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Top 50 Best Auto Blogs Car Enthusiasts Must Follow

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There are two types of car purchasers out there. When we buy cars, our perspectives may differ from one another. There are ones who solely see cars as being a mode of transport. They only look at cars when they are on a hunt for one. And when they research them, they focus on features that deliver convenience.


Then we have the car enthusiasts. They are always on the loop about the recent automobile-related information. They can have hour-long debates about the merits and demerits of buying a given vehicle. If you classify yourself as a car enthusiast, the chances are you need your daily dose of reliable auto-related information. If so, here are 50 of the best auto blogs you should follow.

1. The CarGurus Blog


This blog will be the perfect read for those who crave for daily coverage of the happenings in the world of cars. You can find information on old and new vehicles alike. The blog is divided into US-based and UK content. This makes it easy for you to find readings that are relevant to you. A section is dedicated to research about test drives and different models of cars which makes the platform the perfect aid when purchasing cars.

2. News

This blog has all the content that a car enthusiast could ever need. Whether it be expert reviews or multicar comparison, you can find it all in news. Moreover, it also has information for about cars available for sale which makes it an excellent platform for potential vehicle buyers. An excellent addition on the blog is the inclusion of “car seat check.” This category gives you information about whether car seats can be safely latched onto a given car.

3. Kelly Blue Book

Do you wish to know what your used car is worth? On top of delivering updated and well-researched content about the auto industry. Kelly Blue Book has an excellent valuation system in place. This helps the readers in knowing their car’s worth. It is one of the most trusted sources when it comes to researching about used cars and has been recommended by many car lovers.

4. Jalopnik


Automotive, airplanes, racing, motorcycle. These are just some of the sectors which are targeted in Jalopnik’s content. This blog is a part of Gizmodo media group and is home to all the information you could ever need. The best part about this blog is that every article is written in a transparent and unbiased manner to ensure that the correct information is being relayed to the readers.

5. Edmunds

This auto blog delivers information about new and old cars alike. It helps you in finding the right car for your needs. If you know which vehicle you want to buy, you can search about it through the car finder feature of this blog. By doing so, you will be provided with all the information that might play a role in your decision, ranging from test drives and expert reviews of the said vehicle.

6. Car and Driver


Car and Driver has an excellent interface and wide variety of categories. For instance, you can directly go to its featured posts if you merely want to learn about the happenings of the auto sector. If you are interested in finding the performance of a given car, there is a separate review section which is further divided into types of reviews. This attention to detail and specificity makes this an excellent read.

7. Paul Tan’s Automotive News


Pricelists. Reviews. Tools. Videos. Paul Tan’s automotive news blog has it all. This blog is catered towards a Malaysian audience since you will find articles which are region specific. However, this doesn’t mean international audience won’t have anything to read on the blog. Its reviews and “Spyshots” are as enjoyable for its international audience as it is for its Malaysian audience.

8. Popular Mechanics – Car News

This blog doesn’t just cater to car enthusiasts. However, its Car news section is something that avid car lovers will enjoy. From numerous pieces about car technology to reporting about the recent vehicles, this blog covers a lot of diverse topics within the field of the auto sector.

9. Classic Cars News


This auto blog has information regarding auctions, car events, and car sales. Apart from it, its journal section is frequently updated with content concerning vehicle reviews and informative blog posts on various topics related to the car industry. For instance, most of its “Car culture” posts make an interesting read.

10. Autoblog


This blog is American based and is an excellent source of information about the auto industry. At the same time, it is also a car buying website. It boasts high traffic of 2 million readers monthly and is the hub of recent news in the auto sector. The best thing about its content is the sheer number of ways it is delivered. You can find owner reviews, podcasts, blog reviews, and press releases on it.

11. Motor1

The main target audience of Motor1 blog is used car buyers and sellers along with car enthusiasts. The content on the platform is quite diverse. You will find coverage of cars, sports cars, bikes, sedans and supercars alike. Currently, it has 9 country-specific editions. This specificity allows it to deliver contextually relevant content to its readers.

12. Popular Science – Cars

Anyone who wants a daily dose of the recent happenings in the car industry would love the Popular Science blog’s car section. The blog is home to interesting content such as the potential of self-driven cars along with the recent news about various automobiles. Each of its articles is well-researched and factual which makes this a great source of information for car enthusiasts.

