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20 Vine Tips: How to Make Your Social Videos Stand Out

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In a world where everyone can create their own videos using their hand-held devices, how will you make yours stand out? Not only that, how will you make a video stand out if you only have 6 seconds at it? That’s the real challenge. And yes, we are talking about Vine. Developed by Twitter and launched in 2012, Vine is a video-sharing service that conforms to six-second-long videos.


Make your Vine videos stand out with these practical tips.

1. Unleash Your Creativity
Vine’s six-second limitation will push anyone to keep the creative juices flowing. If you don’t describe yourself as a creative person, then Vine is not for you.

2. Find Your Visual Style
Some popular Viners have really unique style in presenting their situations and materials. Before you even plan your first video, you should have an idea of your visual style. How would you want to present your shots? From your or third person perspective? How will you make the objects come to life? Once your chosen your own style, stick to it. Choose a style that reflects your personality. Consistency is key.

3. Plan Your Videos
Think about the entire structure of your video. What objects will you need? Are these appropriate for your final video? Take it from the pros who sketch their Vines frame by frame. If this will make your shoot any more efficient, then copy the technique.

4. Visualize Your Final Product


If you cannot visualize the final video, you won’t be able to execute it properly in the first place. Visualize first then translate your visions. Think about your narrative.

5. Put Yourself in Vine Mode
Think proactively. Anticipate things that you can shoot and share with the people. Vine should be a part of your daily routine. With persistence, you’ll easily recognize things that would make a great Vine.

6. Seize Vine-Worthy Opportunities
Look around you. For sure, there is something you can share with your viewers. When you see something worth sharing in Vine, make sure that your camcorder or any other device you want to use is on stand-by. When making videos, it’s all about the quantity. But, when sharing, think of the quality of the video you intend to share.

7. Provide Value with Your Six Seconds


Never rush your videos. Likewise, ensure that it is inspiring, entertaining, awesome, and helpful at best. Don’t post a video that will make the viewers feel like they are robbed out of their six seconds.

8. Present Your Vines Uniquely
Don’t be stressed out of the six-second limit. Just be unique and present your video in a unique way. In Vine, uniqueness matters. People will remember you for it.

9. Brush up with Your Video-Making Know-How
Learn the basic rules of creating a video. For instance, the rule of thirds. It pertains to the proper framing of your subject. Vines are square so if your subject occupies the entire frame you won’t be able to adjust to fit the video dimension requirements of Vine.

10. Keep Your Videos with One Shot
If you can shot a vine in one sitting, do so. Although breaking some rules may have some cool effect on your shoot, doing it without understanding how it will affect the entire video is useless. If you consider yourself as a pro in timing and cuts, you can always edit your video.

11. Keep Your Videos Simple
Self-explanatory, but for emphasis, novelty is rewarded on Vine. Hence, make your videos simple yet new and interesting. Capture the moment, and make it really interesting.

12. Stabilize Your Shots
Shaky videos are downright annoying. Remember that Vines are consumed intimately so, don’t distract your viewers. Use a mount of some sort or tripod. Choose a tripod that is flexible enough to take vertical and horizontal photos.

13. Perfect Your Loop
One of the most popular hashtags in Vine is #loop. Thus, you need to nail the loop to make the start and end frames flow seamlessly as if the viewer can’t recognize when it actually starts and ends. If your Vine doesn’t need a loop, then don’t force it.

14. Use Tricks and Effects in Your Videos
This will depend on your chosen creative style. If you are going to insert movements (moving cameras), make sure that it is coherent with the rest of the elements in your video. Now, if you need to employ an effect, trick or even animation, it should be within the realms of what you are trying to achieve. Don’t attempt an effect if you can’t do it flawlessly particularly the audio effect. You might end up with a disjointed effect.

15. Know Your Technical Limitations
In most cases, you are going to use your phone in making a Vine. The problem is – it shifts to auto white balance. This doesn’t compensate colors especially with varying source of light. Vine also autofocuses a shot. You might get frustrated and the only way around it to redo your setup.

16. Be Mindful of Your Share Times


Vines that are shared in the morning tend to have higher views. But these videos are mostly watched after a day at work. The optimal time to post is before heading to work.

17. Follow Other Viners for Inspiration
To fuel your creativity, you can watch the videos of other Viners. Definitely, you can also click the ‘Explore’ tab to see which hashtags are trending. Build your Vines around any of these popular hashtags to boost your viewership.

18. Take Advantage of Your Quirky Side
Being quirky means being weird in a good way. Vine is phenomenal because of its and its users’ quirkiness.

19. Make Your Videos Relatable
If you are going to bring about a certain situation, make sure that it resonates with the viewers. If you are going to use an object, make sure that the people recognize it. Don’t use too many objects at one time. Don’t try to trick the viewers with confusing scenarios as well.

20. Experiment until You Find What Works
Experiment to find your own creative space and pace. Discard techniques that don’t work for the first time.

Thereby, Vine is a creative community. You won’t get noticed in the flood of videos. In fact, your videos will drown in the sea of videos if you won’t make it noticeable as possible. Above are very practical Vine video tips that you must take advantage of. With that, always make your six seconds count!

Author: Abbeygail Urie

Abbeygail is a techie woman and wants to be always updated with the growing technology of today. She is also freelance writer and blogger for Optimind SEO. Optimind SEO has two branches in the Philippines, SEO Manila and SEO Cebu.

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