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2 Facebook Apps to View and Manage Your News Feed

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Everyday, most of the Facebook users receive a variety of news feeds from their friends, family, colleagues and pages they’ve subscribed. If the posts received are too many, it’s not easy to go through all of them. And it’s even harder if most of the posts are unimportant junk. Although Facebook does provide us some features where we can filter our posts by photos and links, unfortunately that’s not enough to customize the news feed based on what we want to see.


So for those of you who want more controls over your news feed, here we would like to introduce 2 web apps that will help you get updates from people you care about as well as the information and news you’re interested in, in a more organized way. Read more…

Social Networking and Link Building: A Comparison

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Link building is an old search engine optimization strategy that has existed for years, nearly since the first days of Google’s algorithmic existence. Social networking, on the other hand, has only been around since roughly 2007 or thereabouts. However, despite its newness, it’s slowly starting to supplant or at least rival long standing backlinking strategies.


One particular factor that has wrought enormous changes on the entire field of optimization is Google newfound insistence on and enforcement of actual quality in websites; you’re no longer going to cut it simply by creating thin content, spamming out a bunch of cheap links to whatever websites you can and stuffing your website with keywords to the point of unreadability. Google now wants search rank to be guided at least in large part by human interest and as much of it as possible within your niche. Read more…

Angry Birds Disrupt the Farm [Infographic]

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Angry Birds is one of the most successful mobile games the world has even seen. The app was created by Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment. Since its first release for Apple’s iOS in December 2009, the app has achieved over a billion of downloads across all platforms, including both regular and special editions. FarmVille, CityVille and Zynga Poker, on the other hand, are popular social games developed by Zynga in 2009 for Facebook and other social networking sites. They were all once the most popular Facebook game by daily active users.


In conjunction with the recently released Angry Birds Star Wars app, we would like to present a beautiful infographic about Angry Birds and Zynga’s social games. Read more…

Find Out Fake and Real Twitter Followers You Have

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Wondering how many fake twitter followers you have? In today’s post, we’ll introduce one really cool online tool enabling you to find out the answer in seconds. Owing to the fact that Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites on the Web, tons of fake accounts being created for spamming purposes. If you have a successful Twitter account attracting over thousand of followers, there’s a need to check whether they are real people or just bots.


To check how many spam Twitter accounts are following you, you can go to Read more…

30 Really Cool Firefox Addons for Facebook

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In the previous post, we’ve introduced 45 useful Chrome extensions for Facebook users. Since then we’ve received a huge number of feedbacks from our readers asking us to recommend Facebook related addons for Firefox browser. Considering that Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular browser today, we think there’s a need to satisfy Facebook users who are using Firefox as their default web browser.


Without further ado, here’s a list of must-try Firefox addons which will greatly enhance your Facebook experience! Read more…

45 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook

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Due to the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, many social media related add-ons and extensions have been developed for web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. Just like your mobile apps, these thirty party tools allow you to update and track your Facebook right from your web browser without having to access to the Facebook homepage. If somebody posts on your wall or “Like” your status update, you’ll know right away and make a quick response to them.


So, for those of you who spent hours on Facebook, following are some of the best Google Chrome extensions you’ll absolutely love them. Enjoy! Read more…

How to Effectively Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

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Facebook is perhaps the greatest invention of the 21st century, helping people to reconnect with long lost friends and family, post status updates, share interesting things with friends, as well as promote and grow businesses. However on the flip side of the coin, Facebook tends to distract our concentrations from the daily works and studies. More and more users are addicted to Facebook wasting a lot of time on social games, following friends’ status updates, and chit-chatting.


If you just want to use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and do some simple networking, here are some of the best ways to avoid you from spending too much time on the social networking site. Read more…

17 Best Tools / Plugins to Integrate Twitter with WordPress Blog

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Undeniably Twitter is the most popular microblogging service on the Web. Almost every website owner and blogger has integrated the social networking tool to their sites. This enables their visitors to easily “tweet” about information and updates found from the site which helps in attracting more visitors.


