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Archives – May, 2012

4 Free WordPress Apps for Your PC and Web Browsers

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There are many ways for you to post to your WordPress blog, and with WordPress is just one of them. There are several apps for WordPress. Some of these applications for posting are for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, letting you post on the go, but there are many for your computer as well. If you have a Windows based PC, there are many applications that you can try to make your experience posting to WordPress even better. The following are just some of the apps you may want to use to enhance posting to your blog via your PC or with your Internet browser.


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40 Stunning and Beautiful Architecture Photography

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Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. It works in the material form of buildings and is often perceived as works of art. This form of art can be seen anywhere in our daily lives, so it’s a popular subject for photographers. In today’s article, we would like to present a showcase of beautiful and stunning architectural photography. These photos are taken from the best angle, with the right timing, settings and effects to achieve the most amazing shot of buildings. We hope these artworks can be your source of inspiration!


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7 Tips: How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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Looking for some tips and tricks to encourage your visitors to make more comments on your blog? Look no further, here’s the post you must read. Undeniably, the number of comments received on your posts is one of the best ways to check the health of your blog readership. Having received sufficient amount of comments means that you’ve successfully built a good engagement and relationship with your readers. It will not only encourage your existing visitors return for lively discussion but also attract more new visitors to your blog.


Here are 7 useful tips you can use to get more comments for your blog posts. Any thoughts and suggestions, share with us in the comment box below. Read more…

5 Tips to Pick the Best Titles to SEO Your Blog

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When coming up with your own SEO titles for a blog, there are 5 ways that can help increase your chances of getting traffic and decreasing your competition.


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Promising Social Media Trends for Emerging Users Online

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Social media has attained certain global standard as customary online activities have been conceptualized for new. A closer look at the aspects of medium helps realize importance of social discovery online. If you are already oblivious of latest social networking trends, it’s suggested to be well acquainted of them. Renewed digital 2012 have latest trends in its kitty, which are certainly appreciated by users worldwide. These hot new trends are actually driven from combined concept of hand -in- hand social experience and innovation.


Users adapt new trends easily and thus expand their outlook to grasp new trends on social media. Each individual depends upon networking experience as their primary source of content and social interaction. Thus all trends are certainly here to stay for a long while. Read more…

Top 12 Best iPad Instant Messaging Apps You Must Install

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Which is the best instant messaging app for iPad? iPad is one of the greatest inventions by Apple. It fits a niche between smartphone and laptop. With more than 500 thousands apps available at App Store, you can install whatever apps you like for web browsing, business, gaming and other purposes, making your life easier and more fun.


If online chatting plays an important part in your daily life, then make sure you have instant messenger app installed on your iPad. Below we’ve listed 12 most downloaded instant messenger apps for your consideration. Read more…

20 Best Web Tools to Create Your Own Unique Avatar

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Are you using the same profile picture for all the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? Sounds pretty boring huh? On the web, you can actually find tons of free online tools that allow you to create and customize your own avatar which can be used as a profile photo for your social media profiles. Here’s the list of 20 popular avatar creation websites that you can use to create your own avatar with ease. You can apply effects, distort or re-image yourself in any way you like. Try them out and show us your stunning avatar creation in the comments below. Have fun!


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7 Facebook Privacy Tips – How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

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While we are posting status updates or sharing personal photos and videos on Facebook, we sometimes forget that our privacy is vulnerable on the web. All our personal information on Facebook might be exploited by someone or organizations without us knowing. No matter how much you love Facebook, privacy can never be compromised. We should do all we can to protect our personal information from being misused by others. Here we have 7 must-know Facebook privacy tips to help you better manage your privacy making your content sharing experience worry-free.


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10 SEO Tips: How to Optimize WordPress Blog

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Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help search engines crawl and index your blog correctly. This makes your blog rank well in search results pages which helps to increase both web traffic and ad revenue. There are myriad of SEO tips and tricks available on the web, but which one should you apply to your blog? Some bloggers prefer to pay premium price hiring professional SEO companies to optimize their sites. Before you decide to go for this way, here are some basic and effective SEO tips you can use to optimize your WordPress blog. Give them a try to improve your blog ranking in the search results.


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5 Useful Tips to Protect Online Account Passwords from Hacker

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These days, hacking is becoming a real issue. As a regular Internet user, we should do our best to make sure our online accounts are safe. Having accounts hacked can be dangerous, If someone gains access to your online account they can do whatever they like. Just imagine that if the password of your online banking account falls into the hand of cyber criminal, all your savings will be gone in seconds. Certainly you will never want this happens in your life.


To prevent this online security threat, below are some useful tips to help you protect your passwords effectively. Don’t miss it! Read more…

Top 24 Best iPad Financial and Stock Market Apps

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For many, iPad is the best handheld device to manage personal financial matters and monitor stock market. If you are one of them, then this roundup of iPad apps is for you. Below you’ll find some of the best apps that provide interactive visualizations of stock market information, allowing you to understand how the stock market is doing over any period of time.


With these 24 stock tracking and market analysis apps, you can get all the latest stock news and monitor the changes in the financial marketplace while you are on the run. We hope these apps will guide you into making better investment decisions. Read more…

Top 23 Online Music Services to Share, Listen and Discover Songs

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Which is the best web service to share music online? Music is one of the most effective ways to connect with your friends and family members. With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, music sharing became much easier. If you are a music lover and always enjoyed sharing music with others, then keep reading this article. Below we’ve gathered 23 most popular Internet tools you can use to share music with your friends and to find people who have similar interests in songs, genre and artists. Most of these online music services provide you the ability to share music you’re listening to on social networks. We hope you’ll find them useful.


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40 Beautiful and Creative Website Footer Designs

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When it comes to web design, you’ll probably spend most of your time to figure out a great header for your website or blog. But how much effort do you put into your footer? Although footer appears at the bottom of the web page yet it cannot be neglected. As a serious web designer, you should make sure that every web element including footer is well-designed. This is important to make your site standout from others, and more importantly create a lasting impression to your visitors.


We’ve previously showcased 45 amazing website header designs and we thought it’s necessary to do the same thing for footer. In today’s post, we’ve collected 40 most impressive and creative website footers for your inspiration. You may take this opportunity to learn how website footer can bring enjoyments to your visitors and improve the user’s experience! Read more…

10 Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks You Should Not Miss

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With the introduction of Faceook Timeline profile page, you can turn your life into a beautiful scrapbook. It basically represents your entire life on Facebook, highlighting every special and important moments in your life. Today we would like to share with you some cool tips and tricks helping you to get the most out of your Facebook Timeline! You will be learning how to customize your Timeline following your preferences, highlight status posts that are important to you, hide private status updates from the public and many more!


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26 Free Adobe Photoshop Similar and Alternative Software

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful image editing programs around. However not everyone is willing to pay for it especially if all one need to do is basic image editing job. That could be the reasons why you can see there are so many Photoshop similar programs out there for free download. These digital image softwares can perform most of the basic Photoshop jobs such as image manipulating, transforming, adding filters and effects as well as file formats converting.


So, which is the best Photoshop alternative software? In today’s post, we’ve compiled a list of 26 awesome image editing softwares you can use for free, making your design jobs more fun and easy! Read more…