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Facebook Job Postings & Job Applications: 15 Things to Know

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Facebook has long been the best place to go for updates on cat videos and what your friends are eating for lunch. However, they have recently rolled out a new jobs feature.


Companies can now post job openings that their applicants can apply for, right through the site. Here’s 15 things that you need to know before you post a job or apply through Facebook.

1. Posting a job doesn’t cost anything

The best thing about Facebook postings, especially if you’re a new company or a start up, is that it doesn’t cost anything to post your job listing. That means you can save an awful lot of money on the recruitment process. Anyone looking for a role like yours can easily find it and then get in touch with you directly.

2. However, you may need to pay to get noticed

Facebook relies on ads in order to get the most out of their users. You’re not going to be the only recruiter on there, and you’re not going to be the biggest. If you want to reach more people, you may need to pay to advertise your role. However, this cost may still be cheaper than other recruitment methods, so it’s well worth considering.


3. Reach a huge audience

When it comes to reaching an audience with your job posting, there’s no bigger one than what Facebook can provide. At time of writing, Facebook has 1.86 billion active users. That’s a number that no one else can even dream of giving you. This means that you’ve got a much wider pool to draw from, so you can find the right candidate, first time.

4. A potential employer can see your public details

There’s lots of concerns about the privacy of your Facebook account, and recruiters checking out your profile is nothing new. If you’re thinking of applying for jobs on Facebook though, you’ll need to remember that it’s easier than ever to see your personal details, or photos that you’d rather potential employers don’t see.

5. Applicants have more power

As an applicant, sending applicants can feel like a shot in the dark. Sending an application of Facebook can put the power into your hands. You get in touch with the recruiter, and you see when it has been opened and read. It’s much easier to get feedback, too.


6. It’s easier than ever to keep in touch

Both recruiter and applicant will appreciate the fact that it’s easier to keep in touch now. Facebook has communication tools built right into it. You can call, face chat, or message each other without having to leave the platform. No more losing numbers or contact details.

7. Never have to fill an application form again

Ever had to fill out a long and tedious application form, only to be asked to upload your resume with all the same info in it? It’s infuriating, but Facebook promises to do away with this. When you click to apply for a job, all your job details will be pre filled in. All you have to do is give it the once over, and then send off the application. It’s never been quicker or easier to apply for jobs.

8. Facebook gives you the chance to edit

Facebook have created this feature to become a viable competitor to LinkedIn. In this once instance, they do have the upper hand. When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, you can’t edit any part of your details before you send the application. If you want to tailor your details to the job, you’re out of luck. With Facebook though, you can edit as you please.

9. Friends can share your listings

Facebook is all about sharing content, so why should job listings be any different? Users can spot your listings and share them with their friends without having to leave the platform. Your listing can spread like wildfire, finding you the right candidate at super speed.

10. It’s easy to create a job listing

If you have a business listing on Facebook, then it’s easy to create a job listing. Just click on the widget on your home screen, and away you go. Get a listing up in minutes, and you can get hiring without the fuss.


11. Job applications will come through the messages tab

When someone applies for your role, you’ll see them come through on your messages tab. This means they’ll all be in one place, so no more sifting through emails trying to find the one good candidate you must talk to.

12. You’ll have to be careful not to miss applications

Although using messenger is helpful, if you get a lot of customer support enquiries through it too, you could be in for a bumpy ride. If you choose to use this feature, make sure you’re keeping track of everything that comes through messenger.

13. This will save time for applicants

As an applicant, you’re probably sick of spending hours trying to apply for jobs. You have to hunt them down, fill out endless forms, and customise each cover letter to fit. Using Facebook will mean you can cut down on that time significantly. If you’re already working it can be a Godsend.

14. There’s no limit to how many jobs you can post

As a start up, you may need to fill up a lot of jobs at once. That means that you’ll need to post a lot of jobs. Facebook has no limit on how many jobs you can post, so you don’t have to worry about hitting your limit when you’re still looking for people.

15. It might not be for everyone

Not every company wants to work through Facebook, and not everyone has a Facebook account. That means that you may miss out on the perfect job, or the perfect candidate. If you’re not on board, now’s the time to get involved with Facebook.
That’s everything you need to know right now. Facebook will surely tinker with the system, but right now it’s looking pretty good.

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