13. PistonHeads

PistonHeads is well known about car lovers for the various tools it delivers. This includes information about cars for sales and car insurance. Apart from this, its blog also has been causing a great buzz among readers for its updated and interesting content. Its content ranges from news about the auto sector to reviews and descriptions of the latest cars.

14. Motor Trend


Do you prefer video content over lengthy verbose articles? While both have their merits, if you inclined towards the former, Motor Trend will be the perfect blog for you. You can use the platforms to see videos about the recent auto shows, documentaries, and live car events. Its original series is an interesting, informative watch.

15. Driving – The Official NVIDIA Blog

The official NVIDIA blog has a whole section dedicated to driving and car news. A lot of its content is focused on exploring AI and self-driven cars within the auto sector. This content is well-researched and based on facts that help readers in realizing the potential the autonomous car industry has. Apart from this, you can also find detailed reviews about test drives that might aid you in analyzing a given car.

16. TMZ Celebrity News for Ride Me

There is a high probability that you know about TMZ. What a lot of car lovers don’t know is that it is also a source of news about cars. The only difference is that this news is also centered around celebrities, in classic TMZ fashion. So, if you are interested in knowing what your favorite celebrities are driving these days, you might want to check this blog out.

17. Advance Auto Parts – Advice & How-Tos

This blog succeeds in being a hub of information for those looking for advice and guides. It covers various topics ranging from vehicle maintenance to cleaning cars. Apart from this, you can get information about the latest car events and blog posts targeted towards different aspects of the auto sector.

18. Carscoops

This blog lives up to its name and delivers all the latest scoops from the world of cars. You can find auto-related news, information about old and new cars, and future cars on the platform. The content is frequently updated to reflect the recent happenings and launches. You can also find detailed reviews of various vehicles that might help you in deciding whether a given car lives up to the hype surrounding it.

19. YourMechanic

You might know of YourMechanic only with respect to the services it provides in the form of car repair and maintenance. However, what a lot of car lovers don’t realize is that the blog of this website is a great source to learn about the various aspects of car repairing.

20. Bimmerpost

The best thing about the content on Bimmberpost is the sheer details included. You will find information about all popular vehicles on the website. Moreover, all the material is meticulously divided into different categories. This makes navigating through the blog to find the relevant content a piece of cake.

21. Autofluence

The car news on Autofluence is divided according to the brand of the vehicle. This makes sifting through content relatively easy for readers. Moreover, you can also get all the latest dealer news from the platform making it a convenient choice for car buyers.

22. Car Throttle

Many readers of Car Throttle think of it as being the “Buzzfeed for cars.” You can find savvy, updated and relevant on cars on the blog. All the pieces on the blog make an interesting read and are well-researched. Car enthusiasts love their details, and this blog surely delivers it to them.

23. Hemmings Daily

Whether it be information about classic cars or daily news about the happenings of the auto world, Hemmings daily succeeds in being a voice of credibility through it all. You can find articles on car sporting, events, car sales, etc. on the platform.

24. TopSpeed

Whether it be reviews or guides on how to choose a car, TopSpeed is a blog that has it all. Many love its easy to follow and interesting content. The structure of each of its article is flawless which adds on to your knowledge bank, regardless of how big of a car enthusiast you are.

25. Repair Pal

Repair Pal isn’t just a great website to get information about car repairing services. Instead, it also features a blog that allows you to learn about the various tips and tricks about driving cars and extending their life. This is bound to be beneficial to car lovers who wish to gain most out of their experience.

26. The Car Connection

This blog aims to make car researching, whether it be about new or old cars, easy. By the looks of it, it surely plays its part in achieving this objective. The various reviews, rankings, and advice posted on the platform allow car lovers to research about cars to their heart’s satisfaction.

27. Speed Hunters

This blog has event coverage, feature stories and reviews about a wide variety of vehicles. You can find both short and long-form articles on the blog, which makes it an ideal choice for both avid and on-the-go reading alike.

28. Car Advice

There are various angles that an auto blog can take. Car Advice takes it upon itself to cover most of these angles. You will find reviews, car culture posts, comparison, advice, and videos and news on the blog.

29. Automotive News

The news delivered by this platform is divided across four regions that allow it to offer contextually specific content to its readers. Apart from this, you can find news about brands, webinars, industry reports and trending car topics in the world.

