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15 Popular Selfie Apps to Take Perfect self-Portrait Photographs

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Do you know that ‘Selfie’ is named as Oxford Dictionaries word of the year in 2013? Selfie means a photo that one has taken of oneself with smartphone and share to social media.


With the rise of smartphone and social media in the recent years, the ‘selfie’ trend has quickly spread to every corner of the world. When you check out your friends’ status updates on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it’s not difficult to find many of them like taking their self-portrait pictures with a new outfit, a cool hairstyle or while enjoying a delightful dinner. Moreover many celebrities regularly post their selfies on social profiles and successfully attracted a huge community of fans and followers. Read more…

7 Ad Blocking Apps & Browser Extensions to Remove Ads

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It’s not only your headache, everyone wants to remove those annoying ads from Facebook, YouTube, websites as well as apps on mobile devices.

Most of the free web services and mobile apps generate revenue through online ads. While some of them display moderate amount of ads, the others avidly show excessive ads that fill up the entire screen while using the online service or app.


One of the best ways to get rid of these distracting ads is to install an ad blocker service to stop the ads from showing up on the screen of your computer or mobile devices. Read more…

How to Deal with the Depleting Life of Smartphone Battery the Right Way

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Of all the argh-worthy things in the world, the ‘Low battery power” notification on our phone’s screen certainly ranks among the very top. As more and more sophisticated smartphones are making their way into the market, their advanced features are sucking the life out the phone batteries faster than you can imagine. And this draining out of the battery life has led to the batteries not lasting beyond a few months.


However, if you are led to believe that your smartphone’s battery life is something you have no leverage over, you are misguided. While we, as users’ may not double or triple the battery lives up, but we can certainly make sure that we don’t let it drain out on tasks that don’t command many resources. Read more…

How to Get Google Maps Offline on iOS Device? A Roadmap

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Did you just got lost somewhere with rare possibility of accessing a network connection? There’s nothing to worry about until you have your iOS device. Wondering how? Since the iOS devices contains Google Maps app you can easily find your way back to home even when offline. Google just recently introduced a new feature to Google Maps, making it possible for users to save the maps to their phone.


So, the moment you got stuck in a place without any Internet connection and your phone starts displaying “No service”, Google Maps will pop up but only in the case if you’ve stored your maps to be accessed in the offline mode. With the new Google Maps 3 version you can store huge portion of map areas for your guidance, for offline access. Read more…

Storing Data Securely with Android

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Android has quite a number of security features that are built into the operating system that significantly reduce the frequency and impact of security issues. The system is designed so that when you build your apps with default system and file permissions, you can avoid having to make difficult decisions about security.


Some of the core security features that can help you build secure apps include: Read more…

Smartphones and 3D Technology: A Cool Feature or Lame Gimmick?

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Over the past decade, 3D technology has seemingly come into its own. The biggest blockbuster movie releases come in 3D variations, 3D printers are on the rise, and now smartphones have even tried to dabble in this technology as they seek to differentiate themselves from a crowded and competitive marketplace. Although the idea of a 3D smartphone isn’t exactly a new notion, the idea of a smartphone that has working 3D features that consumers actually use has yet to hit the market. The real question, however, is whether or not 3-dimensional interfaces and features matter in the mobile phone space. Is this something that could benefit users, or is it a gimmick meant to drive sales and benefit the marketing department of a major manufacturer?


We know that the goal of every major mobile phone producer is to come up with a way to top their competitors, which has resulted in several ridiculous features that aren’t necessary, but designed to attract consumers. Although this technology is still in its beginning stages, it is still intriguing—especially if it works. Read on to get a better idea of the true potential of 3D smartphones and whether or not it’s a legitimate feature, or a marketing ploy to attract customers. Read more…

10 Awesome Apps to Boost Your Daily Productivity

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In these modern days, high productivity is a must to everyone who wants to be successful in both personal and professional lives. Given that everyone has the same number of hour everyday, but there are some people just seem to be more multitasking and capable of doing lots more than their peers. How do they do it? Surely there are some tricks behind helping them to achieve that.


If you don’t have time reading the book titled ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen R. Covey. That’s alright, here’s your easy way of becoming a highly productive people with the help of mobile apps. Below you’ll find 10 really awesome apps that can help to boost your productivity to the next level. Read more…

5 Popular Windows Mobile Phone Apps Of 2014

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Windows phone is a relatively fresh mobile phone ecosystem and it is trying to make its presence felt in the market crowded with android and iOS devices. It is catching up with time and most of the essential apps have already made it to the app store of windows mobile.


