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8 Ways Google Webmaster Tools Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

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Most inquiry specialists depend on Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to examine the specialized parts of a site. These specialists concentrate on information like creep details, page blunders and rich pieces.


Notwithstanding specialized investigation, I suggest utilizing GWT for essential on-page SEO enhancements. Here are simple approaches to utilize Webmaster Tools to enhance your on-page SEO.

1. Content Keywords

Under Google Index, you’ll discover Content Keywords. This device enables you to decide not what you think your site is about, but rather how Google sees it.

It demonstrates the watchwords that are utilized on your site, alongside catchphrase varieties and importance. This information helps you rapidly decide whether you require more substance made around specific catchphrases, subjects, and themes. It additionally indicates which pages the watchwords show up on.

2. Data Markup Helper

Under Other Resources, the Structured Data Markup Helper enables you to tag the information fields for occasions, items and more on your site.


In the case where you aren’t sure where organized markup is in the first place, this is a simple to utilize point-and-snap apparatus. The pleasant part about this is HTML changes are not required. Your mouse highlights and labels each key bit of information on the fitting page of your site.

3. HTML Improvements

Under Search Appearance, you will discover HTML Improvements. This report gives a depiction of any issues with your site’s meta portrayals and title labels, alongside a record of any substance that isn’t indexable.


In the SEO world, we realize that it’s essential to have novel meta portrayals and advanced title labels. This report enables you to effectively recognize title tag/meta portrayal issues and organize your endeavors.

For instance, in the screenshot above, you can see that 634 pages have a copy title tag. If I somehow managed to tap on the “Duplicate title tags” connect, I’d be taken to a screen posting each of the 634 pages, giving me a speedy and simple approach to distinguish page titles that should be refreshed.

4. Removing URLs

On the off chance that you have to expel a URL from Google’s list, you can utilize the Remove URLs highlight in Webmaster Tools. This can be a capable device, however, use with alert! Just utilize this device on the off chance that you need to for all time expel a URL (instead of diverting it).

Google gives an incredible case in their help segment — on the off chance that you have incidentally shown private data, for example, a debit/credit card number and you need a page evacuated, you can ask for assisted expulsion of the URLs. You will discover this device under “Google Index” in the left-hand route.

5. Site Messages

Once in a while, Google Webmaster Tools will inform you if your web page appears to have a vital issue. Ensure you set up the informing sending so you can get these warnings messaged. The messages may advise you about a few issues getting to the site, increments in slither blunders, unnatural connection notices, malware alarms, and the sky is the limit from there.

One proviso is that there can be a deferral between the time the issue emerges and the time you get advised. Another proviso is that there are a lot of awful issues GWT won’t inform you on. You unquestionably need to truly pay brain to GWT messages, yet they are simply an extra line of barrier ― not a swap for some other hazard moderation measures.

6. Sitemaps

The Sitemaps area enables you to view all the sitemaps that you’ve included (or Google found) alongside measurements, for example, the last date it was prepared and the number of pages submitted and ordered. These details can be seen by substance sort, which means The Web, video, pictures, and news.


Another extraordinary element is the sitemap test alternative; you give the URL of a sitemap, and Google checks it, rapidly recognizing any mistakes that should be settled.

7. Structured Data

Organized information is a useful approach to clarify the substance of your site to the web indexes — which can, at times, can help with rankings and movement. On the off chance that you have organized information on your site, GWT has a component that demonstrates the sort of organized information that Google could distinguish on your site, alongside the URLs containing each sort. You can discover this report under Search Appearance > Structured Data.

8. Use the Help Files

Google has a lot of assets on SEO, and great experts eat as quite a bit of it as they can. The Google Webmaster Tools Help Center is a fortune trove.

Ensure you utilize GWT with a curious mentality. The vast majority of the reports have cutoff points, admonitions, and subtleties. Before you go hurrying off to settle on a noteworthy choice, ensure the information is the thing that you think it is and implies what you think it implies. Frequently, GWT information prompts imperative, however, unsubstantiated speculations that you have to research.

Likewise, in the event that you tap the help catch, you may get a quality, applicable proposed help article. So do that regularly. The articles are truly great at clarifying what the different information sorts in reports really are. Be that as it may, the articles are as often as possible dry and ailing in businesslike bits of knowledge on what to concentrate on. Also, there are almost no photos.

When you’re building up an SEO methodology, counseling Google Webmaster Tools can give you a one of a kind point of view. Plunging into the information gives new chances to see how your site is performing and help enhance your general crusade execution.

It is safe to say that you are utilizing Google Webmaster Tools in different approaches to bolster your SEO endeavors? Tell me in the remarks areas underneath!

Author: Arabella Alice

Arabella Alice is a digital marketing expert and has been involved in SEO for a while. In her leisure time, she writes and intends to update her readers on the developments in the digital marketing Pro-Academic UK.

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