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Cisco CCNA Security 210-260 Certification Exam

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The future of technological development has proven to be promising with the world greatly embracing all the numerous advantages that come along with the network systems wave. This is evident through universal trends like Bitcoin as technology takes the center stage in managing some of the crucial human life aspects that include the economy, social interaction, and employment.


According to the expert’s studies and predictions, there is a great growing demand for personnel who can ensure the individual’s and firm’s network systems remain secure against any possible forms of threat. This goes without saying since the increase in positive technological development has significantly led to increasing network systems threats by hackers who develop malignant viruses.

In an attempt to offer effective solutions to network systems around the world, Cisco (a multinational IT conglomerate) launched the Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security) certification that has taken the leading role in all matters pertaining network security. This is through it’s the CCNA Security course that is recognized internationally and highly ranked in the network security global market. The certification offers all interested network security enthusiast a lifetime chance to gain applicable skills, capability, and expertise in becoming outstanding personnel in the below-listed responsibilities:

  • Easy recognition of network security hazards
  • Managing security framework
  • Identifications of vulnerable sections of security network
  • Offering the most effective solutions to security threats

Network Security Areas Addressed by CCNA Security

  • The main securities in Network automation/Technologies
  • Troubleshooting causes and relationships
  • Effective selection and installation of the best security software
  • Application of a productive security monitoring system for devices

With all this in consideration, effective monitoring of all gadgets in the network system ensures they observe the set security measures, ethics, and privacy of the correspondent network services.

Pre-requisites for CCNA Security Certification

The following certifications can act as a prerequisite for the Cisco Security credential:

  • Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA R&S)
  • Any Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)

The above certificates should not exceed a period of 3 years or hence one will be required to verify with the appropriate committee.

Cisco CCNA Security Examination

Implementing Cisco Network Security abbreviated as (IINS) is the qualifying examination that one needs to pass so as to be qualified as a CCNA Security certified specialist. It is represented by a short exam code 210-260 IINS.

The certification examination takes a total of one and a half hour from start till end. During the exam time period, the student is expected to answer a total of questions ranging from 60-70.

The Cisco 210-260 IINS questions require in-depth understanding as they take a variety of complex formats that include:

  • Multiple-choice questions (if there are 5 choices, one of them might be the wrong or four of them are wrong with only one correct answer)
  • True or false questions that require ticking or writing
  • Drag and drop presentation that might require doing work on a different page and dropping it on the recommended page (This especially prevents direct copying and pasting)
  • Real-time applicable problems, such as generating a significant troubleshooting problem that should be identified and possible solutions provided
  • Configurations
  • Simulations

You can download the CCNA Security Practice Test Here.

Exam Topics Tested by Cisco 210-260 IINS Examination

The main purpose of the 210-260 certification test is to demonstrate the students’ understanding and application of the taught content during the study period as listed in the course outline.

  • Different security hypothesis and understanding of their threats
  • How to initiate a secure routing and successful switching
  • Blocking any unauthorized access to gadgets that administer network security
  • Enforcement of the required network security verification, approval, and accounting
  • Ensuring content security
  • Upholding endpoint security
  • Locating security threat areas
  • Suppressing any threats that might arise from layers and threaten the network
  • Enforcing VPN encryption
  • Enforcing security programs
  • Firewall technologies
  • Blocking intrusion among others

The above-mentioned content is achieved through the following tools:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Technology
  • Cisco’s Anti Malware Protection
  • Cloud Topologies
  • Virtual Network Topologies
  • ISE
  • 802.1X Authentication

Cisco 210-260 IINS Training Course

All the necessary and in-depth information pertaining acquisition of the CCNA Security 210-260 exam is readily available. It is known as “Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS)”. It is formatted in such a way the instructor is properly guided to learn, test, and approve the student’s understanding in specific network security fields that range from concepts of network security, guarding routers, and even switches through the appropriate Cisco certification, conducting fundamental firewall maintenance among other skills and functions.

Recertification Procedure

After passing the Cisco 210-260 IINS exam and getting the CCNA Security certification, it is important to note that the validation period is a maximum of 3 years. For recertification, one has to select from a variety of recommended examinations and ensure a pass. These exams include:

  • One of the CCNA R&S exams with codes 200-105/200-125
  • One of exam codes 300-XXX/ 642-XXXX
  • Ongoing CCIE/CCDE
  • CCAr interview and CCAr review

Bottom Line

In conclusion, hard work pays. Acquiring the CCNA Security certification by passing the 210-260 IINS exam requires some extra dedication effort but with very many benefits at the end. In a world where everyone desires to have a secure network system and the rampant cases of a security breach, Cisco has provided one of the greatest platforms for every technological enthusiast. This is through pocket-friendly packages and international availability in specific selected IT schools.

With 12 months of gathering knowledge and equipping oneself with the right examination revision material, acquiring the certification is just a decision away. It also adds up as a respectable job title to be referred as an expert in the crucial field of network security. When compared to the rest who do not have the credential, one’s salary is guaranteed to be higher as they thrive in a career that ensures satisfactory returns as an employee or business person.

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