The prominent developers have already found way to the windows app store and the popular apps and games are here as well. It is also serving as a good platform for new developers who might find it tough to gain popularity in the overcrowded android app store but are doing well here. Here are some of the best windows phone apps that were served to us so far this year. Read more…

12 Interior Design Apps for Your Home, Room and Office Renovation

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If you’re going to do a home re-organization or even full renovation, good design is the key to make the outcome fantastic no matter how big or small. However we have to admit the fact that sometimes the designs in our head don’t always look good in real life. There’s where interior design apps come in to let you experiment your design before you painting the wall or lifting the heavy furniture.


In today’s post, we’ve gathered 10 most recommended interior design apps for those with big imagination. Through the apps, you can experiment different wall colours, find out the best location to place your furniture and try different styles of lightings to enhance the mood. You’ll love these apps for sure! Read more…

8 iPhone / iPad Apps for Teaching Health

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Healthy habits can be hard to teach and begin as you get older. Sometimes, learning about these topics is challenging and can turn people off from the beginning. However, keeping up with your health is necessary and it’s good to get a jump on understanding it, no matter how old you are.


With students and technology starting to work together, it’s time to integrate health education with electronic devices. Here are eight of the best health and healthcare apps for the iPhone and iPad. Read more…

12 Google Play Store Tips and Tricks You Must Know

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Being an Android user, we all know that Google Play Store is a place for downloading apps, e-books and widgets, exploring new and popular apps, reading user’s reviews, etc. However the store has a lot more to offer which you might not aware of.


In today’s post, we would like to share with you some very interesting tips and tricks where you can get the most out of Play Store. Be it Play Store app on your Android device or Google Play on the web, there are many settings and configurations you should learn to better manage both your apps and device. Read more…

Best Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

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A report by reveals that mobile internet access will surpass desktop internet usage by 2014. In such a scenario, more and more mobile applications are hitting the market every day. However, few of them succeed to draw user attention. Most users download new apps out of curiosity and delete them without using just a few months later. Therefore, it is very important that you effectively communicate with your target users and promote your app carefully.


Read more…

How to Use Sales Apps to Listen to Your Customer’s Needs

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Customer engagement is at the core of any marketing strategy. The ability to engage your customers effectively can provide a wealth of information on the best ways to attract them, but even more importantly retain them, turning them into brand ambassadors.


With the technological advances that have taken place over the last five to seven years has completely revolutionized the marketing industry. With the emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and more, the internet has become a marketing gold mine. In addition, there is a new and powerful player on the block: mobile and web applications. Read more…

Protect Your Kid from Online Dangers That Seems to Appear Constantly

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One of the first things most parents think about when it comes to their children phone use is how much are their kids responsible for the freedom these devices are giving them and will they stay within the boundaries you’ve set. Most kids think about phones as cool gadgets that let them always stay in touch with their friends and allow them to always have internet access.


Kids today are using their phones for gaming, texting and posting pictures or videos and commenting on them with friends that are sitting a few feet from them in the park. This is just the way they play these days, and like it or not they probably won’t change that. Even if you set some boundaries about how much your child can spend playing with its phone every day, as long as they use the phone for this harmless fun you shouldn’t have any concerns. But sometimes things can go beyond this and if you don’t act in time your kid can have some serious consequences or even become a victim of some online predator. Read more…

Monitor Business Running by Using Mobile Spy Technology

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Employers may be curious about the activities of employees while at work. These employers may think that their employees are wasting time talking with friends or giving confidential company information to other people through emails. If this is the case and employers would like to confirm their doubts about their employees, they will have to spy on the mobile phone that was assigned by the company to the employees. It is possible to know the activities of certain employees while at work without giving them the idea that they are being monitored. Employers will be able to view the exact text message and email that was sent by the employees as well as the number they dialed.


Since employees may have the tendency to misuse company property, such as mobile devices, it is advisable for employers to use mobile spying technology. Whenever employers feel that their employees are not using the devices properly or are imprudent in their use of company resources that may result to unwanted expenses, it would be essential to monitor how employees are using their mobile devices to collect evidence against them. Read more…