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Top 22 Best Video Hosting Sites to Share Your Videos

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In the past few years, broadband Internet access has become available in most of the countries worldwide. It’s one of the main factors driving popularity to online video sharing sites like YouTube and Dailymotion. More and more companies, from different industry, are publishing videos to Internet for building their brand’s online presence. However YouTube is just one site, there are many other video hosting sites out there. Below we’ve listed some of the most popular online video platforms, both free and premium, for hosting any kind of online videos.


Free Video Hosting Platforms

Undeniably, YouTube is the most popular video hosting site which allows users to upload, view and share videos. The Google-owned video sharing site uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content.

Dailymotion is a French-based video-sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos. According to Comscore, Dailymotion is the second largest video site in the world after YouTube. The video website offers the latest music videos, short movies, TV shows, funny and extreme videos.

Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. The video hosting website makes it easy to upload videos. It supports many different kinds of file formats making sure your videos look amazing.

Metacafe is a video-sharing website that specializes in short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music and TV. The site also showcases curated, exclusive and original premium entertainment-related video content.
Blip is a platform for web series and also offers a dashboard for producers of original web series to distribute and monetize their productions. The site allows users to watch dramas, comedies and other series for free.

Vitomy is an easy way to store and customize your video content. You can use its simple drag-and-drop design tools to build totally custom online video players to share on your website and social networks.

Premium Video Hosting Platforms

Brightcove is yet another video hosting and publishing solution. Its Video Cloud gives you everything you need to deliver professional quality video to audiences on every screen.

Vimeo PRO
Vimeo PRO is a professional-grade video hosting platform. It’s built for business and commercial-use with powerful tools that are easy to use. Some of the features include HD video up to 1080p, mobile, tablet, and TV compatibility, advanced stats, customizable video player and many more.

Bits on the Run
Bits on the Run manages the complete video workflow: upload, transcode, stream, and analyze. They handle the complexities so that you don’t have to. With just a few clicks you can design your own video player, encode to multiple bitrates, deliver to the iPad, and more.

Wistia is a professional video hosting platform that gives marketers the power to track and analyze web video viewers including the ability to measure each individual’s video viewing session, their location, organization and IP address.

Kaltura is another video platform for video publishing, management, syndication and monetization. It provides a wide range of features and powerful tools you’ll quickly expand your audience, generate revenue, and create more effective digital communications.

Ooyala lets you easily manage your video content across a variety of CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. The online video service transcodes your videos into the formats and sizes you want to support any screen sizes.

Vzaar’s professional video platform enables you to upload and publish video online. Its features include player customization, iPhone/iPad/HTML5 playback support, playlists, analytics, security settings and much more.

Vidyard helps businesses, bloggers, and individuals put video on their websites in a simple and effective way. Some features include HTML5 support, custom skins, lightboxing, realtime analytics, and many more.

23 Video
23 Video is a flexible online video platform, with a unique feature-set including advanced statistics, HD video and the opportunity to create your very own video site by customizing both your design and your video player.

Limelight Networks
The Limelight Networks’ online video platform provides a complete solution to manage, publish, measure, and monetize high quality video content on the web. You can upload and organize your video content using their intuitive browser-based management tools.

SproutVideo professional video hosting offers many features, such as password protection, domain white listing, SSL embed codes, a customizable video player, playlists, video analytics and mobile playback support.

Oculu is a cloud-based online video platform used by businesses to effectively manage and deploy high quality video in their online marketing and advertising initiatives.

iPlayerHD is a robust, and easy-to-use tool that delivers a great web video experience. Its simple interface makes it a breeze to quickly upload your video content and immediately display it on your customizable iPlayerHD web pages or within customizable embedded players.

GravityLab Multimedia
GravityLab Multimedia provides a number of premium video hosting plans for you to upload and publish your video content on website, computer screens, and handheld devices.

With Framesocket you can easily integrate video into your website or mobile applications. It’s a powerful video platform for developers and content owners to tackle video projects of any size.


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