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How to Recover Corrupt DSLR MOV Files Through a Professional Repair Tool

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Digital cameras are one of the most commonly used handheld devices used by many people. There are many camera manufacturing companies like Nikon, Canon, etc., which have designed some high-resolution devices over the years. With the advancement in technology, digital single-lens reflex (digital SLR or DSLR) cameras have gained much popularity.


DSLR cameras use a digital imaging sensor by combining the mechanism of optics and single-lens reflex camera. Such DSLR cameras are known for capturing some awesome pictures and videos. They generally use the MOV file format to store captured images. MOV is a very popular file format introduced for QuickTime player on Mac OS X. However, such file formats are open to various issues including corruption in DSLR cameras.

DSLR cameras are no different while using the memory cards to save pictures and videos. They use the same memory cards like SD, CF, etc. as used by any other digital camera. When you click a picture or shoot a video, such files are written on the memory cards. The chances of corruption in DSLR cameras are associated with memory cards, as that is the place where files are stored. There could be different ways in which a memory card can become inaccessible or corrupt. The most common reason is the accidental pressing of power button while the files are being written or clicking pictures when the camera battery is about to die. In such cases, the files are not written properly to the memory card and consequently resulting in corruption.


Some of the common reasons for MOV file corruption on DSLR camera are mentioned below.

  • In case of abnormal removal of memory card from DSLR camera, the MOV files may get corrupt.
  • Pressing the power button on DSLR camera while video recording is going on, might corrupt the video file.
  • Using the camera while the battery is low, results in MOV file corruption.
  • Mishandling or improper insertion of memory cards can damage the already stored MOV files.
  • Any interruption while transferring MOV files from DSLR camera to a system might also corrupt the MOV video files.

In addition to the above-mentioned errors, there are several other reasons for a MOV file corruption. Such cases of corruption often lead to loss of important data. This can be common to several DSLR cameras, which use the MOV file format to save video files. However, there are several ways to repair MOV corruption. However, the safest and the most reliable way is to use a professional tool.

Stellar Phoenix MOV repair is one of the most advanced tools to repair severely corrupt or damaged MOV files in no time. The tool supports MOV file repair from various DSLR camera-manufacturing brands. Various issues handled by this tool include sound corruption, header corruption, movement corruption, duration corruption, and more. With this tool, you can preview the files after the repair has been done. In addition, you can perform simultaneous recovery of multiple MOV files.

Recover damaged DSLR MOV file using Stellar Phoenix MOV repair

The software facilitates easy recovery of MOV files in the same format as it was before. You can recover such MOV files using Stellar Phoenix MOV repair by following the below mentioned steps.

1. Launch the software ‘Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair’. The home screen is displayed as shown below.


2. The main interface of the software gives you an option to repair MOV files. Click the ‘Repair MOV File’ button on the main interface.

3. The next screen allows you to select MOV files that have issues of corruption. You can browse and select MOV files by clicking the ‘+’ button. The ‘+’ button helps you to add multiple MOV files to the list to be repaired as shown below.


Note: Prior to repair, you can click ‘Preview’ to have a look of any selected file in the list. Once you are sure about the file you are going to repair, click ‘Repair’ button to start the repair process.

4. The scanning process is shown by a progress bar, which runs at the bottom of the interface. It moves from left to right showing the status of the repair process as shown below.


5. Once the repair is done, all the repaired files are displayed in the main interface for preview. Click the ‘Preview’ button to have a look at the recovered MOV files in the main interface.

6. Select the files to be saved and click ‘Save’ to start saving the files selected files at any user-desired location as shown below.


7. Once the files have been saved, a message is displayed saying ‘File Saved Successfully’ as shown below.


You can see all the repaired MOV files by clicking the ‘View Saved Files’ link.

Tips for data safety

  • In case the DSLR camera is running out of battery, avoid capturing any photos or videos.
  • To have any chance of data recovery, do not use DSLR camera after it has been corrupted.
  • In order to ensure data safety, it is recommended to take a regular backup of your captured MOV files. The backup must be taken on safe and error free storage space like any external storage device. The data that is being backed up should also be clean and free from any errors.
  • In case of MOV file corruption, use a professional recovery tool.
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