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Top 30 Best Social Media Search Engines to Find People & Social Information

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Facebook introduced a semantic search engine called Graph Search in March 2013. It was the giant social media site’s biggest foray into online search. Most analysts said that the Facebook’s social search is not strong enough to challenge Google as the world’s dominant search engine, but it will certainly take away quite a sizeable search share from Google especially on the local information.


Apart from social search, Facebook also collaborated with Microsoft’s Bing to provide web search results. In return, Bing includes certain Facebook results into their search results. However, when it comes to social search, your choices are not limited to Google, Facebook or Bing only. There are other powerful social network search engines out there helping you to find social profile of people, companies, groups, brands, as well as user-generated content such as comments, bookmarks, videos and news.

The social media and people search tools find information from multiple social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn at the same time. It saves you lots of efforts and time as you don’t have to search each social media site separately. Without further ado, here are our 30 best social network search engines you must check out.

Searching Multiple Social Networks Simultaneously

1. Pipl People Search


Pipl allows you to search people across social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger blogs and many more. All you need to do is enter people name, email address or phone number, then hit “Search” button to see the results. Apart from people search, Pipl also supports Web search, business search as well as public records search.

2. Buzzsumo


BuzzSumo enables users to search keywords and find out what content on social media people are sharing the most. Through the search results, you can see who is posting about any specific topic, view your competition and monitor how others use social media. To streamline your search efforts, you can also filter results by posts, infographics, articles, videos, etc.

3. Talkwalker Social Media Analytics Search | Talkwalker Quick Search


Talkwalker’s real-time social search lets you search and uncover social media analytics metrics across all social media in one dashboard. You can track sentiment, levels of mentions, engagement and reach. The social media search also allows you to track top hashtags and analyze which channels are making an impact.

4. Anoox


Anoox is social networking based search engine. It enables you to find information through multiple social media websites or ask questions to the real people.

5. Tagboard


Tagboard is a curated public display of social media posts aggregated based on hashtags. The social media tool allows you to search hashtags from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus so that you know what people are saying around the hashtag of your concern. Tagboard also let you set filter by social network and the results will be shown in a simple dashboard.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most famous social media management platforms available on the web. It supports social network integrations for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., allowing you manage all the social media in one place, effortlessly. Additionally you can make use of its social search to find any user profiles, posts, status updates, news, photos, videos and other social content.

7. Social Searcher


Social Searcher is another social network search tool which allows you to search trending links from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Through this real-time online service, you can monitor your brands, find live stream links, find interesting content, and many more.

8. Social Searcher – Google Social Search


Social Searcher also developed another great social networks search results dashboard called Google Social Search Tool. It combines the search results from 6 major social networks namely Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The social search tool provides users various search methods such as phrase search (“”), terms you want to exclude (-), the OR operator, etc. You can also tick or untick the checkbox next to each of the social network option to limit your search.

9. AgoraPulse


AgoraPulse is a social media platform that offers many great tools for searching social media especially social conversation. You can perform searches based on keywords, hashtags, and any specific username or profiles to “listen” the most relevant content and conversation. For business purposes, AgoraPulse helps you to search multiple social networks at the same time to check out what people are saying about your brand, product and topics related to your industry.

10. Brand24

Brand24 is a social media CRM and monitoring platform. It collects real-time social data from across the web and enables you to monitor online conversations and comments made about your brand and product. With Brand24, you can search major social networks, blogs and forums for mentions of your brand, product, key topics, or competitors. You can also interact with customers, manage your reputation, collect and analyze consumer insights, measure marketing performance, and many more.

11. Uvrx Social Search

Uvrx Social Search is basically a combination of multiple Google custom search engines that enable users to search social networks including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Bebo, Tumblr, etc. You can narrow down search results by selecting the social media site you want.

12. SearchBoth

SearchBoth saves your time and hassle on the net, allowing you to search Google and Yahoo! at the same time. You can also choose other search engine combination from Bing, Ask, DogPile, MetaCrawler, AltaVista, LookSmart and WebSearch.

Searching People and Public Information

13. PeekYou


PeekYou is a famous people search engine that indexes people and their links on the web. The free people search tool allows you to find and contact anyone online. You can also find social links, photos, work history, alumni info, family and many more.

14. Wink People Search


This is a free people search engine empowers you to find people on social networks and across the Web. You can search people using name search, location, school, work, interests, and more.

15. LinkedIn People Search

If you want to search for professional person, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best social network to find the professionals and business profiles from any industries. By signing up for your LinkedIn profile, you can view other users’ profiles including where someone works, who they work with, current or former employers, what’s their job position, and much more. However if you are LinkedIn registered user, when you look at someone’s profile typically will be made known to them.

16. ZabaSearch


ZabaSearch is a free directory engine that searches for and collates disparate information regarding residents in United States such as names, current and past addresses, phone numbers, birth years and many more.

Searching Facebook


17. Facebook Search

With the latest Facebook search tool, you can discover connections between people, places and things, based on your friends, activities, interests and status updates.

Searching Twitter

18. Twitter Advanced Search

With Twitter Advanced Search, you can search based on people, words, and places. On the displayed results, you can instantly connect and follow any celebrity, experts, brands and news.


keyhole-twitter-hashtag-account-keyword-mention-search-engine allows you to find popular, useful and interesting content published on Twitter, blogs and news sites. You can search everything or filter the results based on tweets, links, photos, videos, experts, or trending.

20. Hashtracking

A famous hashtag search and tracking tool for Twitter and Instagram. Apart from tracking and sharing hashtags in real time, Hashtracking also offers historical data if you want to look up information on a hashtag from previously.

Search Engines’ Social Search Tools


21. Google Plus Discover

When signed in with Google Plus, you will be able to find both personal results and social results about you and your friend’s photos, posts, video and other content.

22. Google Advanced Search

With Google Advanced Search you can narrow down search results for complex searches. It offers various Google commands that can be used to find social contents from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

23. Bing Social Search

With Bing Social, you can find the latest news and trending topics from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Searching Photos

24. Flickr Advanced Search


Flickr is one of the largest photo and video sharing sites. It provides users advanced search tool with many filters and options helping you find image or video you want easily.

Searching Videos

25. YouTube Search

YouTube’s video search engine helps you find any videos you’re looking for from its huge video library.

26. 360Daily

360Daily is video search engine with millions hours of indexed online videos. It lets you watch a wide variety of videos including news & politics, celebrity, technology, business, gaming, food, sports, and more, taken from famous news sites and video sharing sites.

Searching Blog Posts and Forums

27. Google Groups

Google Groups allows you to create and participate online discussion groups for people sharing common interests. It also allow you to search Usenet discussions in addition to relatively newly created Google groups.

28. Boardreader


This is an online search tool for forums and boards. Through the search engine, you can find popular content on the Internet including videos, news, press releases, articles, etc.

29. Omgili

Omgili is a search engine focusing on forums, discussion groups, answer boards and other user generated content platforms. This crawler based and vertical search engine scans millions of online discussions in over 100,000 boards and forums. It can differentiate between discussion entities, such as topic, title, answer and post date. Omgili is a great tool for searching user opinions, discussions, debates, news stories, answers, etc.

Other Social Search Tools

30. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a social media management tool for enterprise businesses. It offers social media marketing, research, advertising, sales and content management on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels globally, in one integrated platform.


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