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Top 30 Popular Forums and Bulletin Boards for Web Designers

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Forums are basically modern form of communication originated from bulletin boards which are also recognized as computer conferencing systems.


These online communication systems enable everyone to request, share or discuss information on any topic.

It’s the best platform if you want to have feedback on any design, find out interesting scripts and get the best possible answers to your complicated queries or problems. One can share their views, interests and get ideas or tips on their topic of interest. It plays a very important role in letting one be up to date about the new trends, and what fads and fashion are currently prevailing in the market.

The major advantage of these forums is that the flow of information that is shared by two or more people is visible to everyone which allows everyone to benefit from it.

In short, an internet forum or message board is an online discussion site where individuals throughout the world choose to carry out communication in shapes of posted messages.

Below described are some of the most popular forums designed for those who wish to seek guidance or share their idea with other fellow designers, developer or their audience globally:



This acts as open source free bulletin board software which helps one to be connected with different people or can also boost up your entire website. It’s broad database of user-created styles and modifications consist of more than hundred image packages and style which helps to modify your board.

2. Simple Machines Forum

It’s a free, professional grade software package which lets you uphold your own online community within a few minutes. Its alteration functions help you be in control of your message layout of your board and allow your forum to relate to each other. SMF is designed specially to assist you with all the features you need from a bulletin board.

3. Zetaboard


This site aims to offer forum hosting which plays a wonderful role in grooming itself as an online community. The website does not limit their forum communities by members, posts or bandwidth. Similar to the other platforms, Zetaboard lets users enjoy many features such as custom profile fields, joinablegroups, free support for custom domains, full customization via CSS, integrated automatic spam prevention etc.

4. bbPress

This websites enable you to arrange discussion forums within your powered site. Its main goal is to focus on the factor of incorporation, web standards, speed and having ease when using.

5. Vanilla Forums


The website runs hosted and is an open source community forum software that encourages discussion forums which enables one to create an altered community that promotes positive participation, automatically curates content and also leads member to modify their work.

6. PunBB

It’s a lightweight PHP-powered discussion board which basic objective is to be faster, and be less graphically intensive in comparison to the other discussion board. The forum has fewer features when compared with the other discussion boards, although it’s has a quality of being faster and outputs smaller, having correct XHTML-compliant pages.

7. FluxBB

This is user friendly, consisting of many useful features such read topic tracking, announcement, admin panel plugins, user selectable style, post preview, topic subscription etc. This has been designed as an easy weight, faster alternation compared to the traditional heavy forum applications.

8. Plush Forums


This is a hosted community service which aims to offer a modern design, member directory, real-time discussions, and private conversation and is an excellent mobile support. Besides all this it’s easy, fast and also offers a PayPal subscription feature which helps you easily monetize your content. For this you don’t require any plugins or any technical knowledge.

9. Designer Hangout

This is one of the most influential action communities for UX Designer present on the internet having almost 5000 members. Also, it has quite a bit of strict vetting process for they want a professional quality discussion to take place on.

10. Launch Chat

This website is a mixture of developers, entrepreneurs, marketers and designers which are involved in the work of tech space. When you go to its homage you will find that it consists of members who are Thiel Fellows, investors,Y-Combinator founders, Entrepreneurs and are passionate makers.

11. Frontend Developers

This is the best place if you plan to mingle and catch new gigs. Besides all of this, you can even get reviews, share opinion with these new like-minded develops. Also, you can get a chance to have knowledge about the latest trends and fashions on this website.

12. Digital Point Forums


This website is one of the most popular, webmaster communities consisting of a huge forum where you can enjoy having discussion on a no of different topics which include design, Buy, sell or trade, Search engines, development and business and marketing etc.

13. Coffee Cup

This website had its origin in 1996 at a real coffee shop having a simple HTML Editor whose purpose was to help the web designers create better websites. When using this website you can easily search forum discussion via categories or with the help of the search box.

14. Team Sketch

This website was special designed for the help of sketch designers which serves the role of being a self-help community for sketch users. The website is of great help for by joining this community you can improve your deign skills. Also, this website helps you share your opinions and websites.

15. Forum

This forum basically discusses about web programming and development. Also know that the website have been sub-divided into server side development, site management and client side management.

16. The Web Design Forum (UK)


If you look at 2000 users along with its 39000 post, this forum is one of the most popular well know one. Over here you enjoy getting responses on your delivered work, SEO, business, ask questions about web design, freelancing, find tutorials etc.

17. Talk Graphics

The website has been specifically designed for 3D artist and graphic designers. When you plan to register, the required information will include your user name, DOB and Email id. Also know that they keep a lot of information (data) on Xara products.

18. Graphic Design Forum

This is one of the leading and oldest graphic designing forum having almost around 20K members. This website is very much active, which has around different categories comprising of business, tools, web design etc.

19. Stack Overflow

The website is found to be one of the most popular developer’s community site consisting of Q/A. In this forum you can gain your reputation through up votes and by answering questions. This website always gives flexibility to users having higher reputation to vote, comment and edit the comments of other users.

20. HOW Design


This forum is a great platform for those who wish get constructive feedback and showcase their work to its competitors who are in the designing field. Other than all of this on this website there is also an active business and freelance section where one can easily get its queries answered. Also, one can find many beneficial tips and useful information.

21. Graphic Design Forums

This is a friendly universal platform for designers of all levels and kind, having almost 18,000 users. On this website the oldest message was posted in the year 2008. This forum helps you get your queries solved and also lets you share your thoughts, ideas and opinions.

22. LaraChat

This website is dedicated in learning about Laravel, i.e. a PHP framework, it’s a Slack channel. The forums gives you an opportunity to talk to some of the genius minds in this cooperative community which is a mix of experienced Laravel pros who are more than willing to be of use.

23. Bootstrap

The forum website comprises of a JS, HTML, CSS framework for popular UI component and interactions which has a big community of over 7000 members which allows users to learn the latest Bookstrap trends and tips.

24. Dear Designers

This is one of the best communities unto date which has played a vital role in helping an individual to grow as a designer. The website was designed especially for those who wish to pursue their career in the field of designing enabling new designers to seek professional help from experts.


This is one of the oldest communities of designers with over 55000 members. This allows you to get your queries answered through the following categories of Web marketing, design software, Programming and development, web design, hosting and server setup.

26. HTML Forums

These HTML forums has been specially created for HTML where the logo explains that here “electrifying discussions” take place. Another thing you may find is information on link and traffic sale, server administration, domain names for sales etc.

27. The SitePoint Forums

This forums has been created to provide you solutions to all your problems or queries related to HTML, JavaScript, PHP, design and UX, Marketing, CSS ,hosting etc.


This forum lets you get valuable responses in terms of feedback, suggestion regarding your website. This even enables you to get useful tutorials, lets you ask questions about SEO and marketing etc.

29. Talk Freelance

This website forum is made for freelance developers and web designers who are interested in search engine optimization, php, css, website design, php, programming, html and everything that is related in the creation of web design.

30. CSS Chat

This forum is involved in the discussion of all kinds of web design, those who are interested in web design can join the forum to get the best advice and tips.

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