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10 Ways to Download Videos and Photos from Instagram

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Instagram (IG) continues to grow phenomenally and is arguably the world’s largest photo and video sharing presently. Everyone talks Instagram and there’s no doubt about the fact the social network is set to undergo even more impressive transformations in the years to come. But since its advent, one thing that has always kept many asking questions is how one can download videos and photos from the network.


Initially, it was a big nightmare for millions of users who could only like and maybe share posts on the platform until ideas and tips about it started to emerge. Perhaps that is how it was meant to be or Instagram never looked beyond its prime goal of providing users with a platform where they can share their best moments through videos and snapshots.

Improvements on the Network for Greater User Experience

If you’ve been following on the developments taking place on the network, then you will agree with me a lot of improvements have been made in trying to give users a better and seamless experience.

Go live on Instagram


Since Facebook acquired Instagram, a lot of changes have taken place and live feature makes it worth your data bundles. It is an add-on, apart from Apps that help bring about a seamless Instagram experience for fans, friends or followers so that they can catch a glimpse of your whereabouts and things you are doing in real-time.

Saved Pictures/Videos, A New Feature


Saving your pictures for private viewing on the network has equally become easier. It is one of the most recent features the network has launched to further enhance user experience. If you want to go back and view your best pictures or videos, the new add-on, which is the fourth button located just below your profile description and on the furthest right makes it possible. You only need to tap on the save icon under a post which is located to the right and distanced a bit from the usual like, comment and share buttons. The post then goes straight to your private ‘saved’ gallery. There is the alternative of choosing to add them to a collection, which is equally kept off the public eye. These that are functionalities meant to enhance your privacy while jesting up your IG experience. But that’s not all.

Tips and Tricks for Downloading Video and Picture Content


Now, let me take you through how to download Instagram videos and pictures for offline viewing on your phone. Saving a sneak peek preview of a newly released video, a movie trailer, news bytes, and fun moments of a celebrity or even football highlights is now a reality on the network.

1. Changing Cached File Extension or Play Video

You couldn’t have known about this but it quite simple than you think. When you log into your IG account and watch videos, footprints of the same are saved in your phone’s cached data files. To access the unique file, go to File Manager in your phone, then look for data folder, open it and look for a file labeled ‘ and then tap cache followed by videos. All videos you have watched on the network are saved here in a cached format. You only need to change them to MP4 from ‘clean extension’ or select and play video. It’s that simple. For whose phones do not have file managers, there are pretty many of them on the web you can download and install.

2. Video Downloader for Instagram

Social media users always decry anything that doesn’t meet their expectations, but when it comes to downloading that video you want to watch later, third-party Apps built for such purposes are all over the vendor marker. Some places to check out include App play stores. In Google Play Store, for instance, you will find Video Downloader on Instagram. With this app, you will not have to watch each and every video cached on your phone. The App is free and once downloaded; you will need to open it. Go to the video/picture that you want to download on IG and tap the three dots located at the right corner to the top and copy the link. Once this is done, paste the link on the URL button in the downloader App. The video will be saved in your device’s gallery. For those using iOS, the choices are quite limited but Regrammer is the best alternative for iPhone.

3. Download Using Source Code

In this case, all one needs to do is extract a download URL. To do it, open the video you want to download on Instagram then right-click it and choose ‘inspect element’. Sometimes this is labeled as ‘view page source’ depending on your device. Proceed by ctrl and F, and locate ‘Find’ and in it, type MP4. This opens a code section and what you need to do is copy a link that ends with MP4 located next to scr= then open a new tab and paste it. When the video begins to play; right-click and choose save as… It will start downloading.

4. Make Use of PostGraber, A Web Service

This is pretty interesting because it does not only enable you to download pictures and videos but also make it possible to have more than one item or rather multiple files saved at ago. It is a useful web service and works more or less like most video download Apps and tools you will find out there. With the slideshow feature on IG, it is possible to have everything on display downloaded with this service. You will need to right click, copy the link, paste it into PostGraber and finally click ‘Go’ and the download begins.

5. DreDown

Everything about DreDown is explosive. It is not only instantaneous but also lets you download even videos of private users. To do it very simple! Just click IG video or photo link located on the left side, copy and paste it into download URL space and tap DreDown on the right side. Choose saving location by clicking MP4 video link indicated in blue and you are done!

6. 4k Stogram

First of all, you will need to download and install this in your computer or gadget. Once it is done, open it and inset a search phrase such as name, location or even hashtag into the open bar then hit subscribe. Proceed to choose what you want to download and it is will be opened in your gadget for saving.

7. IntaSave

With this tool, all you need to do is grab the URL of a picture or a video and paste and click download. You can download and install it from App store or vendor website.

8. DownloadGram

This makes it possible to download pictures and clips you like without having to install the App on your phone. You will need to locate the link of the content you want to save on your phone, copy and paste the generate link into DownloadGram website and click download.

9. Saver Reposter

There is no need to screenshot pictures on IG anymore. Saver Reposter lets you copy hashtags, texts and image/video URLs for download. You can then post them again at your own convenience.

10. SaveGram

This is made for iPhone users and with it; you get to save those photos/videos you like on your phone. It also makes it possible to repost them on all social media networks.

In conclusion, there are lots more ways of downloading pictures and videos from Instagram. Notably, most of these Apps and services will let you repost your downloads but it is important to do so by giving credit to the original owners to avoid copyright infringement issues.

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