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Where You Can Find New, Cheap Cartridges for Your HP Printer

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If you are the proud owner of a HP printer you are likely to love how great the printing quality is along with the reliability of the machine. It is obvious why HP have the biggest share of the printer market when you get to experience first-hand their quality craftsmanship.


However, along with owning a HP printer comes the pressure of upkeep and finding ink at a reasonable price can seem like an impossible task. We have come up with some tips for sourcing new, cheap cartridges so that you don’t need to worry about finding the cash for ink anymore.

Check Out Local Listings

If you are a fan of checking out local listings then it may be a good idea to check if they have any new, unused ink for sale that are compatible with your printer. Whilst it is rare to find a wealth of ink for sale there are sometimes some real bargains to have and it is well worth checking them out before you decide to nip to the local store and buy ink at a higher price than you had wanted to.

If you do find a bargain make sure you check that the ink is brand new and the seals are still intact before passing over your cash. Also make sure to meet any potential seller in a safe location as there is always a small risk that you could be walking into a scam.

Look For Online Bargains

Lots of ink for HP printers is put on offer with suppliers so that you can benefit from buying at a cheaper price and they can benefit from your custom. Rather than ritually buying ink from one supplier, take the time to shop around online for bargains. The great thing about sourcing ink this way is that you get cheaper ink delivered directly to your door.

The best way to find the biggest savings is to put your cartridge type into a search engine, here’s an example of what search term to use ‘discounted HP 564 XL (with Photo Black)’. You should then be provided with a list of online retailers that have your cartridges on offer and the price that it is on offer at.

Use a Replacement Ink Service

Our final way of sourcing cheaper ink is via a channel that is gathering more interest and momentum than ever before, replacement ink providers. If you choose this route you need to find a specialist ink company that make the replacement HP cartridge you need and have the back up of a good refund policy.

The reason for checking the refund policy is not because we think you’ll need it but it will help to show the confidence the seller has in their own product. A refund policy that is over two months is excellent and goes to prove that the company believes in what they are selling so that you can too.

By following our suggested methods we are certain that you will get cheaper ink for your HP printer in no time at all. Make sure you put quality before price and only purchase from a company or individual that is trustworthy.

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