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9 Things You Didn’t Know a BlackBerry Smartphone Could Do

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It’s not breaking news that BlackBerry phones can do a lot of things. Like many smartphones out there, they can serve as music players, calendars, web browsing devices, and just about anything else you can find an app for. Realistically however, most BlackBerry phones are not used to their full potential because their owners aren’t aware of all the cool things they can do.


When you really want to accomplish something in life, you have to use everything you have to the utmost extent of its power. The following are just a few things your Blackberry can do that you probably didn’t know about. Read more…

10 Great Apps for People on the Go

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In today’s world, it seems like we’re busier than ever (and, of course, we are). Luckily, smartphones are here to the rescue. Where we once had to have our whole life planned out in advance, today we can just make plans on the fly and use our instantaneous connectivity to our advantage. While in some ways this dynamic can complicate life, in other ways, it makes our lives so much easier. Many use apps to stay connected to the social world while others use them to stay connected to family by playing game apps from across the country.


For those who are always on the go, a laptop is not always the best option to carry around making staying connected to the outside world hard. Saving money can become difficult without the time to look up deals in the paper or cut out coupons so some rely on apps to tell them about the deals going on. Here are some great apps for people on the go. Read more…

Read Between The Lines: 5 Finance Apps For Breathtaking News

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Average people are becoming more and more interested in the dealings of the financial world. And with the effects of the recession and current poor economy, it’s easy to understand the increased interest. The term job security no longer holds as much power as it once did, after watching giant corporations and banks crumble. The wise thing to do would be to gain a second job or learn your way around the stock market. It’s not just Wall Street types keeping one eye on the latest financial news anymore. With this increased interest come apps designed to keep the latest financial buzz right at your fingertips. And what’s more convenient than having access to news breaking information in your pocket?


Read more…

13 Apps that Support Mobile Payments and Credit Card Transactions

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Regardless of what types of businesses you are running, offering mobile payment service to your customers is a must to make your business a success. This is because smartphones and tablet computers are the hottest commodity these days, almost everything can be done through mobile devices, from making phone calls, surfing net, listening music to playing games, online shopping, and of course, making payment.


The conventional credit card service requires merchants to set up a business account with bank and rent a card reader. On top of that sellers have to pay expensive setup fee, monthly fee as well as certain percentage of transaction charge on every sale they make. Today, with the presence of mobile payment processing apps, merchants can offer their customers multiple payment options including credit cards, debit cards and PayPal in a highly mobile, quick and easy way. Read more…

10 iPhone and iPad Apps to Control Your Computer

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With millions of apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, smartphone users can always find the right app to accomplish their daily tasks. However there are so many mobile apps being developed for the similar job, it makes finding the best app for specific task a difficult part. Previously we’ve published quite a number of posts introducing both iPhone and Android apps for various purposes. Today we will be focusing on mobile apps that can remotely control PC and Mac.


Below we’ve rounded up 10 really cool remote control apps that can turn your smartphone into a wireless keyboard, mouse, or trackpad, allowing you to control your computer from the couch. Read more…

Why Every College Should Perfect Their Mobile Presence

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College students nowadays use their smartphones for everything, but most colleges are not effectively catering to this lifestyle. Creating a mobile presence with apps and a mobile website is important for colleges to appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy population. Plus, having a mobile presence offers several benefits to colleges as far as recruitment and student success. So, take a look at the following reasons why colleges need to have a mobile presence so they can draw in attention from the best of the best.


Read more…

6 Best iPhone & Android Apps to Create Animated Photographs: Cinemagraphs

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In our previous posts, we’ve published quite a number of cinemagraph artworks and received tremendous reader response. In case you’ve never heard of it, cinemagraph is a type of animated photograph created in GIF format, with some small moving elements while others are in still. They are categorized in between photograph and video, and tend to grab peoples’ attention. This form of media is becoming more widely used in the industries like fashion and advertising.


The good news about cinemagraph is that it’s actually not that difficult to create one. Forget about using sophisticated computer software or thinking you might be stuck in the complicated making process. Creating an impressive cinemagraph only involves a few simple steps. All you need is your smartphone or tablet with cinemagraph-making app installed.

