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5 Best Safety Apps for Kids, Women and Old People

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Safety and security are important to everyone regardless of age, gender and place. If you are lost somewhere or encounter violent problems, it’s crucial to identity the issue and call for help immediately.


Below we’ve listed some helpful safety related mobile apps which you can use to call on resources to help you out of the dangerous situation, avoiding you to become a victim of violent crimes such as sexual assault, robbery, etc. These Android and iPhone apps are especially important for kids, women and elderly people.

Circle of 6
Circle of 6 is designed for college students. It helps you to instantly connect your trusted friends through pre-programmed SMS alert message with your exact location whenever you need help. The safety app is helpful when you lose track of your friends, when you get into a risky situation, or when you need your circle to call you interrupting the situation. You can download the app from both Apple App Store and Google Play.

Guardly helps you instantly contact your family and friends when you’re in urgent or dangerous situations. You can connect up to 15 contacts either by conference call or instant messaging with your name, location and type of emergency. The personal safety app provides you a profile page where you can fill in both your personal information and medical information such as blood type, allergies, your doctor’s contact details, medications, insurance details, etc. The free app also comes with location tracking capabilities and direct connection to 911.

This security app helps you to stop street harassment in a collaborative way. Users can take photo of harasser and perpetrator that caught in the act and submit their stories to The service will then map it on its site and the image of harasser will be posted and shared on the harassment prevention website. This helps to prevent similar case reoccur and inspire the world to take action to end street harassment.

bSafe is a safety alarm app where you can push one button to alert your selected contacts when you are in danger. The personal security app allows you to form a safety net of “guardians” who can receive your SOS phone call and text messages. The message comes with a map link showing your exact GPS location.

This is another helpful personal safety app that enables you to send instant emergency alert to your trusted friends. The alert consists of location data, visuals and other information of the situation. The free app supports multiple mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


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