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How Technology Integrates with Fashion (20 Examples)

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The statement that says fashion changes but style endures is true to a large extent. There is another assumption or notion that focuses on analyzing the relationship between technology and fashion. With the passage of time, this aspect must be taken into consideration that there are new and innovative products are coming on a frequent basis. Moreover, the trends in fashion arena keep changing all the time and as a result, it can be assumed fashion and technology both changes after a certain period of time. This fact must be taken into consideration that with the changes and advancements in the domain of technology, there is strong likelihood that technology provides new and exciting opportunities to the fashion industry.


Keeping these attributes in consideration, there is need of integrating the art of technology in the area of fashion in a great manner. For that reason, there are some people who have taken innovative decisions as they have been able enough to correlate the style concept with the notion of functionality to a great extent. Therefore, the trends and perceptions regarding fashion have changed to a large extent. In this present age of globalization, the shape and dynamics of fashion have been changed to considerable extent. Therefore, there are 20 examples, which are being discussed in order to portray the involvement of technology in the fashion arena. These 20 examples are as follows:

1. CHBL Jammer Coat


This is a kind of coat that has been designed by Austrian Architecture Company and the main motive of wearing this coat is to disappear. This aspect must be taken into consideration that this coat does have metalized fabric that can stop radio waves. As a result, the person who wears the coat becomes untraceable, and in this way all the information in the credit card will be saved but a person will not be contacted through mobile phone.

2. Rain Palette


This is a sort of clothing that has been designed and produced by London based designer as this can act as pH indicator whenever rain falls on the cloth or fabric. This stuff or cloth also comes with a smart phone app that is helpful to people so that they can scan and upload color changes. These sorts of color changes can be uploaded to cloud based database. Through this rain palette, information regarding environmental data can be provided to other people in a real time.

3. BB Suit


This kind of clothing has been introduced by Dutch designer as it is also assumed and regarded as the reverse or contradictory of Jammer coat. This coat is incorporated with copper wires that are helpful in enabling Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth as well. The cooper wires cannot harm the person because there are two layers of cotton available so that copper wire cannot cause a problem from inside.

4. Karma Chameleon Project


There is a group of people in Canada who has found ways in developing and managing the weaving of electric components into pieces of fabrics. This whole process has resulted in creating dresses that are quite eye catching and appealing. These kinds of dresses can also be used for charging and medical purposes as well.

5. Gaze Activated Dress


These different kinds of clothes are designed by the help of incorporating eye tracking technology. This fact must be taken into consideration that these dresses usually respond to human gaze. The gazing actually activates the tiny motors that are helpful in moving certain parts of it. These dresses are also covered by photo luminescent threads along with glow in dark threads that form a base layer.

6. Intimacy 2.0


This dress usually looks quite attractive and appealing to eyes as mix of technology makes the outfit really innovative. The opaque smart e-foils take the dress to another level that is beyond the imagination.

7. The Unseen


The dresses or outfit looks quite stunning and adorable when they are designed while considering the weather scenario. The jacket that has been developed is comprised of liquid crystal that makes the stuff responsive to friction. The whole credit goes to a designer who has created this amazing outfit by the help of textiles and ink technology. A gust of wind will be quite influential on this fabulous clothing.

8. Living Pod


The same designer who created the gaze activated dresses has produced this kind of outfit. These types of clothing give the feeling of breathing and living as well. The folds of dresses change when these are exposed to light and the rate at which this move also changes with the change in light intensity. The best thing about these outfits is the natural look or feels they provide to the viewer.

9. Wearable Solar Fashion

wearable-solar- fashion

These outfits are designed in such a manner that crystal solar panels are incorporated in leather flaps so that they can be seen in the sunshine. When these dresses are worn and exposed to sunlight for one hour it can store energy that is sufficient for charging the smartphone up to 50%.

10. Bubelle Emotion sensing dress


These sorts of unique outfits and dresses have been developed by Philip Designers in which these dresses provide the glimpse of future scenario when dressing will be more than covering and at the same time the emotions can be communicated to other people as well. This dress has biometric sensors that are helpful in presenting emotions that should be considered in the form of light.

11. Holy Dress


These types of dresses are actually designed in order to detect a lie as when a person tells a lie about something then a person could be given punishment. This dress does have speech recognition system and when a person starts speaking then lighting starts. The lighting grows as the person tells a lie. This dress is not intended for people who have a low conscience because electric jolt is given to person when speaking a lie.

12. Paparazzi Lover


This dress includes the 62 LED lights that are assumed as sensitive to camera flashes. Whenever a photograph is taken the dress lights up.

13. DareDroid 2.0 Cocktail making Dress


This dress actually gives the reward to other person and not the wearer, in these dresses touch screen version of “Truth or Dare” can also be played. The combination of medical advancements, customized hardware including human temperature will provide the person well-needed drink. If the person tries to get closer to dress the dress shuts down.

14. Smoke Dress


This dress looks like a smoke when it is seen from a distance, but in reality this dress is actually controlled by a micro controller based battery driven storage system. This is helpful in detecting people who are near to you and release smoke when people try entering the personal space.

15. Robotic Spider Dress


As the name suggests, the dress looks like a robotic spider, as this dress has 6 legs on the back and this stuff looks attractive. This has been designed considering the theory of personal space. It also protects the user by the help of garment that is worn inside.

16. Google Glass and Smart watches
The technology and fashion have been integrated in order to produce amazing stuff other than dressing. The smart watches and Google glasses are the prime examples of technology and fashion combination. This indicates the future scenario, which is being developed in order to reduce the fabric that was seen as a static thing in past. In recent times, the fabric will become active and interactive as well.

17. Digital Fashion Week
This collaboration between the technology and fashion has resulted in bringing the concept of digital fashion in which hyper-network fashion world could change the fashion week into the worldwide fashion industry.

18. 3D printing in developing everyone as one person factory
This is the latest and an advanced trend that is occurring in the fashion world as 3D printing will not print any data as they will be used in order to create three-dimensional objects. These things could be perceived as a pair of shoes, dress, or a handbag as well. In this way, multi-dimensional designs can be applied in any wearing stuff.

19. Metadata in providing edge to brands
Metadata is something that is usually associated with the web pages; metadata will be helpful in making a connection between potential clients and online products databases. In this way, the success of products can be forecasted that will be based on customer perception and preferences.

20. Technology will make recent advancement as obsolete objects in future
There is need of understanding the phenomenon that those companies will survive in the future who will adopt the technological advancements in their lifestyle products. The fashion brands will have to adapt according to the pace of technology because technology will make the currently fashionable products obsolete in the future. the digital aspect of latest fashionable brands will not be used and become obsolete after 10 years or so.

Final Words

There is no point of denying this aspect that fashion has become a need of old as well young generation in recent times. Therefore, considering this attribute there is need of integrating the different notions of technology in the area of fashion so that innovative lifestyle concepts could have emerged in the future. The fashion designers and all the stakeholders of the fashion industry are considering different kinds of measures and steps so that fashion could be improved according to the needs and demands of the modern era. This aspect should also be taken into consideration that technology could be used as an effective tool in bringing new and innovative ideas in the fashion arena.

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Joseph Winston is himself a famous fashion designer and technology activist, he likes to incorporate both technology and fashion phenomenon in order to promote the contemporary lifestyle. He writes at Best Assignment Help and promotes the use of technology in the domain of fashion and his blogs and articles are frequently published in different fashion magazines.

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