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Top 15 Personal Safety Apps for Women

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In the recent past, several incidents have been reported in India, which has left the people of the country and especially women apprehensive about their safety. Personal safety for women has become a major issue and a point of concern for everyone. Today, we speak of equality and morality, also we proudly celebrate our Independence Day but down the line women in India are still treated miserably. They are raped, murdered and burnt. This alarming situation has forced the society to take some concrete steps to abolish such dreadful activities.


Ever since the Nirbhaya gang rape, our society has taken some important steps to curb such devastating incidents and terrible happenings. Several mobile applications are launched in favor of women for their personal security. Here are some personal safety apps and the claims that they are making. Take a look:-

1. VithU
It is an emergency app that, at the click of the power button of your smartphone twice consecutively starts sending out alert messages every two minutes to the emergency contacts that were pre decided. The message says “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.”

2. Scream Alarm!


Women just need to press a single button for making the phone scream loudly in a woman’s voice. Have the app on, just press the button if you feel threatened.

3. bSafe
This personal safety app is designed to keep you safe all the time. It is the ultimate safety app that puts safety in your hands. With the use of this app you can keep yourself and your friends or close ones safe from any kind of danger while travelling alone or at late night. You can build a social network over this app and ensure your everyday safety. After creating the network, you all can share your locations and keep each other updated. Another interesting feature of this app is that you can set a timer that automatically triggers if you don’t reach a place in time. Besides this, you can also use the guardian alert button that will instantly notify your friends or family that you’re in trouble.

The aim is to keep you safe. Use this app to ensure you and your family’s safety.

4. Suspects Registry – For Women
This app is designed especially for women who may feel unsafe while walking down alone to somewhere. Some of the features of this app are as follows:

  • You can easily track your location and share it with any three members of your family whenever you feel unsafe.
  • You can hit the panic alarm in case of an emergency to notify everyone your latest location.
  • You can also click a picture of any transport or its driver to notify that you’re unsafe.
  • You can upload the image on the Facebook page to highlight the incident.

Feel safe by using this app.

5. Pukar
This is one of the best apps designed to be used in emergency situations like eve teasing, stalking, theft, fire, unwanted sexual advances etcetera. The app is easy to use. You just need to press the SOS button on the app. Once the button is pressed the following actions will automatically take place:

  • An emergency SMS will be sent to five contacts
  • Your phone shifts on silent mode automatically
  • The brightness of your phone display reduces automatically
  • Your phone becomes a GPS tracking device on its own
  • Notifications are started that the app is live

All these functions will take place just by pressing the SOS Button. Ensure your safety by downloading this app.

6. Raksha – Women Safety Alert


Raksha is the most effective women’s safety app. All you need to do is press a button and your friends will be informed about your location. You can be safe even if the app is switched off. You just need to press the volume key and your pre decided contacts will get an alert from your side. If you have this app, you can also dial 100 and send SMS even while there is no mobile network.

7. iGoSafely – Personal Safety App
This app is extremely easy to use. Once the app is active on your phone, all you need to do is shake your phone vigorously in an alarming situation. Your emergency contacts will be notified immediately that you are in trouble. The alert messages will be sent every minute till the app is disarmed. Each message will have your GPS location and a 30-second recording.

8. Women Safety Secured
This is yet another personal safety app for women. In active position, this app will immediately recognize loud voice (can be shouting or crying) which is a distress signal and sends messages to emergency contacts with location.

9. Nirbhaya : Be Fearless
This is an android emergency application, which sends a distress call or message alert to the pre decided emergency contacts in your phone. You can also shake your phone in emergency even while your phone is locked, an alert message will be sent to your emergency contacts.

10. Circle of 6


The app lets you decide six of your trusted friends to add to your circle. In case you feel uneasy in a situation and think it’s risky to be there, you can make use of this app to inform your friends about your location and notify them that you’re in trouble. You can also use this app to call two pre-programmed national hotlines or emergency contacts in alarming situations.

11. Being Safe
It’s a revolutionary application to safeguard people in case of an emergency. The app lets your friends locate you in distress situation and also allows you to send an alert message while you feel unsafe.

12. Safetipin
The app is specially designed for the safety of women and children. Your emergency contacts can track you and have your safety ensured. So, download this app and stay safe.

13. Smart 24×7
The app immediately records voice and takes pictures in a distress situation and transfers them to police.

14. Women Safety Help Totem SOS
There are three types of buttons on this app. If you are safe you can press the green button, you are at risk press the yellow one and in case of an emergency simply press the red button. The red mode automatically dials 100; transmit your location and take photos& records voice every 10 seconds. The yellow button only transmits your location.

15. SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield Protection
The app allows you to take pictures and hit the emergency button along with your location. Don’t panic in case you lose your phone, the information will be sent automatically after a few seconds. The “walk with me” feature of the app will allow your contacts to track your movement in real time.

The aforementioned apps are designed keeping in mind the safety of women and children. Do make use of these apps and stay safe.

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