30. Autoweek

With over 40 posts per week, Autoweek continues to be a leading source of information for car enthusiasts. While its blog is full of auto-related news, the brand is also available to be perused in print magazine and iPhone apps.

31. Car Complaints

It is important to keep up with complaints against different vehicles. Not only do they make for a good read but they also help you in deciding what to avoid. Whether it be recent news or investigation pieces, you will find enough resources to make the right decision.

32. Autocar India

Whether it be industry news or updates about a given type of vehicle, Autocar India has all the scoops on its website. The travelogues and feature posts make for interesting reads. Meanwhile, the car reviews posted and thorough and helpful.

33. The Auto Parts Warehouse Blog

Every car enthusiasts need information about auto parts and a platform where you can buy them. The Auto Parts Warehouse manages to be an excellent resource for both. You can easily find details about various types of auto parts ranging from headlights to exterior accessories.

34. Cartoq

Cartoq is considered to be India’s finest auto blog. It features news about launches, reviews, and automobiles in a simple yet engaging manner. Whether you are an enthusiast or car buyer, you will find something of use on the blog.

35. Car Talk

This blog posts at least two new articles every week. So, if you wish for daily updates, this might not be the blog for you. However, it is great for reading about tips, car-related advice, learning about past auto shows, and finding mechanics.

36. BMW Blog

Ever since 2006, BMW Blog has been delivering quality content for car enthusiasts. The blog publishes nearly 40 new posts per week and allows you to keep yourself updated with all the recent happenings in the BMW world. This includes news, test drives, reviews and recent launches of the car.

37. Motor Authority

Do you wish to learn about all the latest news about luxury and performance cars? Motor Authority is a reliable and informative source for it. Its frequent posts and reliable analysis of cars has made it popular among car lovers.

38. The Truth about Cars

Most blogs feature very systematic and formal car reviews. The Truth about cars is a platform where writers tell you exactly how it is. The reviews follow a candid and conversational format which make it a relatable read. Apart from this, automotive news and editorials are also the forte of this blog.

39. IHS Markit – Automotive

This blog caters to a global audience with its news and useful insights from industry experts. The platform is relatively new, having been established in 2013. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a useful platform to get the view of industry experts.


This auto blog is based in Boston and allows its readers to access studies and analysis regarding new and old cars. Along with the latest news in the auto world, the blog also features content analyzing consumer behavior and car trends.

41. Automobile Magazine

If you live in America, the chances are you know this magazine already. This blog offers rich content about automotive designs, culture, performance,and personalities.

42. The Jalopy Journal

With over five new posts per week, the Jalopy Journal has personal accounts about various auto-related topics. This makes the blog quite a relatable platform for car lovers.

43. Zero to 60 Times

This blog gives you zero to 60 quarter mile data for various vehicles. The test drives documented can come in handy when evaluating the performance of different cars.

44. Indian Autos Blog

This is an up and coming blog that strives to provide the most recent spy shots, news, and reviews about different vehicles.

45. Carmudi Insider – Latest Car News in Philippines

If you wish to keep up with all the car news in Philippines, this online blog is the answer you are looking for. It features reviews, trends, updates and trends about vehicles.

46. Barrett-Jackson

This blog specializes in delivering services and different products to collectors and enthusiasts. You can find information about all the collector and classic car auctions via this blog.

47. Car Body Design

Do you wish to design your own car? You can use this blog to learn how. It offers information about software as well as 2D and 3D tutorials.

48. Left Lane News

This auto blog solely delivers news about various types of vehicles. You can filter the news based on which car you are interested in.

49. Concept Carz

Vintage. Modern. Manufacturing. Production. Design. Regardless of what type of information you are interested in, Concept Carz offers it all.

50. Green Car Congress

This auto blog focuses on the sustainability aspect and largely covers news about the extent of environmentally friendly different car brands are being.

51. The Torque Report

If you need the latest happenings regarding popular vehicles, know that The Torque Report has you covered with its simple yet thorough content.

52. BangShift

This auto blog is more of a Car Junkie magazine. It features news and videos about different muscle cars and hot rods.


Keep up with these auto blogs to get your daily dose of auto-related news. Even if you are not a die-hard car enthusiast, you are bound to find these blogs to be an engaging read!

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