Twitter has its own set of tools which you can use to display your Twitter button and status on the site. In case they can’t fulfil your needs, here we’ve compiled a list of third-party online tools and WordPress plugins specifically designed for integrating Twitter to your blog. We hope these tools can help you promote your site better, tweet to your followers easier, and attract more visitors. Read more…

How to Stop Facebook Games Requests and Apps Notifications

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If you are one of those Facebook users who are sick of receiving game requests such as Diamond Dash and FarmVille from your friends. Here’s a simple tutorial you can follow to get rid of these annoying messages without hurting your friends’ feeling. Apart from blocking game requests, this tutorial can also be used to disable notifications from apps you’ve installed.


Read more…

50 Best Facebook Infographics You Must See

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How much do you know about Facebook? Last month, Facebook announced that it crossed the 2 billion monthly active users mark. If the online social media site is a country, by world population it will be ranked at the first position. Whether you like it or not, you can’t change the fact that Facebook has become an important part of our daily lives.


Apart from being widely used to make friends and play social games, Facebook has also been one of the most effective platforms to promote businesses and engage target audience for building good relationships. If you happen to be a blogger, online marketer or entrepreneur, it’s important to understand Facebook user statistics, what Facebook’s capable of and how to make full use of its functionality and usefulness. Read more…

36 Creative and Funny Twitter Header Images (Best Collection)

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In the previous post, we’ve taught you how to display header image on your Twitter profile page, together we’ve also shown you 10 header examples that are creatively designed by some talented users. The microblogging service’s new profile layout has indeed given users a good opportunity to showcase their creativity and sense of humor. It is also a great space for branding, and incorporating your corporate identity into your page.


Just like what we’ve done for Facebook Timeline covers and Google+ scrapbook images, today we would like to showcase 36 best Twitter header photos you can’t afford to miss! Read more…

How to Display Your Twitter Header Image + 10 Cool Examples

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Similar to Facebook’s Timeline cover and Google+ scrapbook images, Twitter has finally allowed users to showcase their personal header image on profile page. The process of displaying image is pretty simple. Twitter’s header image appears behind your avatar, this enables you to create a sense of interaction between your avatar and the header image.


In today’s post, we’ll show you a quick tutorial guiding you to display your Twitter header image. On top of that, we’ve compiled a showcase of 10 creatively designed Twitter header images for your inspiration! Read more…

50 Facebook Timeline Covers for Top Brands

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Facebook Timeline cover has been a great place for users to showcase their favorite photos, celebrities, places, and creativity. An eye-catching and creatively designed Timeline image will help you drive more “Likes”, comments and new friends, making your Facebook more interactive and successful. For those of you who are looking for cool ideas to make your Facebook Timeline photo looks awesome, here’s the right place where you can find great inspiration!


Below we’ve collected 50 Facebook Timeline covers for famous brands. The photo collection gives you ideas on how the big names attract visitors to their fanpage, promote their products, campaigns, special offers and latest updates. So don’t miss the opportunity to learn their interactive design, marketing strategies, and branding techniques, and then apply them on your own Facebook Timeline cover. Read more…

How to Get More Google+ Plus Page Followers (10 Tips)

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Looking for some effective tips to get more followers on your Google+ Plus page? Having Facebook and Twitter to promote your business is not enough, Google Plus is another social network you must have and make use of. The Google social networking site is equipped with a set of capabilities, providing you completely different kind of interest sharing and social engagement.


As of June 2012, Google+ has 150 million active users while Facebook and Twitter’s active users already exceeded 955 million and 500 million respectively. However, in the world of Internet and technology, everything can change at the snap of a finger. Who knows that Google+ may replace Facebook becoming the largest social network in the near future? Read more…

17 Twitter Marketing Online Tools to Boost Your Businesses

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No matter you are running a blog or business, Twitter and Facebook are both must-use social networking sites to promote your works. These social media sites are excellent platforms for you to build good relationship with your visitors, turning them into your royalty fans. Today we’ll be focusing on Twitter. As you know that there are tons of third party online tools out there specifically built for Twitter making it even more complete. Here we’ve gathered 17 excellent Twitter tools to promote your businesses. Each of these tools has great capabilities to help you get more customers and fans, taking your business to a new level.


Read more…