling feature so that the users can take a break from calls for some time.It is built on ‘Material Design’ that sets it apart from its competitors.

8. Call Control


This app uses the community in the war against unsolicited contacts. It is simple to use and is available for free! With the high reliance on community, this may be the best app to remain updated in real time.

9. Anti Nuisance

This app might not have the usual features of call blocking apps but it does the job in a smarter fashion. Basically, the users manually block the numbers that they don’t want to hear from. Blanket blocks can also put several numbers at once.

10. Hiya

Previously named Whitepages Caller ID, Hiya is available in the Play Store. It shines out where other apps fail. With over 5 million downloads, it comes with an amazing user interface and features that help you keep the unsolicited calls at bay.

Besides, it also has features to let you add messages for unwanted numbers. Tacking on different notes for different numbers is what makes Hiya stand out.

11. Safest Call Blocker


This app has issues with popped-up ads which is probably why it is free. It also has a premium version. This app meets the consumer halfway by making things simple for them. With this app, you can easily blocknumbers from your call logs and calling list.

In addition, you can also block the latest calls you received which makes it extremelyeasier for you to lock a number the moment it begins to harass you. As soon as you block a number, it will stop ringing on your phone but appear in your log.

12. Call Blocker Free

This is different from the simple Call Blocker. It has the added upside of no ads! It also allows you to block unwanted SMS, MMS and text contacts. Numbers to be blocked can be selected from message and call logs as well as the main lists. Different block methods such as hanging up before and after answering, silent mode and airplane mode are also available.

13. Blacklist Plus

This app is easily operable by even the novice users. With this app, you can easily block numbers but it provides you with various ways to manage already blocked numbers. You can even set the timings for the blocked numbers as well.

Additionally,you can mute the call, hang it up or upgrade to pro to avail more features. You can also add passwords to keep your logs safe.

14. Master Call Blocker

This is a lightweight app that you can easily download without any fee. It has no ads but lacksavailability offeatures. You can block some callers and allow others to contact you. You can also easily enable or disable this app to save battery consumption.

15. Avast Mobile Security and Anti-Virus


This is a famous application that gives SMS and Call blocking features. An optional premium upgrade gives you more security. A manual blacklist is all you need if you already have Avast mobile security. The developer is trusted which is an added plus.

16. Caller ID and Block Calls

This app has it all; it blocks calls and texts at once. Several spam numbers are already entered to protect you the minute you download it. It also keeps a record of how many times a number has been blocked by its users.

17. Call and SMS Easy Blocker


Along with calls, one also needs to block problematic messages from time to time. This app comes with a log also gets you the list of who has been bothering you with useless and unwanted calls.

18. aFirewall and SMS Blocker

In addition to being a call and text blocker, this little app allows you to receive call only on work days or during working hours. This allows you to avoid unwanted and illegal calls as well.

19. Privacy Safe—Call Blocker

If you have sensitive information on your device, this app can keep it safe and secure. It does block calls and texts but that’s not all. Privacy Safe lets you know if you have important private messages and also allows you to scan incoming messages and numbers for risks.

20. SMS and Call Blocker

This app makes it possible for you to stop unwanted calls and messages. This is also excellent for those who share devices or have devices that are always connected.

When choosing a call blocking app, you need to make sure that it is regularly updated. Unwanted callers and spam numbers are constantly coming up with new ways to trouble you. So you can make use of these apps to maintain your privacy and use your smartphones without any apprehensions!

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