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Top 20 Apps to Block Spam Calls and Text Messages

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Cell phones accompany the user day and night. Other than calling, cell phone are also used for playing games for checking the Facebook or twitter several times a day. This much cell phone addiction has also increased the risk of getting an unwanted call or text messages. These unwanted calls might be a political call during the season of election, an aggressive telemarketing call, a call from a scammer of even from ex-lover that you don’t want to speak anymore. These spam messages and nuisance calls distract you if they are frequently coming. These unwanted calls would bug you at work, interrupt your dinner or these calls might wake you up at midnight.


Unwanted calls are invading privacy by notifying the user at the wrong time and place. There are numerous apps which can rescue you by blocking these unwanted calls and messages.

If the spam calls and text messages are really bothering you, here is the list of top 20 apps which you can download as a remedy for such situation. In this article, we are going to discuss each app which you can use to block spam calls or text messages.

1. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

calls -blacklist-call-blocker

Call Blacklist is a light weight android app which allows the user to Block calls and filters the text messages. Call blacklist is a robust solution with numerousfeatures. It through this android app you can block calls or messages from anunwanted and unknown number with just one click. Through this app, you can block numbers manually. You can specify the schedule and number range for blocking. In order to trace the number, you can check the log of all blocked calls or numbers. Call blacklist provide instant notifications about blocked numbers as well. You can also create a whitelist of the number which you never want to block.

2. Call Blocker Free

It is a basic blacklist app which is introduced by NQ Mobile Security. Little’s resources such as little battery juices are required. Paid version of the app with better premium features is also available. Through this app, you can directly or manually create a listedoffer blocking offers multiple blocking mods and sends notifications to update you after blocking. It prevents phone from possible scams and detects one ring phone calls.

3. Call Blocker


Through call blocker app, you can get rid of unwanted calls and messages. It is the best blocking app with tons of features. Through this app, you can create a whitelist and blacklist and block the calls, SMS OR MMS.

4. Root Call Blocker


Root call blocker is suitable for root users only. The user can make the list of certain calls with specific timings of the day in which he wants to block those numbers.

5. aFirewall call and SMS blocker

This app not only offer call blocking features but it also offers a variety of customizable options. If you want to receive important callsonly on working hours and working hours, then afirewall is the best app for you.

6. Call and SMS Easy Blocker


It is call and text blocking app with a simple interface. Call, and SMS easy blocker has the ability to block calls and text from private numbers. This app also has a log which helps the user to identify who is calling.

7. TrueCaller

True caller is the android dialer app which has the ability to identify the unknown callers and block them. It has a caller ID feature which requires internet connection. Truecaller can make your mobile experience delightful as it blocks texts or spams that are reported as spam by others. Auto searching feature for unknown numbers is another feature of this app. The true caller also shows an availability indicator which can tell you whether the person whom you are calling is free or not.

8. True Messenger

True messenger is another android app which is used for blocking text messages. True messenger enhances the mobile experience of the user by blocking the annoying messages of telemarketers and spammers. It identifies the message sender and allows the user to block a specific number from texting you. Through Truemessenger you would be able to know the spams, scams and other annoying message and you can also report such kind of messages. True messenger creates an advanced filter rule by using alphanumeric inputs.

9. Phone (by Google)


Phone by google app is an upgraded version of native dialer app. It has a clean and straightforward interface. Phone by google is call blocking app with features like spam protection, caller ID,and call blocking. Phone by Google block and report spam calls and show business names and their location. It offers user to view, playback and delete the voice mail directly from the app anddisplay nearby places as well.

10. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is another powerful app which has the ability to identify and block spam, scam fraud calls and text messages. Block unwanted calls and SMS messages from private number and area codes, it allow the user to add or block the call from suspected spam. MR. Number automatically perform the remote reverse lookup which enable the user to get information about incoming calls and numbers. Caller ID feature of the app provide information about business callers.

11. Call Blocker

Call blocker is another android app which helps the users to block undesirable calls. This app provides a reliable protection against spams or unwanted calls. Through this app, user can import or export blacklist numbers in case of factory reset. It makes the use of initial digits to block calls. The user can also enable or disable the notification. By using this app, user can create a blacklist and whitelist manually or from the call log.

12. Whoscall


Whoscall is afeature filled android app which allows the user to precisely control the spam calls and text messages. Whoscall has a clean design, and it shows a contact information card on the call screen which gives information about incoming calls. Whoscall shows a real-time caller ID, and it blocks numbers or keywords. Whoscall also provides a Database to search for numbers online and offline.

13. Blacklistcall

Blacklistcall is lightweight, easy to use telephone firewall like an android app. Blacklistcall protects the mobile user against unwanted call and spam messages. It is one centralized app which provides all blocking features. It blocks and filterspam numbers and blocks text messages from restricted numbers. The user can also schedule silenceor block calls and messages during specific times through Blacklistcall. Through Blacklistcall user can send an automatic reply after rejecting unwanted calls, and it also allows the user to create a whitelist.

14. Kaspersky Antivirus & Security


Kaspersky antivirus and security app which offer a variety of features other than blocking calls or messages. Through this application, users can protect the phone against spyware, Trojans, and viruses, etc. it blocks call and messages, detects non-numeric number spams, protects privacy, offersto scan for digital threats in real time and also helps in finding the almost android phone.

15. Master Call Blocker

The master call is also a lightweight app which is used by the users to block spam calls and text messages. You can specify the number by creating a blacklist and whitelist. You can enable or disable the app through enable or disable button.

16. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus


Avast is a renowned antivirus program through which user can block SMS or calls. Avast offer a premium version of call blocking app with more security. When you are using Avast mobile security then this option is good for you.

17. Blacklist Plus

It is simple to call blocking app with some interesting features; it offers different ways of managing the block numbers. Through blacklist Plus you can also specify the schedule as well.

18. Safest Call Blocker

Safest call ad-supported call blocking the app. It is simple and quick way of blocking spam calls and text messages.

19. Block SMS and Call


The added feature in this call blocking app is a reverse lookup of phone numbers. This allows you to see who was calling you without sending a call back to them. Block SMS and call make the process of blocking super easy for the users.

20. Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme call blocker is the call blocking android app with a list of features. Backup and restoring are two most significant feature of this app. Through this app, you can backup and restore from the SD card or Drop Box account.

So, all in all. You can make the use of any of the listed android app mentioned above in order to get rid of spam calls and text messages. All these apps are well known for the features, functionalities and the services offered, Good luck.

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