In today’s post, we’ve rounded up 6 free iOS and Android apps that let you create awesome cinemagraphs to impress people. So just give these apps a try and have fun! Read more…

5 Useful Apps for Pet Lovers

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How much do we love our pets? According to the American Pet Products Association, enough to spend more than $50 billion per year on toys, treats, food, grooming and other pet products. In comparison, we only spend $10 billion on movies. But loving our pets isn’t always enough. Our pets are similar to our kids, they require quarterly vaccinations, certain foods and exercise to stay healthy. Here are some of the most useful apps for pets and the people who love them.


Read more…

Most Favorite Android Apps and Games to Improve Learning

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Almost everybody knows the benefits that smart phones offer when it comes to streaming video, tracking somebody on a GPS, updating Facebook, calculating calories, and other useful features but what many users don’t know is that Android phones can definitely be used for education. Sure playing games is a great way to entertain a person when bored or killing some free time but they also offer plenty of tools for learning. Children to adults can all reap the benefits of some of these top Android apps and games for learning.


Read more…

Apps and Games on Android for Housewives

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A housewife or dedicated mother often has her Android phone on her at all times of the day in order to be quickly available for an emergency or just to stay in touch with friends. This sometimes busy, sometimes bored woman should take full advantage of the Android app market which features literally thousands of programs and games that can boost productivity, promote a healthy lifestyle, conjure up dinner ideas or just fling birds off a slingshot.


There are a number of things that determine which apps are right for different people. Some apps are free but others only offer trial versions and must be purchased. Some apps crash frequently and end up just taking up space on the phone. In order to find the best games and apps for housewives, the woman must know what she wants the app to do for her and go from there. Read more…

6 iPhone / Android Apps to Avoid Traffic Jams

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In most of the major cities around the world traffic jams happen everyday. Sometimes people can be stuck in the traffic for hours during working and peak hours. The condition is worse if there’s an accident, roadblock or roadworks. Being a smart commuter, you should plan your route properly to ensure your journey is smooth and hassle-free.


One of the typical ways to keep you updated with the traffic condition is listening to the car radio. The good news is that they are alternatives available to help you get the real-time and accurate traffic info. Thanks to the mobile app developers who are devoted to making our driving frustrations less. Below we’ve rounded up some helpful traffic apps, both iOS and Android, helping you to get out of the traffic disasters, get to the destination faster as well as discover and share interesting data during your driving journey. Read more…

Will Apple iPad 5 Make Big in Marketplace and Outperform The Upcoming Tablets from Its Competitors?

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Apple is the leading innovator in personal computers, consumer electronics and many more. That is why the expectations of the Apple fans are extremely high. Consumers want new breakthrough features, and Apple has been successfully providing them for the past so many decades.


Technology is changing and developing at a rapid rate. In addition, the Apple products are also facing fierce competition from the other technical giants. Apple is at third position in the list of largest cell phone manufacturers. The leading brands are Samsung and Nokia. Read more…

5 Best Safety Apps for Kids, Women and Old People

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Safety and security are important to everyone regardless of age, gender and place. If you are lost somewhere or encounter violent problems, it’s crucial to identity the issue and call for help immediately.


Below we’ve listed some helpful safety related mobile apps which you can use to call on resources to help you out of the dangerous situation, avoiding you to become a victim of violent crimes such as sexual assault, robbery, etc. These Android and iPhone apps are especially important for kids, women and elderly people. Read more…

Windows Phone 8 Store Now with 35,000 Apps and Still Counting

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Little needs to be stressed about the importance of apps, be it the personal computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or smartphone, they have great utility and save lot of time. They also make things easy for users. In fact, apps have become such an integral part to computing experiences, that, an operating system’s success is getting closely linked to the range of apps it can support and how much is actually available in the open. That, Windows Phone 8 Store could muster in 35,000 apps to date and is still growing at an astonishing rate is something users should be happy about.


Numbers are really encouraging, but there is a downside to the whole phenomenon, and the funniest thing is that most of these apps are nothing but a replication of each other. Read more…

13 Tips to Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life

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These days, smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and Blackberry can be seen everywhere. The reason to own a smartphone is obvious, it has a wide range of capabilities and functionalities to perform almost any tasks you can imagine. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available on the Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.


While we enjoy the ease and convenience the smartphones bring to us, they seem to have one common drawback: short battery life. Most of the smartphones’ battery can only last for 1 or 2 days, and it’s obviously insufficient. While engineers are still exploring new ways to improve both the battery life and battery lifespan, we should acquaint ourselves with some basic battery-saving knowledge. Here are 13 proven and effective tips you can use to save and prolong your smartphone’s battery. Read more…