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Google Spy: The Tool of Choice and the Spymaster’s Dream

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Google has been considered the best tool for spying, with the complete devices for spy needs to help achieve a spymaster’s dream. It has been revealed time and again that there are truths emanating from Google which implies that indeed there are several instances that it had been used as a platform to a hacking or spying activity whether privately, publicly or in government entities which may include political activities for some prominent personalities.


The Chairman of Google, Mr. Eric Schmidt’s had been notably quoted as “if you have something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it,” thing is just as synonymous to “do not use Google products and services, if you don’t want to be spied on.” Therefore, there is a hint of truth in these words, which can somewhat be alarming.

Most Vulnerable Application

Google has been featured as among the most vulnerable applications on the list of 12 applications containing the most software flaws which require security updates and notifications in the last couple of months. It has 76 vulnerabilities, each a different type which includes buffer-overflow and cross-site scripting, which had impacted these applications. These vulnerabilities when exploited can actually be very risky to the whole organization or even compromise a desktop, laptop or even a cell phone spy device. Thus, this can result to a possible outside hacking, and can even be a tool that can be vulnerable to spying. A particular spy service, or any suspected criminal syndicates, or professional hackers can easily penetrate any personal account by using the Google lapses and can even gain full access to the Google world itself. This is not new, considering Google had experienced being hacked and which created chaos in Google fanatics worldwide.

Global Usage of Google for Spying

Studies have shown that Google is very widely used globally and that a larger percentage of around 1.2 billion are search users. YouTube viewers had already reached 1 billion in a month, the same percentage as the Google Map users, Android users have already reached the 900 million marks, Chrome browser users are already about 750 million, Google and media users close to 600 million and 425 million Gmail users. The bigger percentage comes from those users coming from different countries outside of US. This fairly means that Google can view billions of profiles worldwide and can conveniently see those users who are can be possible prospects for a spying conspiracy.

The availability of Google to be fluent in most languages can provide a wider and effective scrutiny, because it can well understand almost 130 languages. Google has made itself felt and available with offices to over 60 countries. And the Google Translate recently deals 71 languages efficiently and an additional 18 languages are in the process of development. Google is very convenient for underground activities, very reliable and capable for a professional surveillance.

Location with Google Maps

Google Search, maps and Android know where you are, where you have been, and where you are going. And this is happening to almost a billion people every day and nobody is actually taking this thing seriously. Come to think of it, Google is already coming in an individual’s life in a subtle way. An ordinary user doesn’t even have any idea that Google Street View in some 50 countries has already panoramically shot almost 5 million miles of road, and that in every 2 or 3 minutes Google receives location signals using Google Android. Little did we know that Google’s WiSpy is already capturing and recording bits and pieces of WiFi signals in millions of homes in almost 33 countries worldwide without the appropriate permission. This had been happening for a couple of years now, and Google WiSpy had kept router and device addresses in their secret files. Even the name strongly suggests spy activities, and spymasters are given brighter ideas on how to do spying effortlessly.

Do you know that Google can easily track 80% of online user and study their behavior 80% of the time? A user who unknowingly uses the DoubleClick’s ever-present cookies and Google Analytics can easily be tracked. Countries with homegrown search engines such as China, Russia and Korea are the only countries that are lucky enough not to be tracked by Google.

Google had even invested $12 billion annually or a hefty 25% of its advertising earnings to their partners and collaborators to provide information needed for spying. If you get to check Googles’ accounting records, they are represented as traffic acquisition costs to as a cover. These partner websites provide almost half of Google searched. Google Maps are also updated through a collaboration of over 40,000 “citizen cartographers.” Google is already spending too much for spying activities and for future spying partnerships.

Google Spying Behavior


“Google is my friend,” is already beginning to be a popular byword in every user. That is because Google provides your needs even before you ask for it. Chairman Schmidt once said that the user actually anticipates what Google have to say and tell them what to do, instead of the other way around. Googles’ ability to predict the user’s human behavior makes it easy to provide whatever they need. This capability can be very useful in terms of spying.

Google had become the master in spying. It poses as a very trusted brand, offering free services, pretending that the user’s privacy and security are their top concern and priority over anything else. People in return have believed this pretense, providing and giving very personal information most of the times, willingly and without any second thoughts. This act is the trademark of a victorious spy.

And Googles’ best reason when intercepted for spying, collecting WiFi signals for a couple of years in over 33 countries globally in private homes without soliciting permission: simply a mistake! Only one person at Google knew that this was happening. There was even strong opposition from other European nations in regards to Googles’ privacy policy which they think are beginning to create violations with their laws. But Google is firm on its stand that they fully respect European laws and have fully engaged with the proper authorities regarding the process. That’s one basic character of a spy, when confrontations arise, deny and create a wall.

Google in Spying Politicians and Entities

In politics, Google had designed tools, products as well as services to cater to various strategies in political campaigns, from the Docs to YouTube. Google allows free services for those political aspirants for their candidacies and similar services to almost all major non-profit entities. All metadata is stored by Google and can be very useful for spying and the accuracy of the information is almost 100% because the user had input them personally. Google can actually predict and tell who wins the election since it has all the data beforehand. Google Spy is a very useful tool indeed for every spying activity and it is simply tailored for Spymaster dreamers.

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