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Archives – June, 2013

The Future of Security on Social Networks

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The social networking bug has bitten and gone viral. With invitations to join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, MySpace and many more streaming through the inbox and endless new networks cropping up by the day, connecting with friends, family and business associates all on one platform, has never been easier.


For example, take Facebook. A name synonymous with social networking, this media powerhouse has taken the Internet by storm. If its popularity is anything to go by, the user count is predicted to run into billions in the next few years. Add to this the amount of private information being uploaded every second on hundreds of social networks that overrun the web and what you get is a strong requirement for security measures to be firmly established. Read more…

10 Must-Know Social Media Tips to Promote Your Blog

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It goes without saying that social media is the world’s trending tool for communication. You can use this unique way of communication to promote your blog on multiple social media platforms. Unlike shopping for cheap gadget insurance, promoting your blog through social media takes an ample amount of time.


Experts say you should spend four times more time promoting your blog than you should actually spend on perfecting your blog and writing blog posts. After all, if you spend too much time perfecting and writing it and no time promoting it, all your hard work will go unnoticed. With these ten tips, you’ll be on your way to having a successful blog with a large audience. Read more…

10 Great Apps for People on the Go

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In today’s world, it seems like we’re busier than ever (and, of course, we are). Luckily, smartphones are here to the rescue. Where we once had to have our whole life planned out in advance, today we can just make plans on the fly and use our instantaneous connectivity to our advantage. While in some ways this dynamic can complicate life, in other ways, it makes our lives so much easier. Many use apps to stay connected to the social world while others use them to stay connected to family by playing game apps from across the country.


For those who are always on the go, a laptop is not always the best option to carry around making staying connected to the outside world hard. Saving money can become difficult without the time to look up deals in the paper or cut out coupons so some rely on apps to tell them about the deals going on. Here are some great apps for people on the go. Read more…

Top 15 Magento eCommerce Plugins

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Magento has grown rapidly since its launch less than five years ago. For anybody working in ecommerce, Magento is an excellent way to increase their business’ image and revenue online. To really get the most out of Magento, though, you need to make sure you have the best plugins installed. With so many plugins to choose from, however, the choice can be daunting. Below we will list the 15 best Magento plugins for your business.


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Read Between The Lines: 5 Finance Apps For Breathtaking News

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Average people are becoming more and more interested in the dealings of the financial world. And with the effects of the recession and current poor economy, it’s easy to understand the increased interest. The term job security no longer holds as much power as it once did, after watching giant corporations and banks crumble. The wise thing to do would be to gain a second job or learn your way around the stock market. It’s not just Wall Street types keeping one eye on the latest financial news anymore. With this increased interest come apps designed to keep the latest financial buzz right at your fingertips. And what’s more convenient than having access to news breaking information in your pocket?


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6 Tips for Avoiding Bad Business Decisions

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Whether you own a business or you work for someone else, bad decisions are always hard boilers. The role of entrepreneurs or designers are much more than you imagine, and include much more than just injecting life into creations. Apart from imagining what the web page will turn out to be, it’s even more important to assess the reaction of the target audience. This article will be about how web designer can avoid bad decisions and here are my takes:


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13 Apps that Support Mobile Payments and Credit Card Transactions

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Regardless of what types of businesses you are running, offering mobile payment service to your customers is a must to make your business a success. This is because smartphones and tablet computers are the hottest commodity these days, almost everything can be done through mobile devices, from making phone calls, surfing net, listening music to playing games, online shopping, and of course, making payment.


The conventional credit card service requires merchants to set up a business account with bank and rent a card reader. On top of that sellers have to pay expensive setup fee, monthly fee as well as certain percentage of transaction charge on every sale they make. Today, with the presence of mobile payment processing apps, merchants can offer their customers multiple payment options including credit cards, debit cards and PayPal in a highly mobile, quick and easy way. Read more…

How Social Networking Policy is Changing Privacy

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Social media – one of several offshoots of the internet – has completely changed the way people interact and socialize in cyber space. With a large number of people spending a good chunk of their time on various social media websites each day; these multimillion dollar corporations have developed huge databases containing personal bio of millions of users. This essentially means that these particular websites, by means of their terms of service, have the liberty to modify, ban or completely remove a user’s content as they see fit.


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