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How to Optimize, Publicize and Monetize FeedBurner Feed for Website or Blog

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If you have created FeedBurner feed for your website or blog, it’s important to optimize, publicize and monetize it by activating any services you think are necessary.

How to Optimize FeedBurner Feed

The following services are important to optimize your feed, you need to make sure that you have them activated:

BrowserFriendly – Make subscribing simpler and improve your feed appearance in most web browsers
SmartFeed – Ensure maximum compatibility with any feed reader applications
FeedFlare – Build interactivity into each post by giving your subscribers easy ways to email, tag and share

How to Publicize FeedBurner Feed

The following services are recommended to be activated to publicize your feed and attract subscribers.

Email SubscriptionsPlace an email subscription form on your site because there are users who prefer to get email updates rather than using reader applications.
PingShot – Notify interested services when feed changes
FeedCount – Display subscriber count on your site
Awareness API – Allow you to build applications that can display, analyze and promote your feed’s traffic data outside of FeedBurner

How to Monetize FeedBurner Feed

FeedBurner allows you to monetize your feed by activating Google AdSense and choose options that control how these ads display in your feed.

Once you have done all the above steps, you can start analyzing your feed now.


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